Terror On The Tube


Police are hunting for the bucket bomber who sought to blow up a rush-hour Tube train amid allegations the terror suspect is furnished with knives and may have left other devices. The rudimentary device could have killed dozens but failed to correctly explode and hurled a wall of fire throughout the carriage wounding at least 22 people including a ten-year-old boy.

Terrified commuters were seen cloaked in blood with scorched hands, legs, faces and hair, others sustained crush injuries throughout a human stampede as they scrambled for their lives at Parsons Green station in west London at 8.20am.

Pictures reveal what experts consider is a rather unsophisticated explosive in a flaming white container inside a Lidl freezer bag with Christmas lights distending out of the top, a kind of detonator supported by ISIS in its online manuals and magazines.

Security specialists have stated the IED had a timer, indicating the bucket bomber left it on the train and bolted before it exploded.

Eyewitnesses said there was a deafening blast, a flash and suddenly a ball of flame engulfed surrounding travellers on the jammed District Line train.

Scotland Yard said it was a terror strike but could not verify claims there is another device and the suspect is on the run but an officer at the scene informed the media that they think there is a second bomb and that there is a man with knives on the loose.

A Witness said he saw a lady with no skin on her legs and a ten-year-old boy with a charred body. He said the explosion was similar to a huge match going off at the end of the carriage and people just began rushing. It was every man for himself when that happened and the burn victims had severe leg wounds.

It was a pretty hectic commuter train, young and old, school children going to their schools. Nannies attempting to look for children, because of the rush of people simply taking five and six-year-olds away from them and they were attempting to look for them.


In the aftermath, armed police swooped from the SO-15 counter-terrorism unit conducted a hard-stop on a bus in nearby Chelsea Bridge Road. The call was associated with the terror attack but nothing suspicious was discovered on board.

Prime Minister Theresa May was to chair a meeting of the Government’s Cobra emergencies committee to address the terrorist strike, the fifth major British terror strike this year and Armed Police, paramedics and firefighters were all said to be at the west London station inside five minutes of the blast.

A hundred metre cordon was established around the station and a police helicopter was also overhead.

A witness said he observed a female with the skin of both her legs burned away entirely by the fire. He further alleges a ten-year-old boy endured wounds and everybody had comparable wounds to their faces and hair.

He stated that there was a flash at the end of the carriage that came down the train and that there was a really sharp burning stench that came out of the carriage.

There was a girl who had no skin on her leg, whatever she had been covering her was simply gone and there was a 10-year-old boy who had burns to his ankle. There was another girl whose back garment was gone and her hair was gone.

There were loads of injuries from people being trampled on and everyone who had been adjacent to it had the same burns to their head.

They heard the first outcry and then stared down and witnessed a flash and then the smoke and people fleeing. It was total confusion, total panic and people were yelling that he had a knife.

When people began fleeing there was then the odour of charred people and there were more than 30 people wounded. It was a full carriage and everyone had something wrong with them. It was a human stampede after the explosive went off.

There were loads of outcries and people calling to other to run and then there was a human stampede, down the stairs and there were people lying there getting crushed, a big human pile-on. There were several crush injuries on the stairs. People got crushed going down the stairs but Police evacuated everyone from the scene rather fast.

There was screaming, shoving and pushing, it was a like there was a terrorist on the loose with a gun and many people were in tears but when it was all finished lots of people were being supported and attended. It was a complete uncontrolled frenzy.

A woman who had been on the same carriage as the device described it going off, like a whiff of smoke and flames coming out of it.

There were screaming and rushing, and there was a stampede of the stairs and people were falling over, there was a lad being hoisted up after he had fallen down, he was in his school attire, and he must have been about ten, he was yelling and distressed.

A Fulham fitness instructor who was in the next carriage the instant the charge went off, he told the media that he had never witnessed anything like it, it was like something out of a movie. He believed it was an acid attack. And it happened like bang inside ten seconds, he simply wanted to run.

He went towards the carriage where the charge went off and a lady said you don’t want to go in there. He observed a tiny boy with cuts on his face yelling for his brother. A woman was bleeding. Everyone was running and he’d never observed anything like it.

