Shell Knew About It

Recently published papers show European oil and gas company Shell has known about Global Warming for at least three decades but perpetuated to drill oil and fuel climate change skepticism, even when reports said that by the time the Global Warming becomes detectable it could be too tardy to take efficacious countermeasures to reduce the effects or even to stabilise the situation.

The fact that an immensely colossal multinational corporation obnubilated inconvenient research to avail their own self-interest while perpetuating to bootleg their merchandise at the cost of the environment and, ultimately, their customers might not be the most shocking news.


After all, in 2015, leaked documents verified US energy giant Exxon has been climate-change conscious for nearly 40 years while squandering a fortune distributing bogus information and throwing uncertainty on accepted climate science.

However, these latest documents implicatively insinuate an industry-wide collusion to conceal or, at the very least, play down the wrong being done to the environment from the burning of fossil fuels.


The first of the Shell reports, called “The Greenhouse Effect”, chronicles back to 1988. Not only does it show the energy company kenned about climate change and that fossil fuel burning was to incriminate, it attests they were actively investigating the happenings. Shell set up an internal climate science program afore the UN established the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 1988.

Even though CO2 is discharged to the environment through numerous natural methods, the central cause of incrementing CO2 concentrations is thought to be fossil fuel burning.

It recommended visually examining policy options as expeditiously as possible, recognising that uncontrolled climate change could make sea levels grow, oceans to acidify, and mass migration to take place as people endeavour to eschew the worst forces of global warming.

With astronomically lengthy timescales involved, it would be tempting for society to wait until then to commence doing anything. The possible implicative insinuations for the world are, nevertheless, so great, that policy options must be viewed much more expeditiously. Furthermore, the energy industry must examine how it should play its part.

Later reports further attest that climate change could have major business implicative insinuations for the fossil fuel industry and trigger inclement weather effects as expeditious as 2010.

It’s reported what the scene may look like. In 2010, a string of severe perturbations creates great harm to the eastern coast of the US. Even though it’s not apparent whether the perturbations are created by climate change, people are not prepared to take further risks.

Following the storms, a coalition of environmental NGOs brings a class-action lawsuit upon the US regime and fossil-fuel corporations on the grounds of ignoring what scientists, including their own, have been asserting for years, that something must be done.

Young consumers, especially, demand action and the power, auto, and oil industries see billions wiped off their market value overnight.

This is something we’re seeing today.

They should have just been honest with the world and even while the global warming would not have been resolved, it would be well on the way.

Instead, they seem to have taken a path to hedging, minimising, and redirecting and given the gamble, this was both terrible and corrupt and Shell knew this and now we do too.

The reality of climate change is here, and the science behind our warming planet is clear. July and August 2016 were the warmest months in reported history and last year was the warmest on record. Wildfires have scorched California and thousand-year floods have destroyed Louisiana.

Temperatures are rising. Sea levels are growing. The climate is more intense. Greenhouse gases have been unwaveringly increasing for decades.

However, the trove of study and emerging data for human-caused climate change still leaves us with enigmas and many of us don’t know how climate change will affect us, collectively and individually.

We aren’t sure how we are responsible or what can we do about it and with nothing less than the fate of our planet at risk, the education of data and development of knowledge must be the order of the day.

That is why they launched the Climate Change Education Act in the US House and the Senate. The enactment would require the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa) to produce a Climate Change Education Program geared towards educating schoolchildren and others about climate change.

In much the same way we educate our kids the ABCs as a basis for a lifetime of knowledge, we need to foster a national discussion, particularly with our children, about how we can decrease our carbon footprint and work as agents of our environment.

This Climate Change Education Program would investigate climate change solutions, the risks we encounter in a warming world, and the little variations in daily habits that can have an intense global influence.

It would promote education about national strategies for resilience to the effects of climate change, including extreme weather events and rising sea levels. It would look at how to make sure our infrastructure is safe and reliable. The program would also incorporate the latest scientific and technological discoveries and provide formal and informal learning opportunities to people of all ages.

It’s called Sustainable development – Sustainable development is the organising policy for meeting human development goals while at the same time maintaining the ability of natural methods to produce the natural resources and ecosystem services upon which the economy and society depend.

The desired result is a state of society where living conditions and resource use continue to meet human needs without undermining the integrity and stability of the natural system. Sustainable development can be classified as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.

Sustainable development, or sustainability, has been defined in articles of three spheres, dimensions, domains or pillars, for instance, the environment, the economy and society. The three-sphere structure was originally introduced by the economist René Passet in 1979.

It has further been worded as economic, environmental and social or ecology, economy and equity. This has been extended by some writers to include the fourth pillar of culture, institutions or governance, or alternatively reconfigured as four fields of the social – ecology, economics, politics and culture, therefore bringing economics back inside the social, and managing ecology as the crossing of the social and the natural.

The ecological stability of human settlements is part of the relationship between humans and their natural, social and built environments. Further termed human ecology, this widens the focus of sustainable development to include the field of human health.

Basic human necessities such as the availability and quality of air, water, food and shelter are further the ecological frameworks for sustainable development. Discussing public health risk by investments in ecosystem services can be a compelling and transformative force for sustainable development which, in this sense, stretches to all species.

It’s a really unique foundation to the furtive strategy, cooked up by authoritarian elitists in the last century, to take complete authority over your fate in this one. Once disparaged as too outlandish to be true, presently it’s tortuously obvious how earnest they are.


Agenda 21 is the absolute Orwellian system for your life cooked up by enthusiastic minions at the United Nations. Where you live, how you travel, what you may do for a job, what class of dwelling you call home, everything about your fate will be determined.

Is this science fiction, no, Agenda 21 is likely being executed in and about your neighbourhood, right now.

Question your local or environmental planning department, which most people pay no regard to, whether they centre their planning on sustainable development. They almost certainly do. However what does this vague term sustainable really mean, and who stated they have to plan around someone’s notion of sustainable.

Who ends up determining what is sustainable, and what is not?

Are you and your family sustainable?

What is Agenda 21? It’s a program for every phase of your life in the 21st century. Where you work, what job you’re allotted to do, and how you get there, it’s all been designed in advance. Small towns will be eliminated and returned to nature, where the common man will not be permitted.

Everyone besides the cream of the crop will be herded into colony like municipalities, isolated from nature, this will be the sustainable community of the future and it’s hardly science fiction, this is the face of the very real Agenda 21, deliberately concealed from view until it’s too late to oppose it.

Yet the United Nations has written it in official handbooks, and it’s being executed in areas all across the United States and it’s probably being addressed and achieved to some extent where you are, right now.


Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt was Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education and in the 1980s she exposed government actions kept from the people and her bounded knowledge is a unique insight into treacherous schemes of globalist elitists and their strategies for your futurity.

It seems like science fiction, but it’s not. It’s an offensive scheme which the UN and associated agencies are executing inside the United States, under the innocent fronts of sustainable development, environmental protection and endangered species protection.

Under the plan, you and your family will ultimately be herded into beehive-like sustainable apartments in big towns with huge interconnected swaths of the presently occupied and cultivated countryside which will be depopulated and made into human-free zones.

What is characterised as sustainable will be decided by unelected and unaccountable United Nations officials serving at the direction of pirate lords and global organisations.

Where you may live, where and how you will work, where you may travel, that has now been thoroughly designed by anti-human Malthusian would-be tyrants and mandarins. They will pursue their vocation by infiltrating government at a local level, where their positions will be usually unelected and unobserved by most of the public.

unnamed.jpgICLEI is the International Council for Local Environment Initiatives. ICLEI is a United Nations-affiliated group tasked with subordinating your home, life, farming, and transportation rights to the global government.

Members of your local board of directors may semi-secretly belong to this treasonous institution and ICLEI endeavours to achieve Agenda 21, a program devised by the United Nations to dominate almost every phase of your life in the not too far away future.

It may be called sustainable development in your neighbourhood. But to Marxists, it’s the new and active way to slowly execute Marxist dictatorship in your family life and it’s all decked in green, neo-environmentalist green.

The Marxist/Communist essence of sustainability and neo-environmentalism describes how the real thoughts and lexicon of neo-environmentalism, such as biosphere and sustainability et cetera all reap from Communist and Marxist scholars and opinion.

Without naming it, however, we go on to define the final proposed blossoming of neo-environmentalism and UN Agenda 21 into a global tyrannical superstate. A neo-environmental utopia where the immorality of laissez-faire and free opportunity are washed out.

In this future, you would have no alternative but to exist in a beehive-like designed community, where what you eat, how you work, and where you’re entitled to live in is all arranged for you by the global government.

Nature and man are to be separated into zones, where only the vested are permitted to cross. The common man would only observe nature from the horizon. Your life would be designed to the tiniest detail to make you, in their view, sustainable.

You might have assumed that Communism and Marxism expired with the apparent renunciation of communist beliefs by China and the fall of Marxism/Stalinism with the former Soviet Socialist nation but the most outrageous and immense violation of the planet in the antiquity of humanity transpired under the auspices of Communism and Marxism.


I need only mention Chernobyl, and deforestation by acid rain to bring back those nightmarish visions of Communist environmental disaster and how about the enduringly radioactive shipyard city of Severodvinsk and the Zvezda shipyard?

