Universal Credit Cut After Being Deemed American

A nan has had her benefits cut because she’s been considered American despite living in the United Kingdom since the age of five.


Gwendolyn Banks, who also cares for her dead daughter’s four-year-old girl, travelled to England with her parents 57-years ago but now the 62-year-old has lost her Universal Credit despite living and working the majority of her life in the Midlands.

Gwendolyn Banks, from Aston, could lose her home, which she has lived in since the age of 21, and was told she is no longer classified as a UK citizen.

She couldn’t believe what they were saying to her and while she’s appealing the decision, she has insufficient money coming in and can’t support herself properly.

She was born in America but England is her home. She has no family she knows in America and she doesn’t even have an American accent.

Gwendolyn is a full-time carer for her ex-husband and can’t work because of ill-health. She is also the legal guardian to granddaughter Sienna, after her mum, Sinead died suddenly from cardiac arrest aged just 24.


But the DWP stopped Mrs Banks’ benefits claim after informing her she had flunked the Habitual Residency Test.

Gwendolyn says she survives on only £80 per week and was previously on £200 per week and she’s still trying to come to terms with the unexpected death of her daughter who died this year and when she enquired for additional monetary aid to look after her granddaughter, they unloaded this bombshell on her.

She can’t even afford to feed her granddaughter and Gwendolyn has been ordered to court and could lose her home.

Ms Banks’ case is currently being examined by a specialist decision maker.

And now people who have moved to the United Kingdom may be asked to produce specific documents when they make a new claim to benefits and this has not changed under Universal Credit.

This is happening all over the United Kingdom, and many have been here most of their lives have been turned down for Universal Credit and PIP, this is the start of Brexit.

The DWP said that her case is currently being examined by a special decision maker and what is that? Is there even a qualification for that? Does one have to be MBA or PhD qualified before being elected to that position, is there no such thing as common sense these days?




Published by Angela Lloyd

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