London Bridge Terror Attack



Workers at a packed pub secured the entrances and blocked revellers inside as an armed gang attempted to break their way in soon after 10.08pm.



The Met’s Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley confirmed that all three of the depraved intruders were shot and killed inside eight minutes of the initial call to emergency assistance after brave cops raced to defend the populace.



Establishing the death toll had increased to seven, Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick applauded the remarkable heroism of brave passers-by who stepped in to assist those wounded in the night’s barbarity. The criminals were observed calmly strolling through the market minutes before they started a stabbing assault on pubgoers whilst yelling “this is for Allah”, having previously driven a van into crowds on London Bridge.

The three-strong revolutionary gang wearing fake suicide vests were shot dead by armed policemen after inflicting eight minutes of terror on those enjoying a summer’s evening in the capital, killing seven and wounding 48, with 21 still critical.



The Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a staunch warning to those who harbour extremists in what seemed like a turning point in terror tactics after the latest terror offensive struck in the centre of London.

Following the third terrorist assault in three months, Theresa May defiantly verified Thursday’s General Election will go forward and announced a warning to jihadis and those who harbour them and she stated that something must change.

Enough is enough, and everyone must go about their lives as they normally would and society should continue to operate in accordance with our values. However, when it comes to taking on extremism and terrorism, something must change.

Although there has been an important development in recent years, there appears to be far too much tolerance of extremism in this country, and we need to be far more robust in recognising it and stamping it out, across the public sector and across society.

President Donald Trump endured a torrent of objection for tweets he posted following the terror assault in London Saturday night. He stated on Twitter that we need to stop being politically correct and get down to the job of safety for the people and that if we don’t get smart things will only get more serious.

He further took the chance to defend his travel embargo, and stated that we need the courts to give us back our liberties and that we need the Travel Ban as an additional level of security, and rebuked London Mayor Sadiq Khan for what Donald Trump considered a nonchalant acknowledgement to the assaults.

Trump’s critique of Khan took the mayor’s words out of context.

Londoners will detect an enhanced police appearance over the course of the next few days. Nevertheless, Khan stated there was no cause to be alarmed.

Khan further wrote on Facebook that the attacks were sickening and that he condemned them in the strongest possible terms and added that he didn’t have time to waste on the U.S. president’s remarks.



He obviously has more pressing things to do than reacting to Donald Trump’s ill-informed tweet that intentionally takes out of context his comments advising Londoners not to be frightened when they observed more police, including armed officers, on the streets.

Donald Trump also called Prime Minister Theresa May to extend his sympathies following Saturday night’s terrorist assaults, before going golfing Sunday. Following discharging the inflammatory tweets, the president hit the links at his Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.

Before he became president, Donald Trump scrutinised President Obama for his frequent golfing addiction. According to The Hill, Obama averaged 41 visits to golf courses per year. Trump’s session on Sunday marked his 23rd visit to a golf club since he took position 134 days ago.

London Bridge attack eyewitness recollects fear as at least three knife-men assailed a restaurant and slashed customers, leaving them drenched in victims’ blood. At least six people were killed and 48 hospitalised in the terrorist assault in which revellers were mowned down and stabbed near pubs and restaurants.



Jag Sandue was at the Black and Blue restaurant in Borough Market when he declared he observed various men storm in furnished with knives. He stated a man was cut down behind him, with blood diffusing onto his shirt.

There were people launching chairs and glasses outside and Jag Sandue imagined it might simply be a fight. Then realised it was more than that, people were running. Next thing we know, they’re in the restaurant. People were shrieking, that they had knives.

He stated a man behind him was cut by one of the suspects in the turmoil, with people running to the back of the restaurant. Customers Jamie and Emma talked about having to hide in the steak restaurant’s kitchen when three men stabbed people in the face and stomach.

They heard lots and lots of bangs, and they burrowed beneath a table. People came into the restaurant and knocked a collection of stuff over, like the till. A guy had been stabbed, he was wounded and bleeding quite a lot.

Emma continued that there were like three guys and one of them had a bread knife. They came in and marched around the restaurant, I imagine they just stabbed anyone that they saw and knocked things on the ground and they hid.

Cops were heard yelling to leave the area before a storm of ammunition was discharged in the distance in footage acquired by ITV News.

SAS troops were stationed in response to what police employed as a terror disturbance.