The Communists are back and this time they’re clothed in green.

This is a warning and real environmentalists have had their movement, which originally sought to have humanity and nature live in a peaceful union, commandeered by a dictatorial cream of the crop.

Charlotte Iserbyt is the child of a Skull and Bones member. She has long had access to Skull and Bones secretive literature and materials, as well as a first-hand understanding of what members really do. Charlotte’s honesty forced her to examine and then to disclose what this obscure organisation is doing to our government and the country.

She has served beside scholars like Antony Sutton to disclose the hidden betrayal of the group’s activities and Charlotte introduces the viewer to some significant but rarely seen examples of documentation to back her declaration.

Charlotte was elected to the National Education Association (NEA) and there learned the exact extent to which our kids are being indoctrinated in public schools and the ghastly reasons for which this is being done.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt was Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education. In the 1980s she exposed government activities kept from the public. Her inside information will assist you to protect your kids from questionable programs of Marxist Socialist and globalist elite brainwashing and mind control.

This addresses workforce training (school-to-work) as an essential component of an overall strategy for a global economy, and how this program will cut short your child’s eventual career plans and possibilities and how the global, national, regional, state and local agendas for education reformation are all interconnected and have been for decades.

Charlotte Iserbyt interview with John McGowan and Todd Klemm, covering the use of US public schools for political indoctrination, psychological profiling, and emotional manipulation for a Marxist collectivist agenda.

Charlotte Iserbyt is an authority on this matter, having been elected to a top position in the NEA with access to the entire documented chronicle of that institution. She reveals the true intentions of NEA, OBE, WYCAT, and even the ACE curriculum.

In state schools, kids are being exposed to emotional manipulation and reprogramming methods developed by B. F. Skinner and Dr Bloom, who fully acknowledges that the idea is to modify the thoughts, actions, and feelings of students, to change their fixed beliefs.

They further include the treacherous use of Community Oriented Policing System and DARE, the real goal of which is to condition pupils to be dependent upon police and to cooperate with them for the ultimate implementation of a police state.

It will be the end to National Sovereignty, an end of the Western democratic rule and the end to Common Law. Then there will be the eradication of private property, the eradication of private transport and the removal of the Western industrialisation.

There will be the end of free enterprise and the harmonisation of salaries and re-distribution of wealth across the globe and the control of resource use, energy, water and minerals.

Populations will be gathered in cities near to their place of employment and there will be the restructuring of the family unit and raised constraints on mobility and personal opportunity.

There will be a constant monitoring and monitoring of the people and the end of freedom of choice.

Now, examine some of the strategies coming out of our own British Government:

And there will be an end to national sovereignty European and UN laws implemented at the local level, the Big Society. With Private property and assets tore away through financial hardship and crippling taxes and the methodical dismantling of our industry.

The spiralling burden of ever-increasing overseas assistance programmes, with children seized by the state and thrust into a privatised multi-billion pound care scheme. With a 0-19 education curriculum, schools opening longer, with no familial control.

Crippling public transport charges and soon to be taxed road charging and the largest gathering of CCTV cameras in the world and raised behaviour alteration, nudge programmes.

The Big Society is the UK’s version of the UNs Agenda 21. It is a Marxist influenced design which will have a destructive influence on, not only your own life but also in the lives of your children and grandchildren.

The Big Society was a political concept started in the early 21st century. The purpose proposed combining the free market with a foundation of social solidarity based on authority and voluntarism. Conceptually it brings on a mix of conservative communitarianism and libertarian totalitarianism.

Its origins can be traced back to the 1990s, and to early attempts to develop a non-Thatcherite, or post-Thatcherite, the brand of UK conservatism such as David Willetts’ Civic Conservatism and the restoration of Red Toryism.

Some observers have viewed the Big Society as invoking Edmund Burke’s notion of civil society, putting it into the field of one-nation conservatism.

‡Agenda 21 is a 350-page report split into 40 sections that have been arranged into 4 segments. Section I is about Social and Economic Dimensions which is focused toward fighting poverty, particularly in developing nations, shifting consumption patterns, promoting well-being, producing a more sustainable society, and sustainable establishment in judgment making.

Section II is about Conservation and Management of Resources for Development, which includes atmospheric stability, combating deforestation, preserving delicate environments, protection of biological diversity (biodiversity), control of pollution and the management of biotechnology, and radioactive garbage.

Section III is about Strengthening the Role of Major Groups, which includes the functions of children and youth, women, NGOs, local officials, industry and business, and workers, and establishing the position of native peoples, their communities, and farmers.

Section IV is about the Means of Implementation which includes science, technology transfer, education, international institutions and financial mechanisms.

The enactment would authorise a grant program to promote public outreach programs, improve quality and access to education for green-collar jobs, and build capacity so local communities can discuss climate mitigation and adaptation concerns.

Agenda 21 has created interest globally and Agenda 21 is further known as sustainable development and it’s actually that evil that it has been labelled as a future in which people would be forced to live with five others in 20-by-20 living spaces with push-button furniture in high-rises across larger municipalities.

The complexes would serve three vegetarian meals a day, feature mosques and have a 24-7 on-call doctor to discuss taking one’s own life.


The purpose of Sustainable Development is to combine economic, social and environmental policies in order to obtain controlled consumption, social equity, and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity.

Sustainablists maintain that every societal decision is based on environmental influence, concentrating on three elements, global land use, global education, and global population restraint and reduction.


Green space, clean energy, improved urban density and global totalitarianism. It’s difficult to see how all of these things could combine, but according to a popular right-wing conspiracy theory, a UN resolution directed at sustainable development could flag the way.

Theorists claim that Agenda 21, a 23-year-old non-binding UN resolution that proposes ways for governments and NGOs to encourage sustainable development, is the key to a conspiracy to suppress mankind under an eco-totalitarian government.

It’s a new brand of oppression that, if not stopped, will inevitably drive us to new Dark Ages of depression and anxiety yet unknown to humanity.

Where did all this sustainable development and green companies come from and what is the root cause of this change and what is the purpose?. It’s another deception by the globalists to steal our lands and freedoms.


One of the architects of this green agenda is veiled as a global control with a small gathering of world leaders reasoning that the wealthy nations were the principal risk to the Earth. This group then designed a plan to get the wealthy nations to sign an agreement reducing their impact on the environment.

When the wealthy nations declined, the group determined that the only hope for the planet was for the industrialised civilisations to collapse. Perhaps you’ve heard of Agenda 21, but if you’re like most Americans, you’ll have no idea what this means for the fate of America.

Did you know that a number of extremely influential and important people have specific ideas for you and your future and the future of your family? These people include organisations like the United Nations, Club of Rome, the Bilderberg group, the World Health Organisation, and thousands of NGO’s, of which you’ve never heard of and probably never will.

But they know you and have you and your loved ones in their sights. These plans they have for you go under many names but there generally referred to as Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, and more recently Agenda 2030.

These Institutions, the Bilderberg group Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and hidden organisations like Skull and Bones, they control the corporations and the governments throughout the world and they’re not after money, it’s control they seek and the sport is international politics towards a war.


Money mechanics, specifically the debt based fractional reserve of a system – fear, the media included, the music industry, news media and mainstream press. This plot is so huge in scale that most people will refuse its existence.

It’s the extent of this collusion that makes it concurrently adhesive but the most challenging to understand. Once you choose to look, the more you will find. This a truly disturbing and unsettling method and you will be questioning the life of faith and conviction.

One of the things we can all fight and do something about is Agenda 21, or as it was renamed Sustainable Development. Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntary executed action, planned in the United Nations with regards to Sustainable Development.

This is difficult to understand, so do your own investigation. Population Reduction and soft kill technology. Food and medicine and Electro-Magnetic fields (EMF). Smart metres, mobile phones. Dirty electricity, fracking, fracking is so important to the cause because it will destroy our drinking water.

It will destroy our air, it will destroy our land and the agenda is to decrease the population and keep the surviving citizens on earth in tiny stockades, like cities and we will go willingly to flee the devastated countryside.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission is an inter-governmental organisation to implement the Joint Food Standards programme which was established by the Food and Agricultural Organisation in 1961. They have made natural herbal remedies illegal and only GMO alternatives are allowed.


Pesticide, Monsanto and the deterioration of bees and corporations are beginning to patent the worlds gene pool and they will end up controlling nature.

Herbicide ready crops that resist weedkiller and have built-in pesticides, so what impact does this have on our bodies and immune system?

Flouride is a toxic waste product of aluminium smelting and it’s deliberately put into our drinking water and toothpaste, all in the name of healthy teeth.

Aspartame the sugar alternative that decomposes and puts holes in rats brains. The smart grid is marketed to us as a means to use the world’s resources in a more sustainable way, but this a conspiracy at work again.

They the Illuminati are using the love we have for our home against us, but we must realise that there is another agenda and that is to first depopulate and then to dominate, the tools are microchips.

What we are seeing should bring all of us together because it’s not simply that some bad guy is making this happen, and you’re going to notice some rather colossal things that are going to take place and people are going to want to criticise somebody for what is going on.

