What’s Going On Here?


Footage surfaced of police changing clothes amid the horrific assaults that took place on London Bridge leaving seven dead and 59 wounded.

The police were supposed to be changing into protective attire, but posts on social communications channels are implying it was the sign of a fraudulent flag.

The intimidation plane was reduced to severe following the Manchester assaults at the Ariana Grande performance, however, following the recent assaults in London Bridge it is assumed that the intimidation plane will be put back to critical.

Various Twitter users are inferring the assault was a fictitious flag following Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposal for international control of the internet.


Theresa May stated that although the London and Manchester assaults were not related, they were fired by the free stream of information.

Theresa May announced that they can’t let this ideology the safe place it needs to develop, but that is exactly what the internet, and the large businesses that give Internet-based services provide.

So presently she aspires to operate with allied democratic government’s to reach international treaties that govern cyberspace to stop the extent of die-hard and terrorism preparation.

She is apparently considerably insane, since internet or not they will still be able to function, only not via the internet, but they will nevertheless endure and just as strongly as before.

Theresa May further announced that they must do all they can at home to decrease the perils of extremism online.

Well, unless they intend on taking everyone offline and doing away with the internet completely, I see that it’s going to make very little difference. In fact, it will just make them more determined!

The IRA had a pretty powerful network and were smart enough to spread their beliefs within Irish towns throughout the world without the internet and we were strong enough to stop them. It seems this is simply Theresa Mays justification to spy on everybody despite their ideas.

Many are insinuating that the assault was a false flag intended to manipulate public sentiment into pursuing a specific agenda. If this was a false flag, it would have various principal purposes. One would have been to cancel the general election and the second would have been a valid ground to announce martial law. The third would have been to harvest assistance for war attacks in Muslim nations.

Literally hours following the attacks took place, online petitions were already requesting for the UK General Elections to be cancelled.

The so-called calls for the election to be cancelled appear to have been inspired by online social media trolls and appear to be entirely profitable to those in government that have something to lose.

Following the Manchester suicide attack almost 4 weeks ago, there was the renewal of terror attacks and that is breeding complacency within the people, in Europe most severely. It is not unusual now for attacks killing dozens to be overlooked inside a week of the event.

The news feeds are awash in distraction, and of course, sometimes these events themselves serve as diversions.

Europe is getting used to assaults like this. They have to because we are never going to be able to entirely obliterate this.

Attitude is fairly symbolic of the European victim-culture mindset. Many in Europe appear to appreciate a constant routine of self-flagellation and countless centuries of the feudal servant system will do that to a civilisation.



The British still pay taxes to support a royal family and the results of the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom might deceive those in America into believing that the British are turning over a brand-new leaf in terms of freedom and conservative-like values.



There is a deep underlying force to preserve sovereignty of the British monarchy, the British individual has all but rejected any hope of their own individual freedom and self-determination.

In mainland Europe, the self-loathing native-born subject has grown into a bit of a mainstay and has been exploited pretty favourably by the globalist establishment. In particular, the great worry amongst predominantly liberal Europeans is a return to the nationalist enthusiasm that they think generated the growth of Nazism and the Third Reich.

It is this weakness of association with the Nazi legacy that has left Europe weak to manipulation from the other end of the political spectrum.

It is further this mindset that enabled globalists to forcibly infuse millions of Muslim immigrants through open border policies and refugee policies into EU countries without proper vetting methods. The preponderance of Europeans that saw the policy as stupid and dangerous were hesitant to say anything for fear that they would be identified as agitators.

The biggest menace is not just the conditioning of a society to accept cultural aggression without assimilation. Neither is the biggest threat the adjustment of the people in the face of widespread terror assaults.

The pinnacle menace is what will unavoidably come next, the indifference of a country in the wake of incremental martial law and the end of personal freedom.

This past week, a string of three Muslim men hit walkers with a white van, then appeared brandishing hunting blades in a rampage through a packed London night spot. This is just one attack in a steady stream that has tormented Europe ever since the Cloward-Piven agenda of Muslim relocation that allowed millions of emigrants into the EU’s borders.

The vaporous ISIS terror organisation has since declared responsibility.

In answer, Prime Minister Theresa May has said that enough is enough, and necessitated a review of the United Kingdom’s counter-terrorism policy. London police have been directed to change to new tactical situations, guarding streets massively armed and using surveillance helicopters with the help of special forces units.

Theresa May stated that we should do even more to limit the liberty and the movements of terrorist suspects when we have enough proof to know they present a threat, but not enough ammunition to prosecute them in full in court, and if human rights legislation get in the way of doing these things, she will amend those laws to make certain they can do them.

The deployment of above 5000 British troops at vital locations by Theresa May is all part of a plan founded in 2015 called “Operation Temperer”. The plan calls for the deployment of troops to the UK border in response to extreme terrorist threats.

Basically, it is a martial law program that acts incrementally, rather than overtly. Once executed, Temperer would be tough to change. As UK military chiefs warned when the operation was publicly disclosed, troops would possibly not be drawn back after engagement except if the terror threat was subdued, leaving the interpretation of the threat level open for rather broad interpretation.

Operation Temperer is presently in full sway as police forces demand military support. The prime minister has obliged, replacing officers in many places with military units on watch. Therefore, is this martial law? Perhaps not quite, but it is damn close to the line, and this is how oppression is generally achieved, not all at once, but a stepping stone at a time.

