Meghan Markle So Far…

Who is Meghan Markle really? She’s an actress, philanthropist, and presently Prince Harry’s wife-to-be and her profile has skyrocketed.

Anti-Social, a 2015 crime drama starring Meghan Markle, was fated to be an insignificant blip on the cinematic panorama, a film you’d seemingly find by chance during a Sunday-afternoon Netflix journey.

However Meghan Markle’s profile has grown dramatically, and everything from her past—interviews, movie and television appearances, social-media posts is resurfacing, and inspired with a new meaning.

She is the most googled woman of 2016 and she is the star of USA’s Suits and founder of the lifestyle Web site The Tig. She has 1.4 million Instagram supporters, oh, and she’s also currently engaged to the world’s most desirable man, Prince Harry.

Unless you’re a keen spectator of Suits, her USA procedural, you have only likely become conscious of Meghan Markle when rumours of her and Harry’s courtship first surfaced, and the tabloids have recorded her every move.

Her yoga class has been staked out and her travel agenda analysed. Her mother has been doorstepped and in brief, Meghan Markle has received the treatment we’ve come to expect of royal romantic interests.


However unlike past Harry sweethearts, like Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy, who were essentially private subjects before the paparazzi descended, Meghan Markle was something of an identified quantity.

The 35-year-old has been acting in movie and television and making the accompanying press rounds and developing the important social media appearances for near to 15 years. While she has naturally maintained mostly radio censorship since her involvement went public including refusing to be interrogated for a story, Meghan Markle has left an atypically strong file for the people to familiarize itself with the woman who would be Duchess.

Her initial credit was in 2002 when she performed on an instalment of General Hospital. She has since performed in a variety of television shows, 90210, Without a Trace, Fringe, The League, CSI: Miami—as well as a throng of movies, including Get Him to the Greek and Horrible Bosses.

Meghan Markle is a bit of a Gwyneth Paltrow. She has a lifestyle Web site, The Tig, which, on the third week of December, offered among its pieces one on how to be a great impromptu host and another on how to hunt down holiday gifts that give back.

She wrote on the site that The Tig is a heart for the discerning palate, those with a desire for food, travel, fashion and beauty. She wanted to design a place to share all of these desires and to invite friends to share theirs as well and to be the breeding ground for concepts and enthusiasm.

On her Instagram, she has an affinity for posting inspirational quotes, well-lit food, and shots of dogs.

She’s a star, a writer and Editor-in-Chief of her cosy lifestyle brand The Tig, a rather good cook and a staunch believer in handwritten notes.

In an anecdote that almost makes you question if she always knew she would be destined for the magazine-profile treatment, one day when Meghan Markle was 11, she addressed a letter to Hillary Clinton, who was, at the time, the first lady.

Meghan Markle explained in the letter that she had noticed an ad put out by a soap company that implied women belonged in the kitchen, and it agitated her. As a consequence of the letter which she further posted to other distinguished personalities, the company ended up modifying the advertisement.

Some decades later, in 2015, Meghan Markle would, as part of her commitment with the United Nations, give a talk on International Women’s Day about gender identity that would earn her a standing applause.


She is also a global envoy for World Vision Canada and has travelled to Rwanda for the organization’s Clearwater Campaign and it was her philanthropy work that led her to Prince Harry.

Harry was in Toronto where Suits films for his Invictus Games when he met the actress at a charity event.

In her article for Elle U.K., Meghan Markle wrote about attempting to balance her duties to her work and the entertainment industry with her charity work, noting one particular time when she was in a van traveling back from a refugee camp in Rwanda and got an e-mail from her managers inquiring if she would be able to visit the BAFTAs.

At that instant, her gut answered no because while her two worlds can co-exist, she’s learnt that being able to keep a foot in both is a fragile balance and they’re not together exclusive but guiding her heart through the swaying pendulum from Hollywood fantasy to third-world reality is testing in its own way.


Gregg Sulkin a 24-year-old British actor best recognised for his performance on MTV’s sharp series Faking It was Meghan Markle’s co-star and love interest in Anti-Social and it’s questionable, when he was on scene in Hungary shooting the film, that he thought he would be delivering discussions for years about his co-star’s personal involvement with a prince, no less.