Furthermore, pretty often the people that are involved in what is going on have no idea that they’re even involved, they’re simply doing it in the name of doing a great job.

So, this is how it works out. It’s called false choices and how Agenda 21 is changing your community.

Betty Perry was detained in 2007 in Orem, Utah and she ended up getting wounded when the handcuffs that the police put on her hit her nose when they took her away in a police car and put her in a holding tank.

The reason she was arrested was that her front yard (quote) was dying. She didn’t realise that it was an offence that would result in her going off to jail. In the earlier part of 2011, Julie Bass was establishing an organic garden in her front lawn, it’s a simple thing to do, Julie preferred organic foods for her family and it became pretty pricey to purchase, so she decided she wanted to start a small bed of organic food for herself, appears harmless enough.

However, she checked with the Mayor first to be certain that it was okay in their town and the Mayor stated, that’s fine, you can go ahead and do that and start a garden, there are no problems at all. She went to the town council and they stated, that’s fine, we don’t mind at all.

The next thing she knew the Floristman Code Officer pulls up and dragged her away and she then faced 93 days in jail. What happened, the Technology Officer from the town came in and stated, that’s not permitted under these new zoning ordinances that we established through our new master plan and consequently, she then faced charges.

She challenged those unlawful charges.

In Dade County, Florida, 15,000 people were losing their dwellings and 17,000 people in King County, Washington petitioned the County Court House to gain back their Land Rights because they lost 65 percent of their land.

So, how can these crazy things happen? It’s America and this stuff just doesn’t happen there, right?

In order to get into this entire system of understanding on why this is going on you have to know about the importance of property rights. Without property rights, you don’t have liberty and you don’t have freedom.

They’re unalienable, they’re not lienable, you can’t place liens upon those, that was the definition of the term, that further means they can’t be severed, so property rights can’t be taken away from us, and America’s founding father’s made a particular point of that.

They even went to the constitution and the 5th Amendment of the constitution states, “No person shall be… deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law, nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” – US Constitution, Amendment V.

So, why all this emphasis on property? It’s easy, we speak about rights all the time but after a while, we tend to take those rights for granted and we overlook what they really mean to us. So, let’s put property rights into perspective, everybody in the world is an organic living being and we require specific things in order to survive.

We require food, we require land and we require a roof over our heads and we at least require to have the ability to have that totally within our control and nobody the ability to take that away from you. If you don’t have that ability, then you’re either a serf or your on your way there.

You have to at least have the opportunity living in a country, where you know what, I can own this and it’s mine and nobody can ever take it away from me. That’s why in America their founding father’s found property so significant because it’s something you’re given the power, through the constitution to own and no one can ever take it away from you.

Now, that’s the way they work in the United States of America but not all nations work that way, therefore I’m going to introduce you to is the United Nation’s Agenda 21, it likewise goes by another name Sustainable Development and you’ll find that these two terms are used correspondently.

Therefore, we’re going to track the history of it, and to understand the documents, you have to understand the people who put those documents together. Two people were fundamentally accountable for this and in 1986 the United Nations asked for a report to be done, the report was done in 1982 but it was approved and executed in 1987.

They requested a report that stated, “What can we do to protect our planet against things like global warming, against the misuse of our natural resources and also eliminate poverty”. So, they asked Gro Brundtland if she would head up a commission and write this report.


Gro Brundtland was the former Prime Minister of Norway, three times in a row, she was a popular character. She is further the Vice President of the Socialist Party and as much of the world is Socialist anyhow, that’s not so difficult to understand, that makes sense, but what we might want to know is what Gro Brundtland thinks and if you go onto the website World Socialist Party in the United States, here’s what it states:

“The Worlds Socialist Party of the United States is part of a global socialist movement that believes capitalism cannot meet the needs of the majority of the people in the world, however, ‘progressive’ it may become. To meet these needs, capitalism must be replaced by socialism.”

Now there’s nothing wrong with this if that’s what you believe in but you must understand where Agenda 21 came from and how this entire article came together, you must understand the people who wrote the documents and designed it.

This woman believes we need to get rid of capitalism, so that’s one of her main goals.


There’s also another gentleman, his name is Maurice Strong. He’s kind of an interesting person, he’s the former director of the UN Environmental Programme, he’s also the chairman of the World Wildlife Foundation.

Maurice Strong is a great guy, by the time he was 25 years old he was the president of Dome Petroleum in Canada, so he was already doing pretty well for himself. He further acquired two hundred thousand acres of land over the biggest freshwater aquifer in the United States along with Adnan Khashoggi, he was the arms dealer that got into trouble years back.

So, these two got together and purchased the land and the plan was to simply block the water and then release it to the South Western United States and make a fortune for themselves, so it was a very great way to make money and then they would control all the water flow, but all the environmental groups, came in and said, you can’t do this.

So, they stopped them and the plan was abandoned because it wasn’t very environmentally friendly. Maurice Strong ended up with a $1.2 million settlement from the water company, a yearly award of $100,000 from Laurance Rockefeller, and held the rights to the water.

For some odd design, this guy who got ousted by environmentalists quickly got called on in 1979 to become the Director of the UN Environmental Programme – How? Well, sometimes it’s who you know and not what you do.

As the Director of the Environmental Programme, he had a mission. Where back in 1979 now and the mission was, to provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

It seems like all great stuff, I want to take care of today, have a good quality of life and I don’t want to compromise the future generations. Appears good doesn’t it, it seems good to me, I’m all on board for that.

So, we have two players here, one is a socialist who says I want to abolish the capitalist system, the other who was an avowed socialist but then went on and later concluded that the Environmental Programme was a better way.

Not always legitimate all the time, doing underhanded transactions with land and so on and further the head of an oil company, but these are the two guys who were mostly responsible for this, a book called “Our Common Future”, and by 1987 the book was finished and it described precisely what Sustainable Development would look like.

In fact, there’s the report in this book, but you don’t, in fact, have to take my word for it, go purchase the book and see for yourself but if you go to chapter two in the book, it will explain what Sustainable Development is:

“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Seems familiar? I know you thought, I heard that only a while ago, okay, that was Maurice Strong back in 1979 at the United Nations, so that sort of worked its way right back in the book in chapter two called Towards a Sustainable Development.

What the book does, it defines humanity throughout the universe, this isn’t merely the United States, it’s all nations on the planet. What humanity has to do in order to preserve the planet from this latest thing that’s started being described as global warming which has started to win notoriety is to preserve the planet from climate change and to preserve the planet being destroyed by humanity.

And this all appears great until you examine the report because inside the report it states that poverty is a major cause and effect of global environmental problems. That’s sort of interesting because what we see is an environmental problem compared to a poverty problem but now connect the two.

The report goes on to state that some nations are destroying this planet more so than others, so what we must to do, we must take the resources from those lands that are destroying the planet and we must assign those to other sectors of the world.

So, the developing nations need to take the money from the wealthier nations and in doing so that’s going to protect the environment.

When you begin taking wealth and redistributing it. Do you recollect when the President stated, “We need to take the wealth and start spreading it around a bit”, you probably assumed what he was pointing to was, a person that’s made three hundred thousand or another person who’s made thirty thousand a year but that wasn’t precisely what the entire story was.

There’s a more comprehensive plan here and the plan states that we need to transfer wealth out of the United States of America and into less wealthy countries, if, in fact, we expect the planet to survive.

Thank god these were just two guys, convening in their room writing this report out because how many people are going to read the United Nations report?

Because hardly anybody reads these things. So, right now we’re going to take this dumb idea, we’re going to take this money out of America and assign it somewhere else and somehow that’s going to save the planet.

So, now we can take a sigh of release and exhale, except for one tiny thing. They stated, that what we need is an Earth Summit, so they did. Five years later in 1992 in Rio De Janeiro, they had the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, that was called Agenda 21, that’s where the name comes from, it’s an agenda from the 21st century.

Furthermore, it was no longer two people, all of a sudden it was 18,000 people who showed up and at this conference, and they cutified what Agenda 21 was going to look like.

71LaD2JIwTLSo, this book “Our Common Future” talked about Sustainable Development, but a different report called Earth Summit Agenda 21 cutified the other book named “Our Common Future” and it now had an action plan.

So, for those that have heard of Agenda 21, this book is it. This is Agenda 21, it’s not a fantasy, and if you want to go out and purchase it, you can go on the website – You go to google and type in United Nations, Agenda 21 and you can buy it and sometimes download it for free on some websites.

However, this now states what the world must look like and how we can roll it out and make it happen. In brief, this is a high-level action program because we have action plans to make things work, so that’s what this is, an action program.

So, Maurice Strong is back and it’s 1992 and he’s at the Earth Summit Rio De Janeiro and he walks out on stage and this is what he said:

“Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving meat intake, the use of fossil fuels, electrical appliances, home and workplace air conditioning, and suburban housing – are not sustainable.”

Do you recollect earlier on he stated it was towards a sustainable community, well now it’s choosing what is no longer sustainable, and if it’s not sustainable then we must start to eliminate.

He also said, “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that industrialised civilisations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

That was Maurice Strong in his position as the Founder of the United Nations Environmental Programme. Again, get to know the people you’re dealing with, then you can know the consequences.

There are no outcomes, there are only people that push to make them happen.


