Princess Eugenie’s Wedding

Taxpayers will pick up a £2 million security bill for Eugenie’s nuptials, and the lesser royal will get married at the same venue as Harry and Meghan.

It really is an abuse of taxpayers money, and the security expenses for Princess Eugenie’s wedding have more than doubled amid heightened terror concerns since she announced her engagement in January.

Extra firearms officers may have to be enlisted when the ninth in line to the throne marries tequila brand ambassador Jack Brooksbank on October 12, and Eugenie, 28, who carries out no royal obligations, has nonetheless decided to marry at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle where Prince Harry married Meghan in May.

Dad Prince Andrew was thought to have demanded a similarly glitzy ceremony for his younger offspring with Sarah Ferguson, and the Duke of York has insisted his daughter’s marriage must be a huge event to be remembered and wants everyone to get on board to commemorate the joyous pair.

Despite warnings about the additional security problems it would create, Eugenie and Jack are determined to enjoy all the splendour of an open-top carriage procession down Windsor High Street, but it means dozens of officers must be used to explore the route in advance.

Drones will also be prevented from circumnavigating over the castle for the entire weekend. The same strategy was used for the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but Eugenie’s wedding was originally estimated to cost about £750,000.

The elevated costs due to officers’ overtime, cancelling of holidays and the demand for additional patrols, and in these times of increased security risks, it’s irresponsible for a lesser member of the royal family to have a high-profile and highly public wedding.

This may be the time to examine the role and expense of lesser royals, but Eugenie and sibling Beatrice, 30, announced this month they simply want to be recognised as real. But it truly is an insult when you’ve got people sleeping rough and seized by hunger that people are revelling in this gross misuse of taxpayers money – NOW, THAT’S REAL.

They’re as far as it’s possible to be from being real normal people. No one else gets their wedding paid for by the public pocket when they’ve got the means to do it themselves, and Police sources stated there’s no knowledge of any menace or indication of any dangerous anti-monarchy demonstrations, but nothing will be left to speculation.

The immense security operation will be conducted by the Met, Thames Valley and the British Transport Police. But amid increased terror concerns in London after the Westminster attack, other teams are understood to have been requested to possibly help out as other units are required in the metropolis.


Eugenie and Jack, 32, who is the UK delegate for George Clooney’s tequila brand Casamigos, will entertain 300 guests including dozens of celebrities such as Clooney and his lawyer wife Amal, who were at Harry’s wedding too.


Model Cara Delevingne, actress Suki Waterhouse and supermodels Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford could also attend, besides vocalists James Blunt and Ellie Goulding, and pop star Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field, whose daughter Theodora Rose will be a flower girl.


Beatrice will be maid of honour and Prince William’s children George, five, and Charlotte, three, are supposed to be a page boy and flower girl, and invites have also been stretched to 1,200 members of the public who will view the event outside by a live feed.

Jack’s and Eugenie’s parents will pay for the wedding and reception, and expenses for security will be shared by different police units and the local council but all other expenses for the marriage will be met privately.

But, the taxpayer cops it again and we don’t even get a slice of the cake, but if the Queen wants to attend then let her pick up the tab, otherwise simply send them down the registry office for a quicky, no doubt the divorce will be even quicker.

But really? How long do the British taxpayers have to pay for these freeloaders who pop out children like rabbits that we’ll have to keep for generations? Although we shouldn’t believe everything we see in the newspapers and did Andrew actually say what’s been attributed to him? And did he actually necessitate a huge wedding? But then he does have a notoriety of using his royalness to get freebies and it is said that he insisted on his daughters having royal titles, unlike Princess Anne who actually wasn’t that worried.

This is the family that never stops taking money from the peasants, and we are still looked at like this by the aristocracy. They hang out for every penny and yet they’re not short of a penny or two, but they don’t like using their own funds because the taxpayer is the sacrifice.

The tourists don’t come here for the Royals, they come here to observe our distinguished English antiquity, and millions of pounds are being spent on weddings and garden parties for the wealthy and famous while our homeless sleep on the streets and the government believes it’s a great use of public funds while our councils are having to cut vital services.

How callous is the royal family, the people aren’t interested in the wedding, they don’t want to fund the security. The people didn’t ask them to get married in this opulent way when they could have had a modest, more private wedding and if they want a huge bash, then the Royals should be funding it so that our taxes can be used for what theyre supposed to be used for. We don’t see on our council tax bills any mention of royal weddings on there!


The Queen needs to put her hands in her pocket and pay for the security of her own family and putting the money to one side, it’s further disturbing that while security personnel are in Windsor guarding the wedding party, it’s leaving other parts of the capital open to terror strikes.

Whilst it’s conceivable that higher royals have security paid for by the taxpayer, asking for such a large wedding sets a pattern for all other lesser royals and displays a level of arrogance on Prince Andrew’s part, and because the princess performs no royal obligations, she hasn’t gained the people’s support, while children’s services are being stricken and multiple families are being driven to use food banks, therefore, Prince Andrew should do the honourable thing and foot the bill for security himself, as it’s customary for the brides parents to fork out for the wedding traditionally.

The taxpayers money is being wasted and Princess Eugenie’s father is more than capable to afford the security for his daughters wedding, and if he can’t support it, the wedding shouldn’t be so excessive, particularly when public services are being cut, families are fighting for medications which could improve their lives for the better, but the government won’t finance it, and then you hear about this atrocity and it makes the blood boil.

And it is an atrocity when people are dying on our streets from starvation and having no place to call home, particularly when many of those people are our war heroes, have served their country and then get treated like they never existed.

No doubt there will be countless people out there that are offended at the extravagant misuse of taxpayers money, but it will be hidden because obviously, the royal family think they’re far better than us peasants, talk about being delusional, and they might be loved by some, but they’re clearly not loved by everybody.

The church that they’re getting married in is in the grounds of Windsor Castle, so why not just close the gates to everybody who is not immediately included in the debacle, then there would be hardly any security required aside from when they depart for their honeymoon.

We constantly appear to be meeting the bills for a small collection of overprivileged rich people while others in our society have to use food banks, and the Royals are little more than a Prince and Princess Disney fashion extravaganza.

Why should the taxpayer have to pay the bill, we’ve not been invited, and we don’t even know the bride or groom, and Princess Eugenie is not a working Royal and has no relationship with the people, so the public should not be funding her wedding.

They should either cut the procession and related security or fund it themselves. This is the sort of behaviour that makes even Royal supporters doubt the importance of a Royal family, and we should not expect much public attention to this wedding.

All this checking and restraints that will be done because of individuals that want to be on the grounds on the day of the wedding is simply self-indulgent drivel, and if Princess Eugenie wants all this indulgence, then it should be funded by her parents, they should cough up for it, not the public purse.

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