When We See Cancer In The Pork

A butcher has startled the world by announcing that when coming across cancer in pork, he and numerous other butchers simply cut it out, and proceed to sell to consumers but when you purchase meat from a butchers, you assume that you are normally purchasing the choicest kind, greater than supermarket standard, but this has been proved not to be the case.

Meat cuts are really expensive, and this butcher has been honest about the method that the meat goes through before selling and I imagine it would be insane for a butcher to throw a complete piece away simply because there was a problem with one piece of it.

There is no legal duty for butchers to give knowledge about cancers in the meat to the consumers.

This discovery will come as an additional trauma to meat eaters who have seen their diets fall out of approval in current years with the growth of veganism and vegetarianism. People who refrain from meat normally maintain that to them they believe it simply makes sense, and after discovering this report possibly some more people will be following them in that circle of belief.

A new investigation in the United States launched some rather troubling statistics about meat marketed and packaged in the country. Hot dogs marked as pork were found to harbour traces of horse meat, and both meat and veggie hot dogs were seen to have human DNA present.

The only way to ensure the condition of your food is to harvest it yourself although this is more difficult with meat, and numerous people state that after they changed to a meat-free menu they have never felt so great.

Meat is costly and as some people maintain, entirely unnecessary to a meal as there are countless great meat-free options out there that you should never actually have to fret about eating cancerous pork again.

This article will literally stop people in their tracks, it’s foul and sickening, yet, if we didn’t know any different, we would never have known about it in the beginning and you would be amazed what is in your food that you do not know about.

Thanks for having dinner with me. On the menu, I’ve got some tasty dishes for you.

Featured pizza comes on a dough made partly from plastic foam, covered with human hair, duck feathers, and the dried abdomens of beetles, and polished with a fine powder of silicon dioxide, you will know it as sand.

And for the children, we have a delicious choice of ice creams mixed with wood shavings and flavoured with extract from the anal scent glands of beavers. Furthermore, as always, your feed comes with a chef’s choice of more than half a dozen chemicals that are only speculated of creating but let me stress, have not yet been 100 percent confirmed to cause obesity, hyperactivity, asthma, cancer, and diabetes.

Are we feeding our children anal scent glands and human hair? Yes, in fact, as well as more than 3,000 natural and man-made chemicals are supported by the Food and Drug Administration as preservatives, additives, and artificial and natural flavourings.

Wood chips, beaver anuses, and beetle bellies are natural, so they’re amongst the natural ingredients you might be enjoying your healthy dinner tonight.

Therefore if you’re questioning why policing your weight has become so demanding and why all the diet foods and the low-carb this and low-fat that aren’t making a difference it might have to do with something more than your willpower.

It might have to do with the reality that much of the food we’re purchasing is packed with things that only dubiously pass as food, and that companies and businesses are using an exceptional host of inventions, tools, and tactics to mislead us into purchasing their commodities.

In fact, as more and more Americans become health-conscious as they consume more time reading labels and watching out for whole foods, organic foods, and natural foods, not to mention gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, unsweetened, low-fat, dairy-free, and no-high-fructose-corn-syrup-added foods, companies have become even more shrewd at obtaining ways to force-feed us something that can make us overweight, without even recognising it.

You can follow any diet program out there, but unless you know precisely what’s in your food, no diet is actually going to make a difference, at least not in the way you’d expect.


There are more than 3,000 food additives recommended by the FDA, and all of them have been certified safe for human eating.

Well, that’s not true and in fact, the FDA doesn’t even evaluate food additives. Companies themselves determine with certainly no government or independent oversight that additives and preservatives meet a criterion known and generally recognized as safe, also identified by the letters GRAS.

Therefore, primarily, if the company says there’s no conclusive evidence that what they’re adding to our food creates concerns like, weight gain, diabetes or asthma, then they can do what they like. It’s like telling us to go ahead and leap into a murky quagmire because there’s no conclusive evidence that a multitude of ravenous crocodiles is waiting below.


Furthermore, that’s exceedingly bad, because, like everybody else, I adore junk food and in contrast to most healthy-eating advocates, I’m not about to forsake chips and chocolate for chickpeas and a bowl of fruit salad.


Also if you don’t believe all these absurd additives and preservatives are having an influence on your weight, simply look at a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which determined that the average restaurant meal comprises:

1,128 calories, or approximately 56 percent of the normal person’s everyday calorie consumption. 2,269 milligrams of sodium or 151 percent of a person’s daily suggested consumption. In fact, researchers think 600 milligrams or less is a healthy meal, however, just 1 percent of all chain restaurant meals satisfy this criterion.

58 grams of fat, is 89 percent of what we should consume in a day.

Furthermore, things aren’t any better in the supermarket lanes, either. In the dessert section, Pepperidge Farm’s 3-Layer Coconut Cake struts 32 ingredients, including propylene glycol an ingredient in antifreeze.

If you’re ready to gag, simply investigate it for yourself. Perhaps we should simply pray over the food. You’re much better off growing your own if you have a generous sized backyard, or fishing and hunting off the land, but since we don’t, enjoy and Bon Appetite!










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