Convention on Biological Diversity and what they wanted was a useful tool for interpreting the principles of Agenda 21 into reality. So, they wanted to make all this material at conferences into a reality that was going to go somewhere.

Photos are excellent but we must do something with it. When you’re going to take over the entire world, I suppose you require something a little bigger. Therefore, they produced “The Global Biodiversity Assessment” and this “Global Biodiversity Assessment” chunks down the action plan, the forty chapters in the United Nations, Agenda 21 and breaks into a global memoranda that states what each country is going to have to look like if we’re really going to preserve the planet.

So, in this book, which you can buy, they not only describe what the planet is going to look like but it explains what America’s going to look like, however, let’s take a peek inside this book because in there it shows you on what’s sustainable.

It’s got to go or it’s got to be restricted or eliminated. Well, let’s understand what’s in this book, do you like to ski? Skiing is deemed non-sustainable. Do you like small fish ponds in your garden? Well, you’re not going to be able to do that if the folks that wrote the book get their way.

But they’re not going to get their way because it’s America.

Meadows where you can feed your horses, do you like golf? Well, golf courses are going to be viewed as unstainable. Asphalt for our roadways and concrete are going to be viewed as unsustainable.

Therefore, all they have to do is obtain ways to get rid of them. So, put cycle paths, rather than having five or six lanes, just bring it back to four so we can have some open spaces and not so much macadam out there, and that way they don’t have to use asphalt or concrete.

Unsustainable human pursuits or dams, you’re going to begin noticing that dams are going to start disappearing. Just monitor the headlines and see what’s going on, but for one reason or another, they’re going to begin going down because they’re unsustainable.

They’re man-made and consequently not sustainable, it’s not essential.

The scales of justice in the United States of America are unsustainable, all of this comes from “The Global Biodiversity Assessment”. Why are the scales of justice unsustainable?

Seems like we’ve got one of the best legal systems going. Because animals and plants and the earth have rights, they require representation and they’re not able to do that as easily as some people might like to see.

The way it works, if you say, you were a boy and you had a girlfriend and you and your girlfriend carved your names into that tree, you’ve then degraded the tree, and then somebody comes along and says, “Hey, you’ve ruined my tree.”

Suddenly they sue you and you end up with a suit, and that’s unsustainable.

Private property is unsustainable and America’s got too much private property and the preponderance of wealth is tied up in private property, consequently, one thing they want to do is restore the planet to its original state, and start to decrease the volume of private property throughout the United States, and throughout the world.

Consumerism is unsustainable, why in the world is consumerism unsustainable? Well, if you purchase stuff, somebody has to make that stuff. Therefore, if they make that stuff, they’re operating machines and taking up natural resources to make it. Therefore, the less you purchase, the safer the planets going to be.


Furthermore, the family unit is unsustainable because we’re experiencing overpopulation. You’re going to notice that when people come into your neighbourhood, especially planners, they come up with these ambitious plans of what they’re going to do, and pretty often one of the reasons they come in is because of overpopulation, “Oh, overpopulation is exploding.”

Sometimes the population is exploding and sometimes we must do something about that and we must understand that, but here’s the dilemma, you truly need to make distinctions, when is it appropriate and when is it wrong, so we must look at that clearly.

However, according to the book, we can only sustain approximately 1 billion people on the planet. Right now there’s 7 billion and we’re headed for 15 billion, how you’re going to narrow that down, I don’t even want to speculate.

But anyway, there are simply too many people out there, so, consequently, we can’t really have these family units, we must take precautions to make certain the family unit remains small.


And most of all, we have the Wildlands Programme. The Wildlands Programme is what the United States will look like if the book is executed and the intention of the Wildlands Programme is to remove human beings from 50 percent of the United States.

The red zones, no human occupancy will be permitted in those zones. The yellow zones, encompassing those zones, are buffer zones, they will use those zones as protectionary, precautionary to make sure nothing takes place in these zones.

The only people permitted in the buffer zones will be members of the federal government and officers. So, where do you imagine we’re going to live? Well, there it is, we’re over here in these tiny black dots and that’s what they call High-Density Habitats.

Therefore, this book and in association with various other meetings in the United Nations, all over a five year stretch from Johannesburg, Germany right up to present day has determined what it’s going to take globally to get us to get us to look like that.

Now, the map is sort of unusual because you tell yourself, this is America, nothing like that can ever occur and thankfully it’s still only a United Nations book, therefore we’re okay, we’re safe, we’re sound, we’ll never have to agonise over it, let’s go back and live life the way we’re living it because it can’t happen, well it can.

In 1992 George H W Bush signed the treaty in Rio De Janeiro to implement Agenda 21/Sustainable Development in the United States. He agreed, he became a signatory which they call the Rio Declaration.

He signed onto that and agreed to bring it to the United States. We’re still safe because a soft agreement has no teeth, so he can’t enforce it, he can’t do anything with it, but for one thing, in June of 1993 Bill Clinton came along and signs EO 12852, formulating the President’s Council on Sustainable Development to start implementation in federal agencies and that’s called Towards a Sustainable America and there are seven of them and you can download them or you can obtain them from the US printing office.

In here he describes the Council on Sustainable Development, he explains exactly what Sustainable Development is going to look like in the United States of America.

So, let’s follow the breadcrumbs. We had Maurice Strong and other people put together a report for the UN, stating “How are we going to save the United States?.”

Furthermore, this came about in 1987 and it stated that we want to build a sustainable world, not only a sustainable America.

This report was classified in the UN Agenda 21 in 1992. George Bush signed onto it and consented to everything that’s in The Global Biodiversity Assessment.

It didn’t mean anything because it was a soft agreement and had no teeth until Bill Clinton signed it into an executive order and set the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, and is now in the United States.


Furthermore, it didn’t end there because once Bill Clinton signed the order everybody else got on board and in 1997, the US Conference of Mayors creates the Joint Centre for Sustainable Communities and why wouldn’t they?

If you say Sustainable Development, we don’t think bad things, we think good things. We think I want to recycle my rubbish, I want to retain a nice looking lawn, I want to construct a home that’s been made responsibly.

What could possibly be wrong with Sustainable Development? And the answer is, there’s nothing wrong with Sustainable Development. What’s crazy is, when you take a great scheme and you put it together with a political agenda, that’s what’s wrong, therefore, we must make those distinctions. When do I actually have Sustainable Development or do I actually have a political agenda that’s called Sustainable Development?


By 2002 The National Governor’s Association approved Smart Growth advancing statewide Sustainable Development and in 2011, Barack Obama endorses EO 13575, forming the WH Rural Communities Act allowing implementation of Sustainable Development in 16 percent of the United States.

Well, it’s still a collection of executive rules, so how can you turn an executive order into something that’s going to bother you in your own backyard? That’s actually laughable, and is this really Agenda 21?

Well, if you go into the book Towards Sustainable Development in America. The President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) is explicitly loaded with supporting a national action plan on how to realise Sustainable Development in the United States.

GLOBAL URBAN DEVELOPMENT. President’s Council on Sustainable Development.
GLOBAL URBAN DEVELOPMENT. President’s Council on Sustainable Development.

The PCSD was formulated to form proposals for the implementation of Agenda 21. Therefore, when somebody looks at you and says “Oh no, we’re not part of Agenda 21.” You can go directly to this website: State Department submission to the 5th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development, 1997.

Furthermore, you will discover that the only reason the President’s Council was established was to execute Agenda 21. There was no other reason.

So how did this get to your own backyard? Because Presidents control regulatory agencies and regulatory agencies write what? Regulations. That’s what they do for a living, they sit there and they write regulations.

So, we simply detour Congress, there’s nothing to vote on anymore there’s nothing that your Congress or Senator has anything to do with anymore because we bypass the entire process.

When the President created an executive order, he set down 11 of those federal agencies at that time, but he also partnered up with non-governmental agencies.

However, organisations like (American Planning Association) APA, the Institute for Sustainable Communities, The Trust for Public Land and so forth, all of these principals that were put together through these books made their way down into these agencies.static1.squarespace So, while regulations are being made up by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), while their being followed up by the forest services, they’re in agreement with the President Council on Sustainable Development because that’s what agencies do, they’re supposed to be in agreement with what the President says, he’s the chief, he gets to tell them what they can do and what they can’t do.

So, the motto of this whole Agenda 21 programme is Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Where did we hear that one before? Maurice Strong, he came out with that and now it’s worked its way up into the Agenda 21 and Agenda 21 consists of the three E’s, these three E’s are illustrated in the book “Our Common Future.”

The first one is Social Equity. Social Equity is when a person gives up his individual wants for the needs of the community. Economic Prosperity, it’s part of the three E’s, the free market is replaced by public/private partnerships and international assignment of wealth.

Ecological Integrity where individual rights are subordinated to environmental needs. So, what does all this indicate to you, well, laws under Social Equity, laws coerce individuals to give up personal wants for the needs of the community.

Or, as Harvey Rubin stated, “Individual rights will have to take a backseat to the collective in the process of implementing Sustainable Development.” Harvey Rubin is a member of ICLEI.

So, what kind of talk is this? This is not America talking, this is not what we think of when speaking about the United States of America and we purchase a small piece of property and put a small swing in the yard and raise your children.

