Fake Story Circulates


Amid the shocking suicide attack at a Manchester show that massacred 22 people including children, false news circulators seeking social media fame started fake posts about missing children, gunmen, and dead YouTube stars.

A number of images were tweeted following the attack on missing children, however, some of them turned out to be fabrications, with people identifying popular social media users and friends amongst those listed.


One of those kids was 12-year-old Australian Gemma Devine, who was safely attending school in Melbourne at the time. Her mother Rachel woke to reports of confusion asking if her child was okay. She followed some of the links people had shared and saw Gemma’s picture was all over the web.

Some were concerned that Gemma had been perhaps in the United Kingdom by chance, others were just confused and concerned, and Gemma stated that she felt troubled by the misleading usage of her picture.

Everyone has been upset for the people who were really caught up in this unfortunate tragedy. As to why somebody would do such a thing is baffling, and whoever is doing this has to be some sort of deranged person or persons.

There are clearly some oddballs out there that are so strange that they want the attention by putting false news online and are unquestionably a little sick, and whoever is behind this bogus news should be arrested.

It’s a miserable thing to do but sadly there will always be fraudulent news, a story that somebody wants to release to fire up the public, a cause and effect that limbers up the public’s emotions.

Reporting the news is a serious business since you’re painting a picture of a person or situation and giving the public a description of what actually occurred, a little like a movie, only the details have to be correct since they are giving reports of what occurred at the time of the incident.

We can only guess it was an internet fairy who either aspired to have experience of seeing their tweet received by so many or who believed it would be funny to create obstacles for somebody who yields pictures openly online.

However, it isn’t the first time Gemma’s picture has been stolen for misapplication. Since she has been distributing pictures of her life online, people have been using them and applying them to their own and different situations.

But she’s never seen it so viciously used, in a way that takes away from the people who require help in their time of horrifying torture.

A woman’s daughter in the black hat and red lipstick was deemed to be a victim, yet, she is safe in Australia. Somebody stole her photo.

There are people tweeting false news to get followers and Ms. Devine was not the only one caught up in the fraudulent Manchester attack news.

Somebody put on Twitter: Dude, this photo is fake. I’m not missing. YouTuber, The Report of the Week was forced to post a video overnight, named, I am alive, explaining he was not at the attack.

Some people devised a particular rumour alleging that they were a victim of the assault in Manchester. Plus he made a video to let everyone know that he was living and healthy and okay in the United States where he lives.

Sadly, it was merely an exercise by numerous trolls and website users, to attempt and deceive the overall populace with false news, and news personages are making up falsehoods and applying fake photos to gain retweets.

Those tweets themselves get tens of thousands of retweets because people in good faith believe they’re helping and sometimes all you need to do is right-click on the picture and change Google image search and you find it’s somebody from five or six years ago.

There’s a troubling trend with trolls out there working to get myriads of retweets off people’s goodwill, and the media have identified numerous bogus stories, including allegations that a man with a gun was outside a Royal Oldham Hospital, located adjacent the commotion of the crime, and local police later confirmed that they went to the hospital and following a search, discovered no crimes going on.

Police attended an incident, examined the scene, there were no crimes perpetrated and all workers and patients were safe and well.


Songbird Ariana Grande was also used in the attack on broadcasting news, with some alleging the pop starlet had been injured by the bomb. Users were keen to point out the photo used in these tweets was taken on the set of US television show Scream Queens in 2015.

But as unexpected new information surfaced regarding the Manchester suicide assault, Instagram stars have been drawn into the tale of horror. The faces of Canadian model Janice Joosetema, Lebanese make-up YouTuber Maya Ahmad and Kuwaiti beauty blogger Dalal Al-Doub were posted on a Facebook page purporting to relate to the bomber’s sister.

The pictures then appeared in a number of Italian papers captioned as the attacker’s sister Ms. Abedi. Many Italian websites later announced that the photos were false. They have since been removed.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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