Next Year’s Queen’s Speech


Theresa May is dropping next year’s Queen’s Speech so she can cling to power for an entire two years. It implies the Tories can evade questionable Commons majorities which could overthrow the Prime Minister until after Brexit.



Theresa May is now dismantling this Wednesday’s Queen’s Speech of proposals she put forward in her election manifesto. Therefore the ageing will not presently lose their homes if they require care or their triple lock on pensions or winter fuel subsidies.


It further indicates Theresa May can focus on two years of Brexit discussions starting Monday with less risk of being driven out of Number 10 on her ear. A two-year parliamentary agenda preferably than the normal one further indicates MPs and peers will get more freedom to discuss Brexit.

Now that Theresa May has lost her Commons majority she’ll require the assistance of MPs and peers from additional individuals to get Brexit through. The United Kingdom will use the next two years planning for our withdrawal from the EU. This will need substantial amounts of enactment.

They will need to create the broadest possible consensus for their Brexit policies and that involves giving Parliament the best amount of time to examine those proposals. It’s Theresa May’s means of clinging to power.

However, it’s not very strong and stable. There’s nothing more constitutionally stable than the Queen’s Speech.

A Great Repeal Bill to assign all EU legislation to British control will be uncovered on Wednesday along with proposals to manage immigration. The Queen is being forced to abstain Ascot races because Theresa May adjourned the Queen’s Speech from Monday whilst she worked to arbitrate a settlement with 10 Northern Ireland DUP MPs.

Presently she can pencil the event in her diary for next year without any worry it will be rubbed out. David Cameron was the last Prime Minister to delete a Queen’s Speech so Parliament could remain in assembly for two years.

That was during the alliance with the Lib Dems in 2011. However, he had two years worth of enactment to put through. Theresa May now has hardly enough to last a few a months.



Brexit Secretary David Davis will announce to French President Emmanuel Macron, don’t attempt to prevent us leaving the EU. David Davis will be in Brussels to initiate two years of discussions with the EU on the terms of Britain’s departure.

Last week President Macron told Theresa May that Brits could, however, change their thoughts about Brexit and the opportunity was open to remaining in the EU. However, Mr Davis will convey a definite message tomorrow that the determination to go has been presented and will not be modified.

There should be no uncertainty. We are leaving the EU. And presumably leaving gives us the possibility of forming a brilliant innovative prospect for the United Kingdom, free to regulate our borders, establish our own laws and do what autonomous monarch nations do.



David Davis will have his first formal encounter with EU chief arbitrator Michel Barnier to flog out a structure for the talks. On Wednesday the Queen’s Speech at the state opening of the new Parliament will include proposals for the Great Repeal Bill.

This will shift all EU legislation into UK legislation on the day of Brexit. The plan then is to alter those we want to switch gradually in a manner that could take years.

However, with no majority, Theresa May will struggle to get her Bill through the Commons unchanged. The Prime Minister will further uncover strategies to restraint immigration. Now the hard work starts, where a deal has to be obtained and that serves for all sectors of the United Kingdom, and allows us to become a really global Britain.

The discussions will be tough, but I’m certain they will address them in a productive way. But if the Tories think it’s going to be a smooth ride throughout Brexit then they are existing in a fool’s utopia.

The people of the United Kingdom have given enough to satisfy the dreams of right-wing Tories and they must make sure that we are all going to be better off and not worse off when agreements are concluded.

There are numerous people who can’t see Theresa May serving that long, the dilemma with the Tories is if they get rid of her now, then they truly are in a dilemma, looks like the party is falling apart at the seams.

Theresa May really has no remorse and she is prepared to get into bed with the DUP, risking a return to the struggles in Northern Ireland, simply so she can cling to power.

There are no limits this cruel, savage woman will not go to for her own gain. Theresa May is just a dangerous narcissist with a grossly over-inflated personality who does not give a damn about anybody else but herself, unquestionably not the people of this country.

We are already a laughing stock throughout the world, let alone Europe, and Theresa May will not be satisfied until she has isolated the United Kingdom. The country is already on its knees and she will continue to wreak devastation until we are completely destructed.

The woman is a disgrace, and she must do the honourable thing and step down, but then she doesn’t know the definition of the word Honour!

Why doesn’t she simply make herself Queen, and be done with it? Actually, that is effectively what she is doing.

Theresa May is weak and worthless along with her divided party, it’s time to ship them to the dustbin of history before they destroy any more innocent people and she has no majority therefore not actually democratically chosen, and she is planning dodgy transactions and withdrawing the Queen’s address and votes to hang on, that is desperation.

Theresa May is useless and nasty. She didn’t manage to counter terror attacks and decreased service workers. She wants invasive prying into private communications and is politically a dead woman walking and we should expect political discussions to be wobbly.

It’s astounding how Tory voters are suddenly authorities on constitutions. Theresa May is in a lot of trouble since she can’t barter a manifesto position with Ministers and MP’s of her own party.



She has struggled to negotiate with the DUP 10 and she wants to dodge a Queen’s speech next year which is there to tell us all the government’s plans for a year in parliament. This woman can’t be in charge of the agreements, it’s absurd, she could not even have a meal with the EU representative pre-election without the floodgates of madness going up.

They are talking about staying in for another two years, is this at all conceivable? Hopefully, they will be gone in the next two weeks, if not before but then, who will be next? They are unpredictable and disorganised, all created by a party endeavouring to mend and cover its own wounds and divisions.

Whilst doing so they have talked of the good of the country. For the good of the country, they should stop drudging around, down tools and invite another election.

This woman truly is becoming a dictator. In the real world, people would be fired for such ineptitude, it’s time for Theresa May to surrender quietly.

It’s typical Tory dismissal and it’s time to face reality. Theresa May has limited support from the people, limited support from the EU and more importantly, limited support from inside her own party. It’s time for her to do the honourable thing and retire with whatever dignity she has left.

She’s defeated. Her own party want her gone but can’t cut her loose. The people want her gone. The Tory party are paralysed. Her government is in disorder, yet she still clings on. We don’t have a chosen government, winning means you can build a government on your own, and Theresa May won’t last long.

She should accept that she’s not actually doing a magnificent job at being Prime Minister, she is not relatable to people and she is not reliable. She is making obscure decisions and making rushed decisions that are not feasible or viable.

Theresa May appears to believe that she’s marvellous and successful at governing the country but as she’s already demonstrated, she’s not. We require somebody who is motivated and firm in their choice making concerning terrorists, our NHS and education but also somebody who can truly encourage and assist every class of people, poor, wealthy and in the middle also somebody who is ready to support the homeless too.

We want somebody with empathy but also has magnificent leadership and somebody that the people completely trust, Theresa May has lost all of that already.












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