But all of a sudden we’ve got an all-new language that’s happening and it’s all in the name of this Sustainable Development.

Economic Prosperity, there are two components to Economic Prosperity according to the Agenda 21 book and according to the 7 pamphlets they’ve put out by The Presidents Council for Sustainable Development, and a shift of wealth really indicates this, the developmental and environmental objectives of Agenda 21 will require a substantial flow of new and additional financial resources to developing countries.

The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, Article 8. Equity will be achieved through implementation of the international economic order, and through transfers of resources to developing countries.

We’re going to protect the planet. We’re not going to protect the planet by living responsibly, we’re not going to protect the planet by recycling, we’re going to protect the planet by bringing an entirely new social structure among the people who live there.

Now, this would be wacky if it was nothing but a report and based on the United Nations in 1987 but that’s not what it is anymore, now it’s in the United States of America.

So, when we speak about this Agenda 21, you’re going to see that here in the leading pages of this Agenda 21 book, that’s where it came from, and we should know where every piece of this comes from because we don’t want to ever not be able to hold our heads up in any company and say that’s what this is, because you’re going to engage with people who have no concept they’re up to their eyeballs in Agenda 21 and they don’t know it.

These are the policies that drive this entire operation, that’s called the Rio Declaration, which George Bush signed off on.

Public-Private Partnerships are sort of nice because if you’re a benefit corporation or if you’re a corporation that operates in association with the government you get some tax breaks, and you get some limited liabilities.

For example, in California, there are housing blocks that are going up and most people are responsible and they like to build it well because at the end of the day they’re responsible and it’s going to come back to them and besides they want to be good businessmen and they want people to come back to them.

Therefore, they do a great job and they take responsibility for their clients. However, some of these agreements, not all of them, maintain the builder has no responsibility.

So, if the roofs collapsed, they have absolutely no responsibility and that’s starting to occur in various sustainable communities across the United States.

And again we use the word distinction, it’s not happening everywhere and there are developers out there that want to do the work well and responsibly and we have to divide the two.

The difficulty with Public Private Partnership is this, the chaps on the outside have a rough time of it. If you’re not a member of the Public Private Partnership, then you’re a member of the Free Enterprise System.

All of a sudden you’re confronted with funding the high taxes, you have a normal liability, you have normal taxes, you have restricted access to those federal dollars, and you have high competition.

Ultimately, Public Private Partnership’s, if they become large enough they start to drive out that middle-class businessman that’s so crucial to the United States of America.

Then we have Ecological Integrity, this is where personal freedoms are subordinated to nature, it’s nature over man.

In the Rio Declaration, human beings are at the centre of concerns for sustainable development. They’re entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.

Now, this is principle number 1, so we should look at this from several perspectives because we’re going to tear that sentence apart so that you realise what that sentence says and the meaning of that sentence.

This came from this book Agenda 21, this book is the guide of this entire movement described.

If you view principle number 1 again, human beings are at the centre of concerns for sustainable development. So, all of a sudden sustainable development is a human problem, it’s no longer a climatic problem, it’s no longer a planetary thing, it’s no longer the planet comes and goes, it’s longer the species comes and goes, that’s not even in the equation anymore, we’re at the heart of this dilemma.

So, the fact that the planets are not sustained where it needs to be, according to some peoples equations, it’s our fault, but number 2, they, meaning us, are entitled to a healthy productive life.

Who the hell gets to tell us what sort of life we’re entitled to? No one, because we’re entitled to the kind of life we want, we do the best that we can and as long as we don’t impede on the people around us, and seek to be good and kind human beings and live a lifestyle that’s a moral one.

But all of a sudden we have someone telling us what we’re entitled to and what we’re not.

And the last portion of the sentence states, in harmony with nature. So, in other words, we don’t get a healthy and productive life if we’re not in harmony with nature.

Now, this seems totally strange to most of us because you have what’s called the Declaration of Independence, where you don’t get your rights from any singular person, they come from a higher being, if that’s what you believe in, or whatever power source is yours, but we don’t get that from someone else.

Nevertheless, remember this was all started from a brief to the United Nations and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights is a listing of what you can and can’t do, that’s how it operates and it only makes sense if you put together a global document, which is what this is, it’s not only for the United States.

If you’re going to put together a global report, why not use the Declaration of Human Rights because it’s already a global organisation, so that’s why you see the jargon that you do.

The difficulty with it is that it’s a direct contradiction to what American’s see, think and exist, all that you’re brought up to understand.

It goes on to state, that to realise sustainable development, states should reduce and eliminate unsustainable patterns of production and consumption.

Now, we already know what the unsustainable patterns of production and consumption are because they’re all outlined in the report.

Now, a lot of people have never heard of Agenda 21 and the people that have heard of Agenda 21 have responded, “Well I’m not sure about that.” Well, it’s not an accident.

One of Clinton’s advisors was a gentleman called J Gary Lawrence, he was the Advisor to President Clinton’s Presidents Council on Sustainable Development.


Now he’s the Urban Strategies leader with Arup Consulting, they’re seemingly one of the biggest in the world, they’re enormous, they built the Sydney Opera House, they built the Tappan Zee Bridge, these people are extreme professionals, but they’re also into this stuff called Agenda 21 and Smart Growth.

So, here’s what J Gary Lawrence wrote in a document “The future of Agenda 21 in the New Millennium.” If you google it, you can download this document.

Here’s what he said, “Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many who would actively work to defeat any elected official undertaking Local Agenda 21.”

“So, we will call our process something else, such as ‘comprehensive planning’, ‘growth management’ or ‘smart growth.’ Why? Because these are phrases we’re all accustomed to, these we all feel secure with, we feel comfortable with, it’s stuff that builders, contractors and homeowners that have been used on a day to day basis for 20 years or longer, and they’re fine, they’re safe, so why not hide behind that? And that’s what they did.


All of a sudden they came out with groups and terms like Smart Growth, Smart Streets, Visioning Projects, Consensus, Urbanist Communities, Public-Private Partnerships, Historic Prevention, Sustainable Communities, Open Spaces, Walkable Communities, Sustainable (our state or community), Environmental Justice, Multi-use Dwellings, Greenways, High Density Urban Development Units and Buffer Zones.

The fact is, the people have co-opted this stuff and here’s why. Because we want to utilise this stuff which use to be urban sprawl, remember it used to be called suburbia?

We all wanted our tiny slice of the pie that we could call our own because that’s our little kingdom, our refuge and they want to convert it into this.


Which are High-Density Urban Dwellings or Mixed Use Dwellings. Now, there’s nothing in the world wrong with it, they’re nice, they’re gorgeous, utterly beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with it if you want it.

There’s everything wrong with it if it ends up being part of the Agenda 21.

So, in order to make all this function, in order to make this a reality we required two systems.

The Wildlands Project and Smart Growth are really 2 sides of the same coin. The Wildlands Project is intended to clear people off 50 percent of the American landscape, essentially by making the land worthless through the ban of using the land’s resources by protecting wildlife.

When the land becomes worthless through water shortages to farms, et cetera, people move into the cities in order to make money.

Smart Growth is the concentration of people into cities and is intended so that they don’t have to travel outside of the city because the necessities are nearby, like a mixed-use building with the storefronts on the ground floor with residences above in high rise buildings.

The overall plan is to depreciate farmland so that people move into Smart Growth cities, and that area becomes extremely valuable. Of course, several people will not be able to afford to move into a Smart Growth high rise so the government will subsidise it, therefore generating more dependency on the government.

Collectivists use Orwellian doublespeak to deceive the people, with the term ‘smart’. So-called Smart Growth is the strategy used to gather people into cities and to remove them off of the land, under the pennant of ‘protecting’ the environment.

Remember, only 5-6 percent of land in America is developed, buildings, roads, et cetera.

Smart Growth is a conspiracy to depreciate property outside of Smart Growth boundaries, this is achieved by restricting development which affects economic growth.

Heavy environmental regulations and land re-zoning on land outside the boundaries renders the land practically worthless.

Inside the Smart Growth boundaries, property values rise, and housing becomes inadequate and costly.

Land with minimal Smart Growth regulations markets for $10 thousand to $40 thousand per lot. Land with heavy Smart Growth regulations markets for $200 thousand to $600 thousand per lot.

Are you aware that America’s cumulative land mass is just 6 percent developed? Plus barely 3 percent of the land mass is deemed urban. Yet 77 percent of the population lives in urban areas.

The federal government owns over 29 percent of America’s land mass and most of it is in the Western States.

The reason for this is because the Eastern banking and industry interests did not want the wealthy and resource-rich West to control their affairs in the East.

As a consequence, extensive land use regulations were built around water rights, timber, mining, grazing rights, et cetera.

The overall goal of Smart Growth is controlled. Smart Growth communities consist of building up, not out. Stores are positioned at the bottom of high rise buildings where people live in the apartments above.

The idea of this is to keep people contained, so they never have to leave their Smart Growth enclosures.

Urban sprawl, or spread out development, is demonised despite the fact that most people would prefer to live in a single-family home, occupying the land.

There is far more freedom given to landowners than to apartment tenants.

