Withered PM Can’t Function



Senior Tories are concerned that a shrivelled Theresa May is fighting to come to terms with her botched Election campaign and the increasing peril to her leadership. They fear it could make it difficult for her to carry out her promise to stay in Downing Street at least until the United Kingdom leaves the EU in 2019.

According to one senior leader close to the Prime Minister, she is really depressed at times. A leading Conservative who knows her well stated he was horrified by her health at a meeting in No 10 last week.

Evidently, she looked shrivelled and fought to engage and apparently, she seemed actually smaller than she did when she stood so tall and bold on the steps of No 10 when she became Prime Minister. It is a disaster for Theresa May and she has been poorly attended by those who were close to her.

Nevertheless, they can’t continue like this indefinitely, it could open up a Pandora’s Box, and they may have to consider having a new leader. Nevertheless, No 10 maintained that news of the Prime Minister being too depressed to perform well was entirely incorrect and it was said that she was engaged and getting stuck in.

But evidently, it’s all rubbish. She had revealed the Election went badly but was set to make the best of it and that she was staying firmly put.

In discussions to mark her first year in office, Theresa May revealed she shed a little tear on June 8 when she was devastated to discover her Election venture had blown up in her face. She was a human being, she reflected but had quickly decided to get a grasp of things and carry on in power.

She would stay as Conservative leader as long as they wanted her. But, significantly, she repeatedly declined to commit to competing in the next General Election as a leader. Instead, Theresa May stated she required a few more years to get on with the business of completing Brexit.

The discussions declined to stop raising speculation that she could be made to stand down in October at the Conservative conference in Manchester. Worried Tory managers are now taking measures to dodge a repeat of the party’s unfortunate 2003 conference which led to the downfall of Iain Duncan Smith.

Facing comparable allegations that his leadership had lost its way and his self-esteem was shot, officials established supporters in the conference hall to give his conference talk a standing applause.


Iain Duncan Smith’s weak endeavour to gather support, saying that the subdued man was turning up the volume, fell flat. The fans sprang to their feet on the signal, however, the Tories did recognise that the game was up, and their leader resigned inside days.

The Conservatives limited the damage of Iain Duncan Smith’s departure by planning the crowning of Michael Howard as his replacement, thereby bypassing a divisive leadership battle.

Tory insiders stated that would be much more challenging this time, not least because Theresa May’s likely replacements and their individual camps are now fighting like grubs in a sack behind the scenes.

Furthermore, unlike Iain Duncan Smith who was in competition, the advantage of becoming Prime Minister is much greater. One Tory MP announced the conference will be a week-long post-mortem into how Theresa May performed combined political self-destruction for all of them.


Party chairman, ex-miner Patrick McLoughlin, is under pressure to quit for failing to get the Tory vote out in huge numbers. Patrick McLoughlin is an amiable lagoon, but they can’t go on having him in the Cabinet simply because he is the only Tory to have held a coal pick and he must be put out to grass like a pit pony.


Mr McLoughlin’s forerunner as chairman, Sir Eric Pickles, and senior MP Graham Brady, chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee, has almost finished a report on how the Election went so wrong.

They are expected to be scathing about Theresa May’s failure to advise Ministers about vote-losing manifesto policies such as the so-called dementia tax concerning social care expenses for the ageing, cutting free hot lunches for schoolchildren, and stopping the triple lock which safeguards pension increases. All three proposals have been evacuated.

Pickles and Brady will not be pulling their punches.

The Tories are disintegrating before our eyes, going from one failure to the next. It won’t be long and the weary Tories will have to request a general election. Then we will have a Labour government headed by Jeremy Corbyn driving us into Brexit. The revolution is beginning.

Theresa May is defeated. She requested a silly useless election and has put the nation and the Tory party in a terrible disorder, propped up by the DUP, now we have this Tory fighting when Brexit should be their priority.

However, examine photos of any Prime Minister following a year in office, it is a staggeringly difficult task for anyone and it wanes them all.






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