Rail Fare Rises And The NHS

Theresa May has supported rail fare rises by maintaining investment is required and the Prime Minister stated increases in regulated fares are kept to inflation, with 97p of every pound given towards a ticket being put into railways.

Fares increased by a percentage of 3.4, with a yearly pass from Mrs May’s Maidenhead constituency to London raising by £104 to £3,092.


Theresa May, talking to BBC1’s The Andrew Marr Show, announced: “Since privatisation, usage of the railways has doubled and we have seen the biggest investments since Victorian times in our railways.

“A lot of people rely on our railways, we want to see good service on our railways but that does mean that investment is needed.”

Theresa May was further asked about the Government’s early close of the East Coast rail franchise involving Stagecoach and Virgin.

They had agreed to give the Government £3.3 billion to operate the service over eight years until 2023 even though it was announced in November that a new East Coast Partnership will take on responsibility for both intercity trains and track operations on the route in 2020.

When asked to guarantee that taxpayers will get the £3.3 billion from the two companies, Theresa May responded: “Virgin and Stagecoach are still paying money to the Government for the East Coast line.”

However, remember this, everytime an MP gets on a train it gets put on expenses and it doesn’t matter to them how much it costs and then they go on TV and the radio informing the masses this and that, with people forgetting that the choices they make normally affect them.

Then there is more money and cheap fare for the foreign countries that own some of our railways, Deutsche Bahn that own Wales & Borders

The main three companies from abroad were German state-owned Deutsche Bahn, the international branch of the Netherland’s nation operator, Abellio, and French firm Keolis.

When will the government acknowledge that rail franchising has failed and to do the only rational thing which is to deliver all UK rail services to public ownership? Nevertheless, analysts pointed out the reason for overseas affairs in the United Kingdom.

International operatives want to buy into the United Kingdom to encourage growth in commuter amounts as do the privatised UK franchise operatives and even though the likes of Deutsche Bahn are state-backed, they’re managed commercially and for the interest of travellers, unlike nationalised UK companies.

With Britain’s railways transported passenger volumes of 1.6 billion in 2016, this compares with volumes of 735 million in 1995, just as the privatisation of the UK’s rail network started. This was a drop from volumes of just over 1 billion in 1948 when British Rail was first brought in to run the network.

Nationalisation has led to declining passenger usage and privatisation has led to growing passenger usage.

Nationalised UK industries have revealed unequivocally, that they can’t operate commercially and that International arms of European state-owned operatives have worked commercially.

Theresa May is so out of touch with the real world. When was she ever on a meagre salary with bills to pay and no pay increases for years and the same with NHS, when did she last use them?

Theresa May is in denial and out of touch in her acknowledgement to the crisis of the NHS and she and her Tory Government have ceased to take any blame for looking after our National Health Service.

She casually disregarded the concerns of thousands of patients and NHS workers, lecturing that hospital pressures were nothing more than a small number of incidents in which unacceptable practices have taken place.

Nationwide, some 66 out of 152 hospital trusts have raised major alerts showing they’re struggling to manage and behind each of these major alerts are hundreds of accounts of patients being let down by an NHS in disaster.

Ambulances have been backed up sometimes for hours and hours with patients unable to even get to the hospital and every day we hear more and more of these stories.

Theresa May and her Government not only take no blame. She feels no remorse and doesn’t appear to understand what’s happening to real people and now thinks it’s a small number when more than a quarter of patients are waiting over four hours in A&E.

She now thinks it’s acceptable that hospitals have to turn gymnasiums into makeshift wards and pensioners are ambushed, waiting in freezing ambulances and everybody aside from Tory ministers knows that unless we properly finance and combine social care and health care we will never completely solve the dilemma confronting our NHS.

Everybody in the real world knows that if you don’t finance the social care older people need, they will end up in NHS hospitals not being able to get safely home where they want to be. But Theresa May doesn’t live in the real world.

Rather than doing something about it, her answer is to attempt to water down the A&E target as if she thinks that adjusting the goals in Whitehall will make any difference to somebody waiting in fear on a trolley in a real A&E, she is very wrong and she’s even attempted to accuse family doctors.

NHS - Logo.png

The rest of us know that the NHS is in a real mess and the Prime Minister is in denial and out of touch with her acknowledgement.


It’s time to give our NHS and social care the money they require. Plus we urgently require qualified leadership from the top of Government as well.

Do you notice how this disaster of a Prime Minister supports everything? She defends the NHS funding although it’s entirely inadequate, now it’s okay to impose extortionate increases in rail tariffs. It goes on and on and no doubt she’ll support successive governments’ genocide of 25,000 preventable deaths per year of vulnerable UK citizens, at least in part, to food and fuel poverty. Theresa May, the Mayhem of disaster.

Yet people still choose Tory, it really beggars belief.








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