People sustained burns from the blast and others were wounded in the crush as people fled and they were literally about two minutes from Parsons Green when the train abruptly stopped.

He observed people running on the track in the opposite direction towards Fulham Broadway, he could hear no outcries but a lot of people running and they had been detained at the station for at least half an hour. It was pretty hectic, with a lot of police around and police dogs.

At the scene, dozens of police and ambulances continued to be summoned into the cordoned zone, however, it was not known at that stage how many people had been injured and Specialist armed anti-terror units also swamped the area.

Another witness, who was on the train, said he noticed a device in the far carriage. It was a white bucket, a builder’s bucket, in a white Aldi bag or Lidl bag and that flames were still coming out of it when he noticed it and that it had a bunch of wires hanging out of it.

Somebody else from Southfields, near Wimbledon, was about 10 metres from the source of the blast when fire filled the carriage. He heard a blast and when he looked there were flames all around.

People began running but it was fortunate that the train was stopping at Parsons Green as the door began to open as he described the scene of frenzy as passengers fought to escape the carriage, falling and shoving each other and this bystander waited back to take a closer glimpse at what he considered was the cause of the blast.

British police Saturday stormed a house in a London neighbourhood that belongs to an elderly couple acknowledged for their work with child refugees as part of the fast-moving inquiry into London’s tube attack that wounded numerous people.

The home is registered to Ronald Jones, 88, and his 71-year-old wife, Penelope, who has been honoured by the Monarch following taking charge of 268 foster kids.

Neighbours reported that the couple has six children of their own and had begun taking foster kids after seeing the predicament of refugees uprooted from Syria and abroad and the captured teen was assumed to be a foster kid taken in by Ronald Jones and his wife.

The extensive exploration at the home in Sunbury-on-Thames, approximately five miles from London’s Heathrow Airport follows the rather important capture of an 18-year-old in Dover.

Police showed up at the home, which is in Surrey, and decreed an urgent removal of adjacent homes. A neighbour, who lives near the house being explored, stated police gave her one minute to assemble stuff before leaving.

She was in her home with her kids and there was a thump at the door from the police. They ordered her to leave and they announced that she had one minute to get out of the house and get away. She simply collected some stuff and her kids and just got out.

Some neighbours were crying and several stated they had no idea when they would be able to return to their homes but the Police gave several shelter and food at a nearby sports club.

Police did not report details about the search, but the precautions hinted concern that there might be explosives or violent fanatics on the property. The Islamic State group has claimed one of its members planted the explosive.


Police maintained the teen was apprehended by Kent police in the port section of Dover on the English Channel and the suspect was being held for questioning under the Terrorism Act. He has not been charged or identified. Police have not said if he was suspected of planting the bomb or if he played a supporting role in a possible plot.

Hundreds of officers were investigating surveillance footage and carrying out other inquiries as the country raised its terrorism alert system to the highest level.

Authorities said the suspect carried a white bucket containing an explosive onto the rush-hour train. When it exploded, many train passengers sustained burns, and others were wounded as they raced away from the field of the blast.

None of the injuries were thought to be life-threatening and The Islamic State group claimed accountability for the assault, which it announced was carried out by an affiliated member.

In the meantime, President Donald Trump took ferocity from British authorities for a tweet he posted in the wake of the strike that appeared to reprimand Britain’s security units.

The president tweeted that it was another assault on London by a loser rebel. That it was caused by sick and deranged people who were already in the sights of Scotland Yard, and that Scotland Yard should have been more proactive.

However, it’s never helpful for anybody to meditate on what is going on, particularly in an ongoing investigation and previous to the suspect’s apprehension, London was on edge.

Photographs from cameras inside the subway car revealed that the device was contained in a container with wires dangling out of it and that it was hidden in a plastic shopping bag and officials have suggested that more than one person may have been involved.

Increasing the threat level to its highest position was a proportionate and practical measure and police have called on the people to be observant.

The explosive went off about 8:20 a.m local time, as the train, transporting passengers from the suburbs including countless school children, was at Parsons Green station in the southwest of the city.

The station was reopened Saturday, returning some normalcy to London’s transport interface after a day of severe confusion. There was no indication of fear amongst Londoners and the weekend life of the city proceeded undeterred by the increased threat level.