Another element of Smart Growth planning is the light rail system. The goal is more power over people by restricting travel, some Smart Growth developments don’t even have garages.

Despite the financial impracticability of the rail system, billions have been wasted on it nationwide.

Smart Growth planning has extended into the energy field. Smart Growth buildings have a centralised control tool for heaters, air conditioners, water heaters and appliances and energy usage is remotely regulated.

Currently, Smart Meters are being installed in homes and apartments to observe, up to the minute, energy and appliance usage. This has been financed by taxpayer money.

Initially, the electricity companies are providing data on residents power usage, with the ultimate aim of controlling power remotely.

So, how did this now get to my own backyard?

Sustainable development is not a boring catch-phrase for miserable gits with nothing better to do with their lives. If you want to keep your home, your kids and your god, then sustainable development is your opponent.


Now, there was a movie that came out called ‘Hunger Games’ and this encapsulated itself in several ways to a society where Global Warming nonsense is deemed to take us through salvation.

Of course, if you look at the representation of the movie, it’s the Phoenix. For those who haven’t seen it, it was a world sometime in the future of complete control where various areas were enclosed off and people were not permitted to go in most of the land in the country and they were controlled from something called the CAPITOLE which was an elite that was obeyed by all the poor and starving people around the land.

They had a competition every year where two young people were selected from each area, who had to fight on live television and the one that won was the one to stay alive after all the others were eliminated, the purpose was to eliminate all the others and win the competition.

As Dr Richard Day stated in 1969, violence, pornography and obscenity in the media and movies will be increased to desensitise people to violence and porn and make them feel that life is short, precarious and brutish.

And Hunger Games was a masterpiece, but it was more than that, it was a representation of the society that we’re heading towards so fast, and we have a version of the Hunger Games and it’s called Agenda 21, Sustainable Development and it’s being organised through the United Nations and it’s a Trojan horse for world dictatorship.

Agenda 21 was agreed at the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil, which was overseen by Maurice Strong, a friend of Al Gore and Maurice stated, “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialised civilisations collapse? Isn’t this our responsibility to bring that about?.”

What they’re attempting to do and intending to do is use saving the environment, which these people are killing, to support the industrialisation and the demise of democracy.

This is the wish list in documents for Agenda 21, operating through the United Nations.

An end to National Sovereignty, all justified by saving the world, by the way. State management of all land resources, ecosystems, deserts, forests, mountains, oceans and fresh water.

Agriculture, rural development, biotechnology and ensuring equity, equal slavery.

The state is to determine the role of business and financial resources. Eradication of private property because it’s not sustainable they say and how frequently does this seem to crop up, restructuring the family unit and children to be raised by the state and people will be told what their jobs will be.

Creation of human settlement zones and mass resettlement as people are made to relinquish the land where they live. Dumbing down education, which was done a long time ago and mass global depopulation in pursuance of all the above.

And what they’re doing to hide it, is they’re setting Agenda 21 groups up in all local areas, all over the globe, America, Great Britain, all over the place and they’re giving you the idea that each of these is essentially a self-governing, local community initiative, when it’s all being organised by the United Nations called Local Government for Sustainability.

The Isle of Wight had joined Agenda 21 in November 2000, and it states on the Isle of Wight Agenda 21 website. It was developed and written in conjunction with the people in the Isle of Wight and reveals their vision for the future of the island.

However, if you go to the Isle of Wight and ask people what they think about Agenda 21, they have no idea what you’re talking about and this is going on all over the world, and they openly talk in some of these organisations connected to it about the Post Democratic, Post industrial world.

Zbigniew Brzezinski,

Zbigniew Brzezinski, huge mentor of Barack Obama, one of the demo cons, he was the National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter and he wrote in another one of his pitiful books, because he knows what’s coming, called ‘America’s Role in the Technotronic Era 1970.

The Technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.

Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen.

These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities, and in 1970 he wrote that.


We now have a technocracy which is defined as government by technicians, specifically management by society by technical experts, including bankers.

Furthermore, look at what we’ve now got in Italy, we have one of the largest economies and principal countries of Europe. We have a government with not one chosen official in it.

Headed by this guy called Mario Monty, and we had a situation in Greece where we had this guy called Lucas Papademos as a banker, leader of the country that’s never seen a ballot box in his life.


Zbigniew Brzezinski, and then there is David Rockefeller, they co-founded the Trilateral Commission, one of those groups in the Bilderberg Council on Foreign Relations Network and it just so happens that Mario Monty before he became the unelected head of Italy was the European leader of the Trilateral Commission and Lucas Papademos was a part of that.

This is the first move to justifying difficulties, to take away even the freedom of people, to elect their own government, but at least we have a power in speculation to choose it, but no option at all, bringing the technocrats in, this is certainly in line with Agenda 21.


And these vile bureaucrats in Westminster and all around the globe, Capitol Hill, particularly Capitol Hill, bought and paid for, they’ve got to understand that they’re in these sites of the entire plan too because they’re due to no longer exist and to be replaced by technocrats eventually.

And they want a world of regions, because if you’re going to have complete control of people in an Orwellian police state, like the way that they want, this is like the Hunger Games, they have areas which are fenced off from the other sectors, and that you need to do it right into the local levels if you want complete power.

And this is why you’re noticing this shift of the police state going into communities at a lower and lower level.

So, one section of this structure that they want is breaking nations up into sections and what they have planned in areas of one country is connected to areas in another, consequently ending national sovereignty and national unity because they want an end to sovereignty, they want an end to all of it.

They simply want Technocrats and bureaucrats and uniform impostures of the decision made by those people and no democratic things at all.

Now, this is termed America 2050 and this is all related to the agenda for Agenda 21 and they have divided up America into a series of mega-regions with which they will have megacities, what they describe as human settlement zones.

And part of this Agenda 21 is for a huge cull of the global population and I’m not fooling when I say CULL, we’re talking about coming down to a billion or half a billion, in a world now of more than 7 billion.


In 1979, these stones surfaced in Georgia, they’re named America’s Stone Henge. Georgia Guidestones they call them. No one can put their finger on where they came from and who was behind them.

They’re astrologically arranged and there’s lettering on them, in various new languages and some ancient writing, I believe it includes Babylonian, and they call for the population of mankind to be maintained under five hundred million in perpetual balance with nature.

A draft copy of the United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment calls for the world population to be subdued to some one billion and Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo when that discussion took place that the population was going to be decreased by half.

Whichever it is, there are huge reductions in population.


And Gates and his missus, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, are excessively possessed by population reduction.


This is the picture, the eye of this International Hygiene meeting or event in Germany, and people don’t realise that Hitler’s race purity programme was organised from America and Great Britain, not least from the Rockefeller family who paid for an entire floor of a German University to be occupied by Ernst Rüdin and his team.


Ernst Rüdin was Hitler’s race purity expert and the Rockefeller’s who were big time into Eugenics, they assigned Eugenics experts to Germany to help them promote and give them information, support and expertise in the programme.

The way that they planned to cull society is collectively and in some ways directly. The collective is by means of vaccinations, through genetically modified food from genetically modified corn, and the impact on American health is catastrophic.

Flouride in the water, hunger, also a manufactured disease and radiation, and also what did Dr Richard Day say in 1969, “Euthanasia and the demise pill, limiting access to affordable medical care, making eliminating the elderly easier.”

Then we had the Liverpool Care Pathway, where doctors were deciding often, without even discussing it with the family who is going to have their removal of food, of fluids and of drugs so that they die really fast.

It’s not the care pathway, it’s the death pathway.

We further have this situation in America with the death panels determining who gets treatment and who doesn’t amongst the elderly. It’s Euthanasia, that’s what it is.

And here in decreasing the population, first of all, sperm counts in various sectors of the globe are falling. Why do they want to reduce the population? And here’s one, the third generation of rats fed genetically modified food becomes sterile and there’s a biotech company, a small one in California called Epicyte and they came out with something called the Epicyte gene.

What they did was isolate the gene that makes people sterile, it’s a gene which if it becomes part of your genetic structure, attacks sperm. It attacks sperm if you’re male and destroys them so you’re sterile, and any sperm penetrating the female, the female that has that genetic part of its structure, then attacks the sperm and kills it, so their sterile.

Why would you create that? But then what did Epicyte do? They genetically masterminded that gene into corn, and then we go to the next level, Monsanto and Dupont set up a joint enterprise to take over the Epicyte gene and commercialised it.

And if anyone believes that this an exaggeration involving the decline in population, look at the map of America under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, Wildlands Project and it’s America that they want to see under Agenda 21.

The red spots are little to no human use. The yellow dots are for highly regulated use. The only spots for normal use are these bits here and there in green, and they have to, therefore, clear the land to bring this about, and that’s what they’re doing.

That explains so much that’s going on, and people are saying, “Why are they doing this?.”


Agenda 21, get them off the land.

There’s presently a rural White House Council which has all the government agencies including the Department of Defense to support rural communities, no, it’s to discard rural communities of people under Agenda 21.

And under eco-fascism. One of the things they’re doing is creating more and more environmental regulations to make it difficult for small farmers, small growers and small landowners to survive in the rural communities, and therefore they’re killing the rural communities to get them off the land.