Gregg Sulkin was familiar with Suits before meeting Meghan Markle on set and was really enthusiastic about working with her. She’s a pretty unique person and such a skilled actress, poised, a well-mannered classy girl who takes her job seriously, and who is really passionate and Gregg Sulkin and Meghan Markle clearly spent a lot of time together.

They were both in a different country together where they knew nobody and the two would consume their days off travelling the city. Gregg Sulkin describes Meghan Markle a well-educated human being and that she’s the greatest out of all the stars he’s worked with inside 12 years.

Meghan Markle’s father is Caucasian and her mother is African-American, and her mixed-race history is something she has addressed and talked about on many occasions and while her mixed heritage may have built a grey zone encompassing her self-identification, keeping her with a foot on both sides of the fence, she has come to embrace that.

She is who she is and will share where she’s from and will assert her self-confidence in being a strong, confident mixed-race woman.


Once she was connected to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle became the prey of racially induced outrage and insults, so much so that the palace went to bizarre lengths to issue a statement in aid of Meghan Markle and demanded the media to respect her privacy.


Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, are also known as the Fug Girls and both long-time royal obsessives, and writers of a book, The Royal We, that even highlights a plot line about a prince falling in love with an American.

However, when they saw the letter from the palace, that is when they knew that the bond was genuine and pretty legit. Also, a good indication perhaps the palace has realised that they shouldn’t simply hang those girls out to dry, referencing to past girlfriends of William and Harry who had gained great media scrutiny.

When Gregg Sulkin was questioned about Meghan Markle’s involvement with Prince Harry, Sulkin reflected sedately for a second. He had learned that Meghan had got some cold press since the story broke and he was not happy about it.

Meghan Markle acts accordingly and acts well-mannered and in a classy, cultured way and we should be nothing but happy for her, especially if she partners Prince Harry and represents our country.

Meghan Markle is not similar to Harry’s former sweethearts. She’s already been partnered once and she has a thriving career based in America. There is much on paper, at least, that would symbolise Meghan Markle would not precisely be a possible future sister-in-law to Kate Middleton.

However, as her relationship with Prince Harry proceeds to progress, it appears the two may make a lot more sense as a match than people might have originally imagined.

Many have remarked that Meghan Markle’s charitable responsibilities align her with the Prince, as Harry’s public life has been mainly devoted to service, as was his late mother’s and even though Meghan Markle has been on two US Weekly covers since the relationship started, she has kept up the level of discretion expected of someone in the royal circle.

She has not talked or heightened her profile, or her association with the Prince. However, she has discovered ways to hint at and be moderately humble about the relationship.

Meghan Markle did not spend Christmas at Sandringham with the Queen and Kate did not get invited until she was married to Prince William, and Meghan Markle never wanted to be a woman who dines she’s always wanted to be a woman who works.

Furthermore it’s likely this is one of the numerous things that might have attracted Harry about Meghan and that she’s already used to the spotlight and while royal life is never going to be entirely comparable to anything else, it’s less likely that she’s going to run away frightened from that, than it is somebody who’s coming into it cold.

The engagement of Britain’s Prince Harry to actress Meghan Markle lifted eyebrows on both sides of the Atlantic for a particularly British set of reasons. She’s a mixed-race woman who will be the first American divorcée to partner with the royal family in almost 81 years.


Harry, the second son of Prince Charles and the deceased Princess Diana, unostentatiously proposed to Meghan Markle and the royal family announced that Meghan Markle will become a British citizen before she partners Harry during a May 19, 2018 service in Windsor Castle.

The young couple will reside in Nottingham Cottage, part of London’s Kensington Palace.

The famously tight-lipped royal family made the engagement known and in an interview that evening with the BBC’s Mishal Husain.

Meghan Markle met Harry in July 2016 on a blind date set up by a mutual friend, then cemented their relationship during a camping excursion to Botswana and Harry asked her to marry him during what she characterised as a cosy night at home.

It was sweet and sincere and really romantic. Harry got down on one knee, but Meghan could hardly let him finish proposing.

The engagement initiates the spotlight for the first royal wedding since Harry’s beloved brother William, the heir to the British throne, partnered Kate Middleton in 2011.

Approximately 23 million Americans viewed TV coverage of the union, surpassing the amount who had watched Charles’s wedding to Diana in 1981.

