Apparently, Jobcentre Plus workers don’t feel equipped to dispense with crucial matters like domestic abuse.


Universal Credit is paid to one person in the family, usually the man and in some instances, this has led to domestic abuse victims being denied money, and less able to leave their unsafe home situation and a month ago the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions was addressed in an effort to boost these anxieties, there has been no acknowledgment.

Combining the problem, there is a need for training amongst DWP workers because this stops them from dispensing with domestic abuse and now more than ever the Government must get a handle on this and make it more accessible for domestic abuse victims to have money paid into a separate bank account.

Domestic abuse is both a problem and an outcome of sexual bias and if women do not have a financial identity, and what we’re doing, through this policy, is introducing the scene for abuse. The system itself isn’t the cause of the abuse, but they do need to update their policies regarding domestic abuse because even though it doesn’t cause but it does expedite and they should be knowledgeable of that wherever possible.

Universal Credit payments should be divided between the male and female partner in claimant households to reduce the chance of domestic abusers using financial control over their prey and single monthly household payment made it easier for domestic abusers to take and regulate family benefits and stop partners from leaving the home.

The concern is that one amount of universal credit can accumulate power and resources in the hands of one partner, and that bears the risk that abusers can take advantage and the switch to universal credit has increased the danger of women being bullied by their partners.

Single Universal Credit Payment allowed abuse perpetrators to distribute family income in the way they see fit.

Universal credit rolls six working-age benefits into a single monthly payment with the purpose of simplifying the social security system but as a result, it de-labelled constituent payments, such as Child Tax Credits, that were previously reserved for children and was given to the main carer, usually the mother.

The idea of Universal Credit and its online system abuser would be a click away from getting money, where under the former scheme it might have taken a bit more time and effort to get someone’s benefit entitlement, which is total drivel, because some people on Universal Credit have been waiting weeks if not months for their benefit to be paid and the scheme is no better now than it was previously.

Some elements of Universal Credit might be working, but it’s no better than before and it’s in tatters because nobody in the Department for Work and Pensions has any inkling on what they’re doing and most of the Jobcentre Plus workers sit there scratching their heads… and the best one, “I’m sorry, the system’s down…”

You can request single payments, but it was said that switching the claim in this way would make women more financially vulnerable. However, a person would only ask if it was propitious to them, if not then they would not ask.

Jobcentre Plus workers are consuming a growing amount of time striving to sort out Universal Credit problems for victims of domestic violence and setbacks and officialism encountered by Universal Credit claimants had forced some domestic abuse victims back to their abuser.

There was one example, an abuse victim had missed a spot in a refuge because it was impossible to get officials to rule whether the woman, a European Economic Area national, qualified for Universal Credit housing costs.

She couldn’t get that confirmation, and so the refuge was powerless to give her a place, knowing that she may not be qualified for help and that led to the lady returning to her partner and the uncertainty and fear generated by Universal Credit delays had led to many women going back to their abusive partners.

Universal Credit is making the lives of the most defenceless even more complicated than it previously was and the Welfare State was founded to protect people from hunger and poverty, along with the National Health Service that was designed to meet the fundamental basic requirements of the poor and the general well-being of the country.

Children’s Allowances were given to the mother for a valid reason because it’s not only physical abuse that goes on, it’s gambling, drugs and alcohol.

It’s also worth noting that Universal Credit makes the most severely disabled people worse off than they were.

With standard sickness benefit, Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), the sickest or disabled people can get an Enhanced Disability Premium, or Severe Disability Premium, which they lose when they shift to Universal Credit.


Iain Duncan Smith and his special advisors who cooked up this system have much to explain, the man has been a complete failure and he really is the definition of a miserable loser.





Published by Angela Lloyd

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