They’re sending in these SWAT units to handle honest people, seeking to grow organic or produce raw milk, they’re treating them appallingly, and they’re intended to get people off the land.

Monsanto, no food shall be grown that we don’t own, and more and more regulations to get people in a position where it’s difficult to maintain, and who moves in the corporations to take over the land.

More and more people are having their community gardens destroyed because they’re told it’s not in the zone regulations, even though people are starving and they’re getting their food for nothing.

They’re being banned from growing food in their front gardens, at a time of great economic challenge and this is what Dr Richard Day said in 1969, “Growing food will be banned by saying it isn’t safe and the state and corporations will control all food production. The supply and distribution of food will be monitored so that no one can give food to a fugitive of the system.”

And they’re further modifying the regulations to prevent people growing food at home.

So, all these things are coming together so that only the food inc, big food will control the food chain, and who gets food, those who conform to the system.

And they’re doing it in other ways when in 2011 they had those floods in the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. The US and Army Corp Engineers declared that they had to blow the dams to protect people further down the river.

So, they blew the levees and this is what happened to the land of small farmers all around that area, it was destroyed. Three weeks later letters came from the government trying to purchase the land through the US and Army Corp Engineers.

And the other thing that they’re doing is taking out freeway exists to rural communities, which used to be really effective economically, and what they’re doing is putting these corporations, kind of food centres in the middle of nowhere which serves no one and these rural communities are disappearing and people are leaving and they’re taking the land over.

They’re taking out dams so that people can’t farm anymore, they’re destroying or closing rural roads, or they’re on a huge scale taking the tarmac from roads and leaving them as gravel, making it more and more difficult for people to live in rural communities, and it’s all being done on purpose.


And this bloke, you know when he came in, David Cameron, he never mentioned it at the election and then quickly states he wants to sell off all the forests of Britain, all the state forests, that’s Agenda 21.

Now because the people responded, he had to take a step back but he would have gone on striving to do it. And this society, it’s just Agenda 21.

And what’s occurring in this country, humble farmers are going out of business on a ridiculous scale. Getting them off the land, that’s the plan, and where do they want to put them in? Human Settlement Zones.

They sort of want this in by 2050 -2060, and it’s the world of the Hunger Games. They want, and this is in their documents, they want to gather people together in a high rise, essentially, prison cell size living space, so all the people, those that they don’t want to cull, are in one area and they’ve cleared the land of everything else.


Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, he’s a huge insider in all of this and frontman, and he announced, the first phase of Agenda 21, only he doesn’t call it that, of course, and they’re building 165,000 units in New York.

The spec and the way that they’re going to be constructed and designed, it’s classic Agenda 21, and the space that these apartments will cover for each person or family is between these two yellow lines, which is 10 feet by 30 feet, classic Agenda 21.

Building laws have been modified in areas like California to decrease the quantity of land that is used to build homes, and by 2020 this directive of the European Union states that all new buildings must use nearly zero energy by 2020.

And that means huge variations in the composition and nature of human society and living space. And then there’s the Archon World of these Archon bloodlines, no creativity, humans have creativity, and they have to use human creativity, they don’t have it.

And here are some of the houses that they’re speaking about for people under Agenda 21, talk about uninspiring, and then one of the things that were highlighted in the Hunger Games was the high-speed train that took the competitors from the sectors to the Capitol for this kill to the death competition, and high-speed train systems are all part of Agenda 21, they want this to be the central root, because they want an end to vehicles and stuff like that, except for them of course.

But they want high-speed trains to be the prime source of transportation, and here are the areas that they want under Agenda 21 in America, and everybody else off the land in all those other places.

And you know once the plane arrived, American trains simply vanished and barely anyone used them, it was largely aircraft, and out of know where Barack Obama declared a massive phase building programme for high-speed train networks in America.

And when you see where he wants to build them, it’s like laying them over a map of the Agenda 21 sectors of America. And then of course, out of nowhere David Cameron announced the biggest railway programmes since Victorian times with high-speed stuff and these high-speed interfaces are happening all over Europe.

And at least some, seemingly many of the people supposedly working for European train companies organising this high-speed interface they’re building don’t work for the train companies, they work for NATO, and they’re doing the orchestrating.



Well, get them off the land by weather manipulation and we’re seeing this a lot. This is HAARP (The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) in Alaska, now correlated to various comparable things around the globe, and in short, it bounces radio waves of high power Ionisphere in the higher atmosphere and bounces them back down to earth and can do multiple things, including creating earthquakes and manipulate the weather.

One of the tell-tale indications of an earthquake created artificially is these coloured lights in the sky, which precede an earthquake, and a guy called Kosuki Hakki, who’s an authority in GPS signals, he said in the mainstream media, one hour before an earthquake in Japan and the one in Chile in 2002, there were more electrons coming through the Ionisphere. This is a very strange phenomenon.

Well, not if you’re dealing with technology that not only bounces Ionisphere’s but often punches holes in it while it’s doing it.


Even in the patent that was applied for by a guy called Bernard Eastlund for the original part technology who mentions this man Nikola Tesla. He was, in fact, the scientific genius of the 20th century and he would probably be the genius of the 21st century if he was still here.

What he had done is cross the line, which mainstream science will not do because of all the implications for the Agenda if it does. That line is to cross the line into understanding a bigger perception of what reality is and how you can use it to generate all the warmth and power you need, once the technology is there, without cost.

Part of that is accessing the electrical level of the world and turning it into usable warmth and power. And what did Tesla say: If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.

He was making weather effects, his neighbours were protesting to the police, he was creating lightning above his home in New York. He created mini earthquakes with thousands of windows shattering when the technology went more than he thought, like a demented comedy movie, he couldn’t turn the thing off, and he also knew how to create free energy, accessing the natural power and sources of power in the universe and converting it into power and warmth without cost and without carbon dioxide.

The same people that are saying that we must do all this to protect the environment from carbon dioxide, are the very people that have been crushing this technology for decade after decade.

In terms of weather manipulation, Dr Richard Day, the 1969 man, he actually worked on weather manipulation in the US Military during World War II, and the BBC done a radio documentary, in which they exposed the great flood at Lynmouth in 1952, when they had 250 times the rainfall and it produced this huge surge of water that came through the village, killing 35 people, which was done by the RAF.

They called it Operation Cumulus, also known as Operation Witch Doctor, and it was manipulated on purpose, it was an experiment on weather manipulation and it’s been going on that long and earlier.

Here is a US Air Force Document 1996. It describes the artificial creation of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes, and continues: Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally. It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes.

The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather and the production of artificial weather all are part of an integrated set of military technologies.


Of course, most people will be aware that we have become besieged with Chemtrails, not Contrails that disappeared, condensation trails. Chemtrails that don’t disappear as they come out of these aircraft, they linger around and come out and ultimately fall to the ground and have Strontium, they have Aluminium, they have Barium, it acidifying water, it’s acidifying the land and it’s a huge impact on human health, cumatively again, the cull but it’s doing something else.

In the HAARP patent and specifications et cetera, in the description of a researcher describing and summarising what it says, it said this: Disbursed metallic particles such as aluminium, barium and strontium, which is the main chemtrail ingredient, may increase the atmosphere’s conductivity and therefore enhance HAARP’s weather modification performance.

So it’s doing that as well.

So, where are we going with this? Well, we’re going here… Dr Richard Day, 1969. The weather will be used as a weapon of war to create drought or famine.

A weapon of war against who? In Agenda 21 words, a weapon of war against the small farmers, landowners and producers of the world, not least in America.

We had in America this terrible drought which destroyed small autonomous farmers and breeders, of course, the big corporations can cope with it, they’ve got endless funds when they’re part of the agenda.

Also, in 2011 and other times we had these extraordinary forests of tornadoes, there was about 300 in a period of three days and at one point, and of course, that’s devastating rural communities. Creating tornadoes with HAARP technology, child’s play.

Devastating floods and weather, which repeatedly had an impact on small farmers and breeders and there was a report for the European Parliament Committee in the 1990’s about HAARP, which was really very beneficial because it was saying, hold on a minute we don’t like this, but one of the things it was saying, is that HAARP technology had the ability to manipulate the jet stream and shift weather patterns.

When you look at the meteorological explanation for the vast deluge in Great Britain, they say amazing things occur to the jet stream, and instead of going away and dropping some and going off into Europe, it primarily began going back and forth and that’s why we got the lot.

And when the farmers and growers deflated, in come the big business people, the network, to take over the land, percents, per dollar. Also, we’re having this overwhelming impact on the bee population throughout the world. Monsanto, another word for evil and the other part of this, is to create food deficits, because it’s not there, the production of food deficits because people just can’t afford it, because it’s too costly.

And control if they eat and their hearts and minds will follow. This is all part of the control system that they’re bringing on. Get them off the land, financially, they can’t afford to stay there anymore.

Hunger Games, Agenda 21. 3.5 million homeless. 18.5 million unoccupied homes in the United States. There you go, you’re poor, what a joke, woman in 1 million hat makes a speech about austerity. Praying for starving children while sitting on a gold throne.