The charge was meant to do serious injury to passengers and the injuries would have been considerably worse had the whole thing exploded and these men, women and children were very fortunate with this one. It could have certainly become much more serious.

Britain has faced four other assaults this year, which have killed a sum of 36 people. The other strikes in London near Parliament, on London Bridge and near a mosque in Finsbury Park in north London employed vehicles and knives.

In addition, a suicide bomber struck a crowded concert arena in Manchester in northern England, murdering 22 people and that assault in May also temporarily generated the threat level to be set at critical.

London Metropolitan police arrested a sixth suspect in the latest Underground train bombing in the early hours of Thursday morning.
After serving a warrant at a home in Thornton Heath, police apprehended a 17-year-old male suspect under section 41 of the Terrorism Act and launched a search of the home.

The arrest follows less than a day after a 48-year-old man and a 30-year-old man were captured in Newport, South Wales when police executed a warrant at the address where the two men were discovered. A 25-year-old man was detained, also in Newport, at a separate location.

A 21-year-old man was detained in Hounslow, an area in West London, by detectives with the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command, and earlier police had evacuated a home in a London suburb as well as part of the Port of Dover after arresting an 18-year-old man that morning in the southeastern coastal port.

However, none of the six men who have been arrested in connection with the attack has been openly identified. All remain in custody at a South London police station.

Thirty people were wounded in the September 15 attack on a train at Parsons Green Underground station in London. Police stated an apparent bucket bomb exploded during the Friday morning commute, wounding 30 people.

All of the injuries were deemed minor and authorities said the bomb did not completely discharge, possibly narrowing a number of casualties and the terror threat was reduced to severe from critical over the weekend, but police suggested the public should continue to be alert.

This remains to be a fast-moving investigation and a significant volume of activity has taken place following the attack. However, Conspiracy Theorists expose that the London Tube bombardment was a fictitious flag and despite the so-called Islamic State taking credit for the assault, conspiracy speculators on Twitter have now started to insist the bombardment was a fraudulent flag performance devised to promote Theresa May’s notoriety.

So, what proof do they have to make such a declaration? Not a lot, but it’s not stopped these people dancing to absurd judgments before. More specifically, shoes left on the Parsons Green platform, which one conspiracy speculator claims is the tell-tale indication of a fraudulent flag operation.

Later another photo, this time from the Westminster Bridge assault which took place earlier this year, which further confirms a discarded pair of shoes, with the caption:

Remember the #westminster #falseflag ? More shoes placed neatly on the pavement.

Furthermore, there are more people who think fake flags are always expressed by discarded shoes and one user claims the shoes left behind after the death of Jo Cox, by Thomas Mair, were evidence her death was also a fraudulent flag operation and different people have maintained those wounded in the explosion are really crisis actors who’ve been paid to fake their injuries.

They’ve no confirmation of this but why let facts get in the way of a crazy idea?

Nevertheless, if you look at images of the bucket bomb there’s no white, no smoke and there is zero damage, and the most hogwash about this is, you have Theresa May criticising Donald Trump and what’s ironic is Donald Trump was saying that the internet was being utilised to make terrorist strikes accessible.

Presumably, a bomb went off in this container and there’s no smoke. They believe that we’re dumb because they fill us with this constant formation of defecation all day long and they manipulate us like we’re stupid, they can say white is black and they know people are going to accept it as true.

You’ve got Theresa May who is upset at Donald Trump for saying the same poop as she said about controlling the internet. The government have been kissing arse from Israel and England. We just did an unprecedented weapons agreement with Saudi Arabia who assisted Bin Laden.


The government don’t consider the people, you’ve got Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Theresa May and what they want to do is control the internet and they want to make certain that the first amendment and this is probably the ultimate battleground for the first amendment, the internet and they’re going to try and slaughter that and that’s what they’re using.

They have to use this and this is what they’re doing for it, destroying our freedom and it’s amusing that instantly people criticise ISIS. Well, ISIS is a carpet statement, it’s a carpet attack.

