Egyptian Teen’s Nottingham Death

Police are keeping an open mind about whether an assault on an Egyptian pupil that sparked outrage in her home country was racially motivated.

Mariam Moustafa, 18, died following being beaten by a gathering in Nottingham three weeks beforehand and the hashtag “Mariam’s rights will not be lost” has been trending in Egypt.

Furthermore, Egypt’s prosecutor-general has asked for information about the examination into her death by British officials.

The Egyptian Embassy announced it had been closely following the details of the vicious attack and had expressed the need for those responsible to be brought to justice swiftly by UK officials.

The extensive attention of the Egyptian people is apparent and the embassy continues to be centred in its attempts to help and support Mariam’s grieving family whose life has been destroyed by their disturbing loss.


Nottingham Police at this time, from their inquiries, has no knowledge to propose that the attack was prompted by malice but they are proceeding with an open mind.

However, a 17-year-old girl was detained on suspicion of assault causing grievous bodily harm and was freed on conditional bail.

Mariam Moustafa’s uncle reported to the BBC that he thought an assortment of approximately 10 girls had begun hitting his niece before she ran to get on a bus, he stated, the girls kept pounding her until she passed out and a man intervened to help.


Her younger sister, Mallak Moustafa, stated that her sister told her how the crime unfolded before she went into a coma.

Mariam Moustafa could not see as she’d been punched in the head but then as soon as she noticed their bus coming, she ran to it, attempting to get on it.

She got on to the bus, but she didn’t think they’d all pay £1 to get on the bus. They went up to her when she’d sat down and said they weren’t finished with her. Then the girls kept saying punch her more, punch her more. Then she couldn’t see what was going on.

Some of the people involved laughed about her being in a coma on Instagram and they should be ashamed of themselves.

The family believed England would be their future, and to be an engineer one day, or anything they wanted to be, that’s why her dad brought them to England but it appears that it has truly destroyed them and they didn’t think England was like that.

When Miriam was born, her father did the best he could for her. He came to England for her future and education, to be an engineer but now it’s not fair.

Mariam Moustafa was punched several times outside the Victoria Centre in Parliament Street at approximately 20:00 GMT on 20 February. She next got on a bus but was followed by the same group of women who were threatening and abusive towards her before they got off.


Also in a statement, bus company Nottingham City Transport (NCT) stated one of its operators helped Miss Moustafa and they would like to openly acknowledge the driver, who went upstairs to mediate and served as a barrier between the criminals and the young woman after he urged them to leave the bus.

CCTV from the bus has been given to Nottinghamshire Police as part of their inquiry into this shocking assault as they continue to support their attempts to name the offenders.

The hospital sent her home initially, where she fell unwell and was taken back to the hospital where she entered into a coma and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust announced an initial investigation did not show any notable adverse occurrence on the trust’s part, however, they will thoroughly review the family’s concerns.

Mariam Moustafa was an engineering student at Nottingham College and Mariam was well-liked and able and had strong aspirations for her future studies and eventual career.

Her best friend, Mariam Jankeh John, stated she was loving, cheerful, fashionable and intelligent.

“I can’t imagine someone as friendly, calm and cheerful as Mariam can be a victim,” she stated.

The consul general of Egypt and the medical counsellor, as well as a spokesperson from the embassy, was promptly dispatched to extend assistance and support to the family at this overwhelming time and they were briefed by the family’s lawyer on the latest medical and legal developments.

The post-mortem investigation into the death of the 18-year-old girl who died three weeks following her attack by a gathering of women was uncertain and more tests will now take place to verify if there was a link between the attack and her death.

The 17-year-old girl, who was detained on suspicion of the crime causing grievous bodily harm, continues to be on bail.

Whether this was a racial assault or not, this crime should not have taken place and we can admonish those people who are guilty, however it will continue to repeat itself over and over again and it doesn’t matter how harsh the reprimand is, it appears to be that we, not merely as a nation, but globally, we appear to be producing children that are transforming into monsters.

It doesn’t matter that some people are from another homeland, it doesn’t give another person the right to take a life because it’s improper conduct from another human being. It’s vulgar and immature and makes us nothing more than freaks.

If people think it’s acceptable to take a life just because they’re from another country, a different religion, they look different, or they speak differently, then that is wrong.

How can a person truly think that it’s appropriate to do stuff like this? And what goes through their thoughts when they’re doing it? Nonetheless, it’s intended, malice aforethought and should be judged in court for no less than a life penalty.

To take a life, for whatever cause is not acceptable and is an extremely heinous crime and if a person causes harm or death with a plan or predetermination, with malice, then there is a sole ingredient for first-degree or exacerbated murder.

It’s a predetermination to perform an action without lawful reason or explanation. A wicked intention to harm with intent, at the time of punching somebody or killing them. With an intention willfully to behave in a cruel and malicious disregard of the outcomes to human life but of course, malice aforethought does not fundamentally mean any ill will, hatred or malice towards the person killed.

In the United Kingdom all brutality upon a person, whether sexual or violent are crimes that are deemed heinous crimes. There was intention because what right-minded human being would laugh at something on Instagram when they found out this poor young girl that had her entire life in front her was in a coma?

What intent there was is for the police to find out, we can’t assume anything at the moment, but what we do know is that Mariam had her entire life in front of her with gleaming possibilities. She will no longer experience the cruelness from the people that robbed her of her life but for her family that will grieve for the rest of their lives, simply give them a thought.















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