Theresa May introduced Temperer steps following the Manchester bombing, and they do not appear to have done much to disrupt the latest assault in London. The UK general elections for government are simply for one day, and it is highly probable that the latest assaults will solidify Theresa May and her Brexit base.

Many in the Liberty Movement would state that this is a good thing that subsequently the British will be able to change the forced cultural intrusion of an antagonistic Muslim majority, perhaps it’s all part of a strategy.

Following the Brexit referendum last year, we are seeing perhaps the largest 4th Gen psyop in history. The globalists have intentionally masterminded contingencies by which European countries, in particular, will either be surrounded by an outlandish philosophy with no assurance from their own governments, or, they will have to respond with overarching countermeasures.

Meaning, Europeans have been given a false choice amid the ideological cult of multiculturalism, or, martial law conditions.

The United Kingdom has been slated for the latter measure, and this makes complete sense if you realise the game plan of the globalists.


Brexit and by expansion the emergence of Donald Trump in the United States has been permitted to happen. Notwithstanding the misconceptions of some in the liberty movement, the so-called deep state is ideally positioned to take advantage of both events.

They are not opposed in the slightest. Why? Because this is about destroying the title of sovereign patriotism and conservative beliefs. This is the long game.

The United Kingdom seems to be leading in the line-up. Terror attacks are ascending, Theresa May has already launched Operation Temperer, and the assaults have continued anyhow. The solution they will offer will be more militarization, not less.

Furthermore, the prophecy that following a year of incrementalism and continued aggression, the whole of the United Kingdom will be in the centre of what many would label as full spectrum martial law.

The UK government might not openly call it that, but that is what it will be.

Whilst some people might find Muslim based societies to be disgusting in their orientation towards personal freedom, there is a troubling trend emerging on the other plane of the coin. Western countries like the United Kingdom and the United States have every right to protect their borders, to refuse immigration from anywhere for any reason, and to extradite unauthorised immigrants and immigrants with demonstrable links to terror organisations.

Nevertheless, the line that should not be transversed but presumably will be crossed in the expulsion or extradition of people simply for holding particular ideological opinions.

Even if the preponderance of citizens don’t necessarily support an obvious broad brush response towards all people that hold Muslim viewpoints as likely terrorists, the appeal will be terrifying, and our respective governments will accommodate it.

Once we descend into the realm of thought crime, there is no turning back, and, what this does is portray conservative/nationalist movements as outrageous in the perceptions of future generations. They will be taught that the globalists warned the world about the terrible racist populists and alt-right organisations, and look what occurred when they came to power, they volatilize the economy and rounded up innocent people because of their belief policy even though they perpetrated no particular violations.

The worry is that what is occurring here is that conservative movements are going to be driven to such insanity in the name of security that we will actually make the globalists look like good guys by comparison.

Therefore, what is the answer? Look at the options the British people have been given.

Accept multicultural sublimation without question, or, start complete military oversight and surrender individual freedom. Are there no other alternatives available?

What about this, the United Kingdom citizenry demands the restoration of their right to self-defence and the legalisation of firearms possession for those without an illegal background? The real answer is for UK citizens to start implementing their own defence, not handing over their country to militarization because they are all unarmed and frightened.

Will this happen? I sincerely doubt it. However, what should be pointed out is that there is definitely another path greatly better to the two being proposed.

We should presume that the United Kingdom will be under martial law in a year’s time except for the people of the United Kingdom doing something now to support their right to determine their own defence, they will succumb to a complete dictatorial structure.

And, in the long run, they will simply be supporting the very globalists the Brexit movement, in particular, endeavoured to fight against. They will do this by trampling the vision of loyalty and autonomy with the jackbooted belief of externalised defence and government mandate, making globalism, the suggested antithesis, look acceptable and mediocre in hindsight.

Literally hours following the assaults took place in London, online petitions were already requesting for the UK General Elections to be cancelled.

Mark Oxley posted the petition requesting the suspension of the referendum on Change.org. It said: ‘I’m quite sure a high percentage of the UK population agree that now is not the time to have a general election, after a second devastating attack I believe it is time to prioritise the safety of our country and its people, that’s why I ask you to call off the general election for the foreseeable future.’

It was in its extremely early stages with some signatures although various Twitter users had made comparable requests.

It would have been a great idea to postpone the Election because honestly, we shouldn’t have risked there being a shift in government, not in the midst of everything else that was going on.

They truly should have called off the referendum since we actually needed to focus on the problem at hand.


Now was not the time for a general election. It was precisely what the perpetrators would have desired, scepticism and uncertainty.

The prime minister was supposed to announce martial law on the streets of London, and quite likely different major British municipalities, where armed forces would start patrolling the streets.

Our thoughts are with those who were caught up in the appalling events and we should be appalled and enraged at the government for not deferring the elections, it was stupid and rash and the sensible thing to do, had they been rational would have been to put the elections on the back burner until everything had quietened down.

This was a premeditated and mean-spirited assault on innocent Londoners and visitants to our city savouring their Saturday night and this should be rebuked it in the strictest imaginable terms. There was no excuse whatsoever for such cruel deeds. officers were on the scene within two minutes and the attackers were dead after eight minutes.

Officers were on the scene within ten minutes and the attackers were dead after eight minutes, however, the government thought that the election should go forward as scheduled.

No one can dispute the misfortune of these horrific situations, but at moments like these, it’s imperative to remain watchful and retain a clear outlook.


















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