As people could view, it was in a plastic container sitting in a carrier bag and we’ve been informed by the media through eyewitnesses who alleged that there was a fireball and that people were getting burnt. Simply use your evaluative reasoning abilities, if this object that we’re viewing created a fireball which wounded 20 or so people, what’s clear about this image?

Where’s the wreckage nearby to this assumed bomb? And why has that seat next to it not got more damage? Why is the carrier bag still sitting there, not even melted?

There is no evidence whatsoever that this, what we’re seeing generated a fireball, which became lethal and people were injured. It an utter farce and once again people are going to accept it because it’s on the television or because it’s in the newspaper.

Now once again you’ve got the usual BBC news presenters which just happened to be there on the scene.

What must be shared is something that must be taken into reckoning and a man claimed, that it was all over the news, that he was there and he is a media technology consultant, therefore let’s have a look at who this gentleman is.

This gentleman is connected to BSA’s art programme and one of the projects that they develop is a communication gateway product for public safety which addresses the market of public safety organisations and who are the public safety organisations? The ambulance, police, hospitals et cetera.

They photo-type which is actively employed in public safety operations, they discuss in another active full demonstration that took place with assistance from the ESA and involved active simulating medical patients alongside technical staff and medical staff.

They endeavour to highlight the possible advantages of satellite-based communications for healthcare systems utilising the delta system which is a crisis telemedicine system for dangerous situations created to enhance control of rescue and first aid and emergency assistance in the context such as explosions.

The system permits mobile paramedics and units to organise medical care towards victims and the presentation outlines focus on the strength of the satellite system to give speedy emergency services.

It was an experiment and goes on to enumerate all of the advantages, medical and logistic coordination, audio communications with mobile teams. Therefore, we can see it’s a drill and it’s been given away, courtesy of the very person who was involved in this scheme.

So, thank you to this gentleman for conserving us a bunch of time and headache and revealing to us who was exactly involved and of course, those in control are going to use it to facilitate their agenda’s, and already we’ve got Donald Trump tweeting that the internet is the recruitment intermediary and clearly they’re going to have to clamp down on that.

I’ll now focus on Emma Stevie’s story of what allegedly transpired and what she said on the day that it occurred which was broadcast a lot during the day.

She stated that she had got on the train and inside five seconds the doors were closing and she just heard the loudest scariest outcries coming from what appeared to be the carriage right next to them and loud men yelling to run, so when people yell run you simply run so everybody simply ran for their lives.

She didn’t know why, she didn’t hear an explosion and she imagined acid had been thrown around, so she didn’t even know she was running, she was simply running because she listened to men telling her to do so.

She and everybody to got the steps and it was like the worst, a proper human crush that everybody got stuck in and there were women underneath her and there was a woman saying she was pregnant, there was a little boy, his face had got smacked into the step and she was gripping onto the railing in a fetal position trying not to put her weight on anyone and there were simply layers and layers of people yelling.

She stated that it was very traumatic and they didn’t know why they were running and she imagined perhaps it was all a huge misunderstanding or that someone’s phone had exploded in their pocket and she was so fortunate that she wasn’t hurt and she had put trainers on that morning and she was so fortunate that she wasn’t the women two layers underneath her.

I’d feel blessed to if I wasn’t being crushed by her. So, shes describing standing on top of two women underneath her and she feels fortunate she’s not them and she’s moderately clear there being two women, but first, she says a woman and then she states, women.

Anybody that doesn’t know Parsons Green station, it’s a really small station with one staircase that comes from the platform, but then shes on Goodmorning Britain and her description is slightly altered when she was questioned about where she was when the bomb went off.

She stated she was in the carriage next to what was going on, then she heard very loud screams and they were attempting to get the doors open because nobody knew what was going on and they heard men now yelling to run at the top of their voices and everybody simply piled out of the train and rushed towards the stairs where there was a huge pile up.

She said it was terrible and she couldn’t get out of her mind seeing this little boy, he got totally squashed by numerous people and she was so fortunate and that she was standing against the wall, putting all her weight on the wall, but before she stated she was in a fetal position, therefore obviously she wasn’t upright.