Witnesses told of a van scything down pedestrians across London Bridge before three knifemen attacked bystanders. One eye-witness identified as Ben informed the BBC that he saw an assailant wearing a red tracksuit coldly stabbing a victim three times outside London Bridge station. He then proceeded towards Borough Market with another suspect as it swelled with Saturday night pub-goers before he heard shooting.

Police stated the three assailants were shot dead inside eight minutes of the initial distress call and choppers were observed arriving at London Bridge as specialist police engulfed the scene.

Controlled detonations reverberated through the area between 1:20 am and 1:40 am.



Panicking Jeremy Corbyn has dramatically U-turned on his long-held concerns over gun cops’ shoot-to-kill policy, responding that police should immediately use whatever force is needed.

In 2015 Jeremy Corbyn announced he was not comfortable with a shoot-to-kill strategy in general, proclaiming it very dangerous and demanding police just use proportionate force against revolutionaries.

However, he has inverted his controversial stand, responding police must have complete power to practice whatever force is required to preserve and defend life.



The November 2015 discussion took place in the wake of the Paris attacks, where Laura Kuenssberg asked the Labour boss if he were Prime Minister, would he be happy to order people, police or military, to shoot to kill on Britain’s streets?

He answered that he was not comfortable with a shoot-to-kill strategy in general and that he thought that it was pretty risky and considered that it could be counterproductive and that he believed you have to have a defence that stops people shooting weapons where you can.

There are many levels of doing things, as you know, but the thought that you end up with a conflict in the streets is not a good thing. Surely you have to work to prevent these things occurring, that’s got to be the precedence.

However, his surprising attitude propelled a huge dispute, forcing the hapless Labour chief to announce an explanation. Jeremy Corbyn insisted that of course, he supported the practice of whatever proportionate and strictly necessary force is needed to protect life in reply to attacks of the kind we saw in Paris.



In reply, the agitated Tory Security Minister Ben Wallace responded back at a hurriedly planned speech intended to help him run from his record on counter-terrorism policy, but it failed.

Jeremy Corbyn has bragged about attacking every single counter-terror legislation, protested the practice of shoot to kill, and gave shelter to the IRA when they bombarded our civilians.

Sadly, voters will judge him on his views and responses in the last 30 years, not his desperate promises and deceptive sound bites three days out from polling.

At an address in Carlisle, Jeremy Corbyn brought an end to the one-day truce after the latest terror assault.

Earlier today Theresa May set out a four-pronged policy to tackle terror by showcasing extreme ideology, locking down on online extremism, preventing the growth of segregated communities, and giving additional powers to police security agencies and courts.

However, the Prime Minister’s remarks sparked objections from Labour that she was getting embroiled in a political dispute on a day when the parties had agreed to pause election campaigning until the evening.

Nevertheless, you can’t protect the populace on the cheap. The police and security services must get the resources they require, not 20,000 police cuts. Theresa May was advised by the Police Federation but she attacked them and said that they were simply howling like a wolf, so now we can dump the onus at the door of No 10.

Theresa May stated that fighting terrorism would demand tough talks with Muslim communities in the United Kingdom, and Jeremy Corbyn maintained that the Prime Minister must likewise be willing to have challenging talks with neighbouring allies and major arms customer Saudi Arabia about terror funding.



He cited the delayed publication of an inquiry ordered by David Cameron into the foreign funding of die-hard Islamist organisations, which is reported to centre on the Gulf kingdom.

We do however need to have some complex discussions, beginning with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries that have financed and fired radical ideas and it’s no good Theresa May containing a report into the foreign funding of extremist organisations.

We have to get serious about shaving off the funding to these terror networks, including Isis, here and in the Middle East.

Jeremy Corbyn has basically gone from being a political activist to head of the Labour party, of course, the reality deviates from his goals but look at all the other parties manifestos where they are so far from reality they may as well be on magic mushrooms than hope anything will truly happen.

More importantly is why is Theresa May declining to publish a long-delayed inquiry into foreign funding and support of jihadi organisations in the United Kingdom? She brazenly courts and helps Saudi Arabia who build mosques Europe-wide to generate their odious practice of Islam.

The so-called moderate insurgents in Libya and Syria, with their endless rebranding, are essentially ISIS and Al Qaeda under different titles and you should answer these uncomfortable issues Theresa May.

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t put all the onus on the Tories, in fact not only have all former governments been into Saudi negotiating but, Labour under Tony Blair were considerably worse since not only was he in it for huge cash returns but also to help him spread diversity into the British people, so many of their hate policies have been permitted to increase because of him and his mates doing.

