Drinking One Energy Drink


Energy drinks are the fuel that gets many of us through the workday or school day. The blend of sugar and caffeine gives a quick energy rush that helps us power through when we’re feeling exhausted.

What people may not realise, nevertheless, is that these drinks can possibly do some grave harm to the body.

Researchers at the United States Air Force Hospital recently led a study to investigate the impacts of energy drinks on a person’s heart. The investigation was carried out because they saw an increment of people coming to the Emergency Room with heart-related problems.

They started to believe that energy drink consumption was somehow associated with these heart problems.

The idea sparked since 75 percent of people on the base had verified that they drink energy drinks. That’s a tremendous spike in only the preceding few years without any investigation done to test exactly how these drinks affect the body.

The doctors divided up young participants into two groups. One group was given just under a litre of energy drink per day, while the other group was given a drink that bore only caffeine without the sugar and additional additives seen in energy drinks.

It was flavoured, so it was quite like an energy drink so participants had no conception who was drinking what.

Researchers discovered that the energy drinks contributed to problems with the beat of the drinkers’ hearts. They discovered that the energy drinks caused heart cessation for an added 10 milliseconds between beats.

While this appears insignificant, it can really be life-threatening.

Energy drinks further induced high blood pressure in people only two hours after drinking the beverage. This raised blood pressure continued for up to six hours after a person drank their drink. This puts a person at heightened risk for heart attack or stroke, even in an otherwise healthy person.

These problems were not observed in people who only had the caffeine beverage. Researchers aren’t quite clear on what in the energy drinks led to these problems, however, they think it’s the blend of the sugar infused with the caffeine.

It may, nevertheless, be any one of the various additives these drinks include.

Whilst the researchers concede that more investigations will need to be done before results can be formed about the safety of energy drinks, these primary conclusions are eye-opening. Considering many people drink a can or two, or more of energy drinks each day, the combined health impacts could be catastrophic.

This is very true in children. Many parents let their children drink energy drinks in the morning before school or as a special treat on the weekends. It’s unclear exactly what impacts these beverages may have on still-developing bodies, but parents should reflect long and hard before permitting their children to drink these beverages on a regular basis.

If you’re someone who drinks energy drinks on a daily basis, it may be a good idea to decrease it. Until the additional investigation is done to question their safety, it may be smart to simply stick to coffee.

This should be a message to people who drink energy drinks on a daily basis and you can purchase them from any shop, whenever you like. Many kids get them before school so that they can stay alert in the classroom and to help them concentrate.

Nevertheless, everybody should be cautious when purchasing these drinks because honestly, we have no idea what they’re doing to our body and you don’t have to be an expert in recognising that with the amount of sugar and caffeine in them that something is not right.

If people want to contaminate their body’s, then that is up to them, but the government take food off the shelve’s for fewer reasons than this and yet they have not taken energy drinks off racks. The government are continually moaning that we are a nation of fat people, yet they allow energy drinks onto our shelves that contain quantities of sugar.

There should be specific rules and regulations on drinks like this because these are not isolated instances of people going to the hospital with problems with their heart and presently there should be laws where these beverages are concerned.

The fact of the matter, these drinks are not good for our well-being and still, we allow our kids to drink them on a daily basis and don’t even give it another thought.

Everything that we eat and drink is peddled to us on the pretext of obtaining money, but this stimulant makes us feel livelier and better and enables us to have less sleep whilst we give investment to the businesses that design them.

The system that they sell them is all to do with money and nothing less than that and advertising models the world and the people in it – commodities for the believer that are assembled in front of their TV sets and accept what they see because that’s what publicity is all about, modifying the mind to believe in something that’s not even true.

It’s all a smoke screen that is draped in deception to suppress the brain and fetter our thoughts, it’s the control that advertising requires so that we purchase their commodities without any consideration for our health, so long as it draws them in money.

There has been plenty of discussion on energy drinks, yet the government does nothing about it, but then it’s another great way of decreasing the population whilst it disregards the remainder of the population and big businesses thrive from the profits – it’s perpetually about monetary gain.

It’s one thing profiting from somebody else, but to erode away at somebody else’s well-being is another matter and it becomes questionable when people begin having heart problems and determining that it’s because of energy beverages.

Companies produce so much of this drink and presumably, people are becoming sick because of this drink and it’s shocking as well as disturbing and not only that, our kids are drinking this drink as well, but it’s the solution to giving them enough strength to keep alert in the class room and to be able to study better.

There is a severity to this problem that will ultimately jeopardise the lives of countless people and there should be safeguards put in place where energy drinks are concerned – these drinks are becoming a danger to the human body.

The consequences are going to be catastrophic and what previously was a pleasant beverage to drink is presently regarded as something dangerous and it certainly should be brought to people’s attention and all these drinks should come with a warning sticker.

We buy in shops and launch these cans of energy drinks into our shopping baskets with no understanding of what they’re doing to our body or our children’s bodies. We’re simply submissive Frankenstein’s that are moulded by what we view on TV and we’re contented to go along with whatever we’re told.

We’re irritated by the minor stuff in life and not the major ones because we are dominated by media and advertising, particularly the younger generation, we’re simply the playhouse of drama that has been ensconced into our minds.




Published by Angela Lloyd

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