She said it was horrible simply being trapped and then the interviewer responded that there was a period where a gentleman simply said for everybody to calm down and it appeared to have an amazingly comforting impact on everybody and suddenly it appeared to become a somewhat British orderly line, queuing up to depart the station and then she was questioned if that was what occurred, and she stated that she was really focused on her immediate surroundings and she said she was underneath two people.

Wow, now shes underneath two people, whereas before she was standing up next the wall and she said there were three women that she could see underneath her, therefore presently we have gone from two women underneath her and now there are three. Well, either she can’t add up, or she’s in terrible need of some spectacles.

Then there’s the girl who was taken away in the pink coat with a dressing around her head and if you examine it closely, what looks like blood, doesn’t really look like blood, not that I’m saying that it’s not, but just take a closer look.

Then she’s seen as she’s taken away by a policewoman, the policewoman is wearing jeans, now is that allowed?

The bucket was assumed to have exploded, can you detect any melting going on there in the picture? The bucket is still totally intact, but this was apparently an incendiary device but nothing around it, look at the bucket, no charring, no smoke, no nothing, it’s simply a bucket on fire.

If you look at the surrounding, it if had been an explosion, there would be residue on the walls, there would be some sort of debris around and people wouldn’t be stood taking photos of it.

Supposedly, police do not tax, MOT, or insure their vehicles. On the recent London bombing, this alleged police car was apparently on loan from a company supplying props for film and TV.

People were in total and absolute confusion as the commotion unrolled before their very eyes. As such they never thought to examine the story being fed to them. That was a foolish blunder and looking back now the dust has settled it’s plain to see that at worst this is supposedly a false flag terrorist assault and that at best we’re not being told the complete truth or complete account about what has transpired.

There are two fundamental photos that give the entire narrative away, first and foremost is a photograph and video footage of the bomb itself. As you can see from the photo we were informed that the bomb had created a tremendous fireball to tear through the carriage though it is blatantly apparent that there is little or no destruction of the encompassing region.

We see no black burn or contaminated material on the train, even the handbag which was assembled pretty near to the device remained in great form. It was further stated that there were flames all around, people were drenched in blood, the device had loads of wires dangling from it and people were crying, yelling and diving over each other according to the media.

Yet again, this entirely differs everything the general populace saw through the media. The image and video footage that was bestowed to us on TV seem to be at differences with the official account that is being furnished to us.

The actual nail in the coffin moment was when a picture video footage of a young female with a dressing around her head, as you will see from the photograph, the young female is wearing a white blouse, there is no fire damage to the blouse in fact it seems pretty much in pristine condition particularly considering a fireball was proposed to have engulfed the train that she was on.

Considering that this young lady has just experienced and been witness to an amazingly traumatic event shes looking amazingly well.

Numerous people have trouble believing our government could be behind such an appalling attack. You may be questioning yourself, why would the government plan such an attack and what would be the goal? Clearly, we don’t have the answer, but we can guess and conjecture.

Perhaps it’s so Theresa May has an easier time passing through additional snooper charter laws, maybe its to facilitate the global agenda to drive us into combat with other nations. Ultimately, we’ll never know, but what we can say for certain is that the government have been proven to head up false flag attacks before.

The plastic tub was undamaged, there were no signs of melting or soot residue, what seems like fairy lights and still working, allegedly having sent a huge fireball down the train that wounded over 20 people. Now we’re on a full-scale terror alert, whilst the Prime Minister prepares to control the internet and outlaw the freedom of speech.

With what resembles Christmas lights coming out of the bucket, it seems more like an arts and crafts prop. There’s also supposedly been footage and photo’s of peoples clothes that had been ripped by the blast, but then when you look, they are, cut straight edges.

Because of this apparently puzzling False Flag in a bucket, the equally embarrassing Theresa May has established part of Operation Chicken Tempura.


Plus, if the fireball had burnt the lady in pink’s cheek then surely her hair would have been burnt too?


A policewoman wearing jeans, well I was a little curious about this and emailed New Scotland Yard asking about clothing that the police use over a broad spectrum and was emailed back telling me that unfortunately at this current time we are unable to give out details regarding police uniforms.

So, some sort of blast occurred in one carriage causing partial injuries to some people in the region of that blast, burns, skin damage and what not. While others were injured in the confusion and the scrambling that happened after as people hurried off the train and out of the station.

