Breaking Point

Patient safety is being jeopardised as a hospital is at breaking point, according to a staff whistleblower.

Basildon Hospital, Essex has been slammed by a worker who has fostered concerns there are not enough workers and additional beds are being put in already crowded bays. However, the hospital maintains there are no risks to patients using the service but the worker, who wanted to remain unidentified, stated she was really concerned.

It’s formulating pressure and stress on people which is very disagreeable and it truly is offensive and hospital administrators have given instructions for patients to be housed as extras in full bays. Therefore a bay created for four will have an additional patient in the centre of it because A&E is so full.

It endangers patient safety, infection control, dignity and health and safety. It further increases the workload of already stretched nurses.

Some wards are operating on two nurses for 29 patients on some nights and it’s risky but the frontline workers are being forced to jeopardise reasonable and safe practice, and concerns are not being heard.

The concerns first began two weeks ago, according to the staff member, and have continued throughout, and the hospital has been on the internal critical incident for over a week.

There are not sufficient beds in the critical care unit for the deteriorating patients and these patients are being managed in general wards, adding to the pressure.


The hospital is at breaking point. If the Care Quality Commission marched in unannounced, they would be appalled at some of the executive choices being made and the exhausting provisions doctors, nurses and non-clinical workers are being forced to work with.

A spokesperson for the hospital stated it was facing an exceptionally high demand for services, but it had tried and tested strategies to sustain services and he continued that lately, in order to generate additional space throughout an unusually hectic 24 hour period, they put one extra bed on two wards.

The patients put in these beds were evaluated by doctors, nurses and therapists to ensure they were safe and screens are accessible on wards to protect privacy and dignity and oxygen would have been instantly accessible had it been needed in a crisis.

Furthermore, evidently, in this way, they’re able to make two additional patients rested in a bed, on a ward and he added that nursing personnel levels were assessed five times a day to ensure they met the requirement.

However, people should examine really precisely at the absurd life-ending procedure to transfer hundreds of patients on the appalling roads to a hospital which is not going to have expanded space or parking and is currently striving to cope with Basildon’s demand.


This is an insult to the people of Basildon and a risky move on the part of Mid and South Essex STP.

Of course, you can’t simply turn patients away from the hospital, that would be thick-witted, on the other hand, you can’t simply conjure up beds or staff and whilst the situation may not be perfect, at least their making some sort of attempt to provide some care, sooner than sending people away.

Furthermore, if a person is so concerned, why doesn’t that person use the proper channels and the CQC to do an instant investigation rather than rushing off to the press who have absolutely no influence to do anything.

Hospitals can’t create beds and they can’t breed staff overnight and we should be thankful that they’re making an effort. However, the whistleblower was not thick-witted, they were simply doing what they believed was right at the time.

In fact, they were rather brave to have done what they did and to remain nameless was only because they would have worried that they might or seemingly would have lost their job and we don’t want to be losing staff right now, we demand more.

It is the negligence of this government which has closed 15,000 beds everywhere over the years to attempt and force the NHS into decay in the eyes of the public and some hospitals have significant staffing difficulties, also generated by the Department of Health and Jeremy Hunt for the purpose of making Insurance owned Private Healthcare to look like an attractive alternative.

Plus anyone with half a brain cell should recognise this and not buy into it but they should further have a say about what they think about the ugly, ludicrous, life-threatening hospital plans they are making in Basildon, Southend, Chelmsford and the neighbouring regions.

Hopefully, people will let the powers-that-be know what they think of their cost-cutting methods and it’s such an affront that they seek to dress it all up as being good for us.


Published by Angela Lloyd

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