This is the dynamic between people, politicians and banks. These answer to the same bosses, so they reform legislation to accommodate them and screw them. Secret organisations, politics, banking and media and Satanism, this is how it works.

This is why the government’s not doing what’s best for people, economically or any other way, they’re it for that for which they serve, politics, banking and all that other stuff, one global system.

A Swiss banker reported to a Russian magazine in 2011: These people are corrupt, sick in their minds, so sick they are full of vices and those vices are kept under wraps in their orders, many are into Statism. When you go into some banks you see these Satanistic symbols, like in the Rothschild Bank of Zurich. These people are controlled by blackmail because of the weaknesses they have. They have to follow orders or they will be exposed, they will be destroyed or even killed.

And this guy said, the system wasn’t broken, it was built this way, of course, it was. “Let’s get this right, I go to a bank.”

“Yeah, Yeah.”

“And you lend me money that doesn’t exist and then I pay interest on it.” But let me get my head around that, that’s what’s happening. They built a system and because of the dynamic of the politicians representing the banks, the legislation’s been passed that enables banks to lend at least ten times what they have on deposit, fractional reserve lending.

So, every time we lend $50,000 from a bank or place $50,000 into a bank, let’s put it the other way, they can loan ten times that which doesn’t exist to other people who want to come and loan.

It’s interesting when you follow this round the banking system. One loan, you go for a loan, “Can you borrow me £50,000?.”

“Yes, I can.”

“Why were you going to lend it to me?.”

“I’m going to type £50,000 into your account.”

“Where’s it coming from?.”

“Oh, I’m just typing it in, it’s no problem.”

So, now you’ve got £50,000, which has been created out of nothing, fresh air. So, you get it, in theory, the numbers on your screen. You see a car you like and you go over and say you’ll pay for the car, you give him £10,000 for the car, he then takes that money and puts it in his bank, now that bank can loan ten times that which has come from this which was created out of nothing in the first place.

And when you follow the banking system, the amount of money that can be generated by a single loan that was built out of nowhere in the first place is utterly unbelievable.

These people, if they were charged with a criminal activity they would have to reincarnate multiple times to finish the sentence, but it’s worse than that because who generates money, well the government generates money, no they don’t, overwhelmingly private banks produce money by issuing non-existent money they call credit, therefore this is how the economic cycle goes.

Banks issue lots of credit, a boom is created, in the boom, people seem more positive because they’ve got loads of orders in their business and their jobs look secure and they borrow more money. Companies borrow more money for plant and machinery, people borrow more money to have a larger house, a larger car, a bigger holiday, but what happens in a boom, people tend to get more and more into debt, credit cards and all that stuff, and then at the optimum point the fishing line has gone out there and now they’re dragging it back in.


They create a crisis or a reason to take money out of circulation, not make as many loans, what did they call it in 2008? A credit crunch, and then suddenly, there’s not the equivalent sum of money in circulation, even non-existent stuff to create the economic activity that was created before.

So, suddenly people can’t purchase as many things, people don’t sell as many things and consequently, companies begin to go out of business. People can’t repay their mortgages so they lose their homes and the banks that have created this situation by lending money that doesn’t exist, plus interest gets all that money that does exist as they call in loans of collateral.

And this is how over centuries, fishing line out, fishing line back they have commandeered the real wealth of the world and the Rothschild’s are massively behind this, the banking system.


Nathan Rothschild, the man who’s responsible for building up the Rothschild empire in Great Britain, and he said: I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.

And if you have one single currency, whoever controls that money supply controls the world, that’s the plan, and if you control the banks and you control the central banks and you control the reporting of the financial industry you stitch the whole thing up.

In 2008 when the crash happened, three things happened, first there was the crash of 2008, and that said there was a problem. Governments launched ridiculous sums of money (credit) at the perpetrators until their financial barrels were empty and then they wanted to crash the economy again on an unprecedented scale to create a situation where there is a total transformation of the financial system in the way that they want to create it and it will be based on a world central bank which will dictate all global finance.

What are they doing in the European Union? Stepping stones, totalitarian tiptoe, saying as a consequence of the financial crisis in Europe which these have created we must have centralised banking in Europe, and then you look at the people who are coming forward to solve the dilemma.


When we had the crash in 2008, the Bush Treasury Secretary was Hank Paulson who came a few years earlier from Goldman Sachs where he was Chief Executive Officer. The new head of the European bank is Mario Draghi, and he is a former employee of Goldman Sachs and former agent of Goldman Sachs is like saying former agent of the CIA.

So, all this money was hosed into the banking system, in that way, the banking crisis became a government crisis because now the monies come from the government to the bank and the governments are then making it a people crisis… what just happened? I thought it was a banking crisis, now they’re taking everything away.

Austerity programmes, Agenda 21, that’s what it’s all about.

What they want is a single currency, that’s what they want, so the euro was never an end in itself, it was always a stepping stone to the single currency. All the euro is, is a stalking horse which has been used to remove the multi-currencies of Europe.

It’s deleted the Gilda, it’s deleted the Deutsche Mark, it’s deleted the Lira but it’s not an end in itself, it’s a way of deleting those independent currencies, and they want eventually the Euro, and it might not be tomorrow but they want the Euro to disappear so the world currency can come first.

IMF And World Bank Hold Spring Meetings

And people like George Soros, one of the demo cons and a Rothschild frontman, he and the Vatican have called for World Central Bank and World Government and all the rest of it.


The IMF, which is simply another agency of the bloodlines, is now taking over control of countries like Ireland and others on the basis of this economic crash which has been manipulated, and again, no sympathy, no compassion. Consequences for people, consequences for family, consequences for children, they couldn’t give a damn because they have no compassion.

And what we’re noticing all over Europe, is this gathering economic situation because it’s planned for a specific end. Britain is now about 2 trillion pounds in debt, and the more and more debt people or countries get into, the more and more control they give away to others.

America is about 21 trillion dollars in debt, in fact, it’s bankrupt, and it’s been done in an orderly way. America is being used to destroy America, economically and militarily. Any nation that cared about the people in a massive economic crisis would not be wasting trillions on the military and conflicts in various parts of the world.

But it’s not the American military, it’s the Cabals military being used to organise the attack of acquisition for the Cabal, therefore they’re simply using America’s economy to pay for it, and the purpose of destroying America is if you have superpowers that have economic and military strength to say no to your world government, you don’t have a world dictatorship, therefore stopping superpowers is absolutely essential to this world dictatorship that they want to bring in and are in the process of bringing in.


Then there are these credit rating agencies, Moody’s, Standard, Poor’s and Fitch, they were the people that gave triple-A ratings to total crap, that really benefited massively to cause the crash of 2008.

Now, their credit rating countries are causing mayhem, and the media are saying, “There’s trouble afoot, there’s trouble a Milford, Portugal, the credit rating agencies are down,” they’re controlled by the same people that own the banks for goodness sake, it’s all a scam.

And this is the Hunger Games world, the Agenda 21 world is revealing itself and it’s fabulous that people are questioning this with demonstrations and stuff but they need to get streetwise because in the end, this world government structure of authoritarian power, it’s not worried about what the method of power is, it simply wants to dominate.

Therefore, it’s quite happy for independent banks and biotechs and energy businesses be brought together under so-called government control, like all Worlds Ministeries, so there’s a World Ministry of Oil and there’s a World Ministry of Biotech.


The World Health Organisation, founded by the Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller’s, would become the World Health Industry, managing all pharmaceuticals and health, and whatever else you have.

And therefore we have to be streetwise so that when we see this occurring. We don’t say yeah’ get the banks because we’d be yelling for the next stage of power which is even more than it is now. We’ve got to get streetwise.

There’s a huge problem in the background, of gold that isn’t gold, it’s really gold coated tungsten, which is calculated as gold, and when that comes home to roost, that’s a huge impact on the economy as well.

Talking about the economy and debt, this is what this is about, debt is control, so let’s get young people up to their neck in debt, massive debt, which they spend the rest of their lives paying off, just to be programmed with the system’s version of events.

The current foe of mankind is humankind and in seeking a new villain to join us they came up with a plan, pollution, the threat of global warming, water deficits, hunger, that sort of stuff would suit the bill and current lifestyles and eating patterns of the wealthy middle class, including large meat intake, consumption of large quantities of frozen and convenience foods, use of motor vehicles, golf courses, small electric appliances, home and workplace air-conditioning, and rural housing are not sustainable.

The three principal aims would be to decrease human population to about 100 million globally, destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness, with its full complement of species, returning everywhere in the world.

We are on the brink of a global transformation. All we need is a major crisis and it doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people think is true but the struggle appears to be floating towards a world social democracy and many people will shun this New World Order and will die protesting against it.

But the one thing man fears is the unknown and when presented with this situation, individual rights will be voluntarily waived for the guarantee of their well-being awarded to them by a World Government, a New World Order.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.03.58

The drive is to form a one world government. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes, I am convinced there are such a plan and international in scope and we’re governed, our brains are fashioned, our tastes moulded, our thoughts suggested, mostly by men we have never heard of.

Ultimately, childbearing will be a criminal offence upon society, except if the parents hold a government permit. All possible parents will be expected to use contraceptive substances, with the government issuing antidotes to residents chosen for childbearing.






































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