Danny Dyer Says


Danny Dyer said that a teenager who left London to join up with ISIS in Syria should be permitted to return to the United Kingdom because the UK security services could get necessary information from Shamima Begum about how young people are radicalised by revolutionaries.

Maybe she does need the opportunity to perhaps explain herself and what’s going on over there, perhaps we do need to learn a little bit more about how they got to her and how she felt it was the right time to jump on a plane and leave the United Kingdom at the age of 15 years old.

She is still a young girl, and perhaps we can learn from it.


Shamima left Bethnal Green, East London, aged 15 in 2015, with two other schoolgirls, and joined up with ISIS in Syria, and partnered a Dutch national who fought for a terrorist group, but now, with the caliphate on the verge of collapse, Shamima has moved to a refugee camp in northern Syria, where she was hunted down by reporters, who she told about her desire to retreat to London.

Shamima has recently given birth to her third child, a baby boy. Her two other children died in infancy, so maybe this is the mindset of why she wants to go back to the United Kingdom with her son?

She thinks that a lot of people should have compassion towards her and her son, and doesn’t want to remain in the camp permanently with her son and that the British administration doesn’t have any proof to say that she’s a security threat, and she’s asked her family to keep trying to get her back to the United Kingdom and that the biggest priority is her son, and she hopes that perhaps for the well-being of herself and her son that the British government let her back into the United Kingdom.

Shamima lived as a homemaker throughout the four years in the ISIS region and maintains she never did anything bad, and never prompted people to go to Syria, but Home Secretary Sajid Javid has indicated that he will fight to prevent ISIS fighters retreating to the United Kingdom, but Justice Secretary David Gauke said that Britain can’t make citizens stateless.

Numerous ISIS supporters have returned to European nations, but it’s a tough hurdle that we now front because what should we do about those who are still attempting to return? And as Home Secretary, his precedence is to guarantee the security and protection of the country, and should not let anything endanger that.

This is quite a debatable subject and there are copious amounts of people who would not agree with her coming back to the United Kingdom, she made the decision to join ISIS and marry a Dutch national, but if she fears for the safety of her son, perhaps she should send him back to England for the safety of his future and stay behind.

Yet, with all this publicity she will sell her story and end up becoming a millionaire, whilst we have to endure on our pensions for being loyal, hardworking British taxpayers all our lives, so where is the fairness?

She only wants to come back because ISIS has been defeated, and she has nowhere to hide now, so what really happened to her Dutch hubby? Is he dead, or did he just abandon her for another wife?

We don’t really need her to be returned to the United Kingdom in order to obtain information from her. The United Kingdom has security services that are more than competent in getting the information they need, and the very sentence where she says, “They don’t have any evidence against me that I’m dangerous” so she’s not saying that she’s not dangerous, she’s simply saying there isn’t any evidence against her that she is dangerous.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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