There were no deaths detailed and the carriage itself was not significantly damaged. Yet, there are pictures that are circulating that implies that this was the explosive agent or what survived of it.

A bucket inside a Lidl’s shopping bag which was still on fire, but whatever caused this, it was not a high grade or especially complex bomb but this is presently being treated as a terror strike and within minutes people were on twitter trying to score points by calling it an Islamic terror attack as if jumping ahead of an investigation makes them clever.

But the mainstream media are starting to build their stories and make their speculations, getting their sources to acquaint the people and there are now things that don’t make sense, that are inconsistent and are simply unreliable and certain agendas are being expedited, especially by the news.

One reporter brought up the matter that this was a low-grade device and there was absolutely no conception of what it was made up of but they chose to infer it was Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP) and that this device hadn’t exploded correctly or that it was simply a cheap domestic explosive and that’s why there were no deaths and the carriage was not particularly damaged.

This correspondent then correlated this with 7/7, alleging that Hasib Hussain that blew up the number 30 bus had a comparable dilemma and this is why he didn’t blow up the tube carriage because he had to leave the carriage and revise his device and get a battery and then switched his target to the bus.

The problem with that is, there’s no proof to timeline of Hussain boarding the train and then leaving the train but we don’t know what his primary objective was simply that he ended up walking around, proceeding to a McDonald’s, he then went into a WH Smiths but before apparently boarding the bus, though no CCTV really reveals him mounting the bus or on the bus and no observers have reported him as being on that bus.

But the point is, the account isn’t determined, he may or may not have purchased a battery from WH Smiths, he may or may not have used that battery in a device that he may or may not have been struggling before switching to a target that he may or may not have been on.

This centre on TATP is further questionable because no TATP was retrieved from any of the 7/7 bus sights and the homemade peroxide mix that was discovered in a flat in Leeds was found to be inactive i.e, it was not explosive.

The investigators that examined it could not blow it up and in fact alleged bombers were not directly linked to the containers of that compound by forensics, just the flat overall. Therefore, the long story short, this uncertain incident being used on the news that this device was seemingly TATP like on 7/7 and was a bit of washout like Hasib Hussain’s bomb is allegedly nonsense.

The TATP conjecture was further questionable because TATP is not an exothermic explosive, for instance, it responds with very limited heat, it generates limited to no flames and is more similar to an energic bang of energy, with a bunch of smoke that can tear things apart but it’s not a bomb with a mushroom of flames or fire.

Therefore, this wouldn’t necessarily support all of the witness accounts coming out on how a huge sphere of fire came down the carriage and further that people were burned by the fire insinged and TATP can be utilized in a combination with other things, as part of a detonator but the general position is there is no need for the news to be speculating about the structure of this device and its only going to add to the sea of chaos.

The only thing we really do know was that this wasn’t a particularly powerful device but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was intended on being a powerful device. The indications that it was handmade by an amateurish subversive but in not knowing who really did it, we can’t necessarily assume that it was a weak explosive through ineptitude.

The plan may have been more to alarm than to kill and it may have been intentionally low grade. This was an overground station with a lot of visibility and a lot of access and not an underground station, where the fall out would have been much worse.

Its further impressive have the apparently amateurish nature of the device which is compared with that of the Manchester bombing, which further looked too powerful for the story that everybody was told. That it was made by a college drop out through a youtube video and he built it all himself.

Yet, it did all this damage and it had remote discharge capabilities and people were associating it to IRA bombs, this doesn’t seem to make sense and if the self-taught, self-radicalized within the internet speculation is accurate then surely you’d expect smaller botched strikes or attacks that aren’t actually so powerful to be the norm and you’d presumably expect more of them to take place.

It could have been a meek self-taught, self-radicalised subversive or at least that’s what it could rationally be displayed as, we simply don’t know and again going back to the news coverage of this, which has further been concentrating on the so-called demand for more funding to the police and security services.

Apart from the fact that seemingly the security and intelligence services do a lot of dodgy and answerable things including supporting Islamic terrorism and if there is a person the decides that one day they want to make a makeshift device and attack people in public, there is really little that you can do to stop that, short of having some sort of mind-reading chip inside of each person in the country.