However, we should likewise rebuke Theresa May and the conservatives. They led us into Libya, helped the radicals, let many of them into the country and these so-called average radicals have morphed into ISIS and Al Qaeda. You simply couldn’t make up such total nonsense.

So, has Theresa May failed on terror?

For the third time this year and for the second time in the progression of this campaign, jihadist terror has interrupted the election campaign.



We should feel profoundly troubled that the national campaigns were suspended. Paul Nuttall, the UKIP leader had a point when he declared that these attacks are meant to upset our way of life and that election campaigns, even those including Paul Nuttall, are a vital part of our way of life.

The great news, kind of, is that whilst the other parties nationally agreed on, neither party found themselves equipped to keep to it. Jeremy Corbyn closed his announcement delaying the Labour campaign by asking for consideration on the cuts to police figures.

Theresa May went one better, surrendering a speech that went far beyond the brief of a non-partisan leader contributing evidence and reassurance to a concerned nation and was, pretty clearly, a stump address for Conservative plans on terror.

Labour then dived back into the conflict with a talk from Jeremy Corbyn condemning the Conservatives for their cuts to the security services and singling out Theresa May’s elimination of a statement into foreign funding for extremism entirely.

It seems like an unedifying and bitter way to get to where we should be, both party leaders offering their interpretations of what we should do about the menace of extremism.

The greater difficulty is this, do either of them believe a word that they’re saying? The Labour leader presently states he backs shoot-to-kill and is opposed to cuts to the police and security services, when not so long ago he was telling crowds that those were the only cuts he didn’t oppose and backtracking on tears of uncertainty about an overmighty police force.

As for Theresa May, she’s equaling Corbyn conversation-for-conversation. Enough is enough is her advice, once again appearing more like a box-fresh opposition leader than the sitting Prime Minister and Home Secretary of six years.



Her advice that jihadism has been unobtrusively permitted in public life has especially annoyed other sourdoughs of the David Cameron government, not least since she was the biggest antagonist of Michael Gove when he made precisely this argument.



One of their number, David Cameron’s former guru Steve Hilton, has broken his silence on Twitter, declaring that he’s sick of Theresa May condemning others for terror when the policy she presided over has clearly failed so lamentably.

It’s true that both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are triangulating on terror. But whilst Jeremy Corbyn is triangulating towards his party, Theresa May risks a conflict with hers.

Everyone is pretty quick to rebuke Jeremy Corbyn with his shoot-to-kill policy, however, this is a man actually doesn’t want to kill anyone. I don’t think he wants anybody’s blood on his hands. Sadly, he’s touched a barrier since, though he would rather not have anyone killed, there has reached a point where he has to agree since if he doesn’t, he pretty well won’t get voted in.

If that was me and I thought that I was correct in an entirely moral viewpoint, then I would have to concede and stand down as a proposed Prime Minister since my ethical opinions would be more noteworthy than being Prime Minister.

I actually hope that he doesn’t do that, either that, or he simply has to develop some balls and pronounce it how it is and speak with honesty on what he would preferably do, rather than lie to please everyone else. Because one thing Jeremy Corbyn is not, and that’s a killer.

Being a Prime Minister is a really challenging business, especially when it comes to making a judgment on if a suspect should be fired upon, particularly if they are subversives, however, the police are equipped for that sort of employment, particularly the SAS, they have been specifically trained and know what they have to do and I don’t think that Jeremy Corbyn being quizzed on what his opinions are on this, let the big guns deal with it, that’s what they are there for, otherwise what’s the purpose of having them. Or do we all want to put a rifle in the hands of Jeremy Corbyn and challenge him to do it for them?

I know that I couldn’t make that choice, I would get some other simpleton to do it for me, after all, I’m not a killer, terrorist or no terrorist, it’s not a choice I could make. Maybe that would make me a bad person in some people’s eyes, but it’s a moral a dilemma, and morally I just couldn’t take anybody’s life.

Nevertheless, it’s different when you’re the person being fronted by a subversive, then your animal drive kicks in and you’ll do everything to stay alive, that’s why it’s better to leave it down to the people who are qualified for this sort of thing.

I question if Theresa May has any morals, mind you, she does remind me so much of the Iron Lady, but I wonder how much of that iron she could carry on her conscience?

Maybe we are being a tad harsh on Jeremy Corbyn, but he appears to be taking it all extremely well, I really wish he would be straight and say what’s actually on his mind on the stand on shooting to kill because I actually don’t believe he’s progressed from being a mere backbencher to a cold-hearted killer…

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