On the BBC’s Newsnight programme, it highlighted an outline of Philip Hammond’s Budget address. It further purported to highlight a clip of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s reply. But it didn’t.

Labour leadership challenge


Here on the left is a still taken from Jeremy Corbyn’s reply as he laid into a heckling Tory whip attempting to sidetrack attention from the situation of sick and disabled people under the Tory government. On the right is a still taken from the Newsnight coverage.

Can you spot the variations?


Different ties, different people behind him, even different glasses. The clip the BBC showed has Sarah Champion on the front bench behind Jeremy Corbyn. She is no longer a front-bencher. In the real footage, Dawn Butler is immediately behind him.

The Tories neighbouring Hammond in the Jeremy Corbyn clip are an entirely different set from those in the clip shown by Newsnight of Hammond’s Budget speech, too.

The clip Newsnight showed was of Jeremy Corbyn articulating well enough, but it was the Jeremy Corbyn of March 2017, not the post-GE Corbyn articulate, poised and owning the room in the style that he has done consistently since the supposedly shock General Election outcome and the polling lead he has achieved over the Tories since.

The oddity was detected by a friend of Twitter user Helen Cherry, who tweeted about it. That tweet was flagged to the SKWAWKBOX by a follower an illustration of the co-operative way that the new left media phenomenon works and bothers the Establishment.

Was this just an oversight? If so, it was an immense one to take entirely the wrong address and put it out to millions as one that took place. The video Newsnight presented wasn’t even from last year’s Budget response, as Jeremy Corbyn donned a red tie to that, so it’s not like someone looked in the Budget Response portfolio and pasted in the wrong file.

Or did someone at Newsnight want a different Jeremy Corbyn on display to spectators?

Whether intentional or unpremeditated, the BBC and others launch fake news distortions at the independent media, however, presented what amounted to misleading news on one of its flagship politics and current affairs programmes.

Newsnight has been contacted for comment.

The first one solely has Jeremy Corbyn reprimanding the Tories on the absence of funding for Public Services. The second reprimand The Strong Economy with official predictions all down which is far more serious for the Tories in truth.

As George Osborne’s friend, this still Political Editor of BBC News, there’s a whiff of intentional prejudice and you’d guess they might have seen different-coloured ties or the different attire of the different people in different positions in the different frames.

And then they question why many are turning their backs on Mainstream media, this is precisely why.

Supposedly, on their website, they maintain they just made an error. The blunder being, going to their archives of past Jeremy Corbyn clips and obtaining one that’s irrelevant, airing it first and retracting it after.

But only if they are exposed. Can’t have a clip of Jeremy Corbyn mopping the platform with the Tories, can we? They are the BBC after all and it might lead to contradictory remarks on Dimplebores Tory Time.

It’s seemingly the most accomplished and advanced news outlet in the world and they made an obvious schoolboy blunder. Yet, the subliminal messages remain in millions of brains that saw it live, most will never find out about the error.

Evidently, the BBC are massively into propaganda, not News, and apparently, this was no fluke.

The public used to support the BBC, now there’s nothing left to preserve, except some of their drama and most of that is outsourced these days.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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