There is a point that we reach where there actually is nothing anybody can do and the focus should actually be on the response, not prevention and not an overreaching security state. We could actually simply walk out of our home and attack someone, that’s simply the nature of individual freedom.

We can’t get lost in the turmoil of these sorts of situations and then settle into parroting things like let’s give extra money to the police and M15, let’s simply thrust money at the situation as if that’s going to resolve it.

We require more police, wandering the streets with guns, do we? Are police with guns thought to prevent everyone with a Lidl’s shopping bag going to make a difference? That’s simply not how the system works, that’s simply not how a free society operates.

Also perhaps the best header out of this that illustrates the runaway agendas that are at work here, is this one:

London Tube Explosion, Donald Trump says Internet must be cut off to stop further terror attacks.

Reacting to the terror episode at Parson’s Green tube station, he stated that the internet was a terrorist recruiting tool and that loser terrorists must be dealt with in a much tougher manner.

That’s not actually how the internet operates and we don’t actually even know who done this attack and we don’t actually know the connection to the internet to it and there is no way to simply turn off the internet and lets not overlook that we already have Theresa May’s Snoopers Charter in this country and that legislation mandates the narrative of everyone’s internet data for 12 months.

The authorities have the ability to hack your social media accounts and mobile devices through rubber stamped warrants but also during disasters like terror strikes. It didn’t stop this one from occurring though, it didn’t stop Manchester or London Bridge but it did give Theresa May a stage to proceed to call for more control of the internet and it further conveniently bumped her up the polls just before the election.

She’s a pretty fortunate politician and this newest event comes at a time when Theresa May and Brexit are back at the forefront of the media again which is presently being taken over by the coverage of this crime.

Supposedly, sources have stated that the device contained a timer, therefore it may be been left there by somebody and not necessarily on their persons, therefore someone might not have set it off alongside themselves. It could have been put on at an earlier station in theory and police have confirmed a manhunt was underway.

Initial rumours on Twitter, a man with a knife associated with this was supposedly bogus news, it was evidently somebody on Twitter that got retweeted and allegedly mimicked by the explanation.

Judging from the fact that there is precious little damage to this tube carriage, CCTV should have caught all of this at every step of the way and we might actually see footage of whoever handled this bag and bucket to exist.

Now whether that ever comes out we will have to wait and see and as with 7/7 we never got any significant CCTV on 7/7 when the bombers were actually boarding their targets or on their targets which has perpetually been a strange fact, either it wasn’t recording, the tapes weren’t in, or it was destroyed during the blast but there was never actually a detailed explanation but with all the CCTV in London, there should be pictures of this Parson’s Green event at some period.

But what do you think?























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My vision on life is pretty broad, therefore I like to address specific subjects that intrigue me. Therefore I really appreciate the world of politics, though I have no actual views on who I will vote for, that I will not tell you, so please do not ask! I am like an observation station when it comes to writing, and I simply take the news and make it my own. I have no expectations, I simply love to write, and I know this seems really odd, but I don't get paid for it, I really like what I do and since I am never under any pressure, I constantly find that I write much better, rather than being blanketed under masses of paperwork and articles that I am on a deadline to complete. The chances are, that whilst all other journalists are out there, ripping their hair out, attempting to get their articles completed, I'm simply rambling along at my convenience creating my perfect piece. I guess it must look pretty unpleasant to some of you that I work for nothing, perhaps even brutal. Perhaps I have an obvious disregard for authority, I have no idea, but I would sooner be working for myself, than under somebody else, excuse the pun! Small I maybe, but substantial I will become, eventually. My desk is the most chaotic mess, though surprisingly I know where everything is, and I think that I would be quite unsuited for a desk job. My views on matters vary and I am extremely open-minded to the stuff that I write about, but what I write about is the truth and getting it out there, because the people must be acquainted. Though I am quite entertained by what goes on in the world. My spotlight is mostly to do with politics, though I do write other material as well, but it's essentially politics that I am involved in, and I tend to concentrate my attention on that, however, information is essential. If you have information the possibilities are endless because you are only limited by your own imagination...

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