The engagement further ends months of speculation about the fate of Harry’s involvement with Meghan, who took the extraordinary measure of cooperating with a lengthy Vanity Fair profile. However, it won’t stop the broad public attention in the couple.

That’s not simply a representation of Harry’s diverse public image, a British soldier who served in Afghanistan, and Harry had years earlier sparked contention for attending a dress party in Nazi regalia.


Meghan Markle is no Kate Middleton, who retained a low public profile while dating Prince William and has seamlessly slipped into the public function demanded of the woman who will be Britain’s next queen.

That’s not simply because Meghan Markle hails from Los Angeles, she is also divorced and biracial. Her mother is African American and her father is white. It’s also because Meghan Markle had a high-profile role on the USA Network show Suits and ran the Tig, a lifestyle blog.

Coverage of this prince-meets-commoner courting in the British tabloids became so extreme that Prince Harry took the extraordinary measure of announcing an official announcement in November 2016, four months after they started dating, rebuking the wave of abuse and harassment his sweetheart had experienced.

Furthermore, it’s right that Prince Harry was concerned about Ms Markle’s safety and was genuinely saddened that he has not been able to protect her and there was a reason for that. Many of the attacks were both discriminatory and sexist in nature.

The Daily Star Online reported that Prince Harry could marry into gangster royalty and that his current affection is from a crime-ridden Los Angeles area.

Meghan Markle, for her part, wasn’t the bashful and quiet type and in the Vanity Fair profile, she stated the huge media attention she meets because of her association with Harry has its challenges, and it comes in waves and some days it can seem more challenging than others.

One reason for those challenges, Meghan Markle’s divorce means she will make history when she partners Prince Harry and it’s not the first time a British royal has married an American divorcée. Meghan Markle will in some ways be following in the steps of Wallis Simpson, a divorced American woman who married into the British royal family almost 81 years ago. Then-King Edward VIII renounced his chair rather than end the association.


The association shocked Britain, in part because Wallis Simpson was still technically married to her spouse when she began the association with Edward and they got divorced in May 1937, almost six months after Edward abdicated.

There’s no such embarrassment here. Meghan Markle was divorced before she began seeing Prince Harry and assuming the wedding goes forward as intended, the forthcoming royal wedding will be a clear test of how much British public sentiment has changed in 81 years, and of just how diverse or how alike the Britain of 2018 will be to the Britain of 1936.

Perhaps she does want to be Princess Diana 2, but she will have to earn that right but, there will always be Princess Diana, the Princess of everyone’s hearts and Meghan Markle will never step into that role. Princess Diana might be dead, but she will always remain in people’s hearts.

Meghan Markle might have always been fiercely driven, strangely shrewd and indecently aspirational but of course, she’s a starlet and she should click into the character of Prince Harry’s wife, whether it be genuine or very showgirl fake.

Either way, she should fit into all the crap of royal life.

Meghan Markle might have been a party animal who liked staying out late, it’s not the most terrible thing in the world. After all Prince Harry was regarded as the more boisterous, less conventional sibling to that of his older brother Prince William, and Prince Harry preferred to party and have a jolly good time.

Prince Harry has had his good share of small embarrassments. Many drunk post-club scuffles with the paparazzi, and who can forget when he arrived at his pal’s costume party costumed as a Nazi in 2005?.

However, the crown jewel that surpassed them all was in 2012 when he was photographed traipsing exposed in Las Vegas after a high-spirited game of strip billiards with friends and naked strangers of the opposing sex.

Needless to say, the Royal Family was extremely unamused, and the Prince apologized for his actions.

Introduced by Princess Eugenie, Prince Harry’s cousin, Burberry British model Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry became smitten with each other and started dating in 2012. Cressida Bonas, who is a descendant of King Charles II, became the expected bride-to-be of the royal wild child and despite keeping their relationship moderately private, the lovebirds fizzled out in 2014.

The report has it that Cressida Bonas, just like Chelsy Davy, was turned off by the strong media attention encompassing their coupledom.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are without doubt made for one another. They are both positive about what they want from life and there appears to be no negativity about them and Meghan Markle has been given some bad address by the media which verifies that they can both go the distance.
















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