Prince William: ‘I’d Support My Children If They Were Gay’


Prince William has stated he would fully support his children if they were gay, but revealed he would worry about the added pressures they would encounter, and that it was something he’d thought about since becoming a father, and that he wished that we existed in a society where it’s really normal and cool, but especially for his family, and the position that they’re, that was the bit he was apprehensive about.

The duke was speaking to young people at an LGBT youth charity in London. The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) helps LGBT young people who are at risk of homelessness.

The duke said that he supported whatever choices his children made, but added that it worried him from a parents point of view, and about all the difficulties, odious words, persecution, and the hatred that might come from that, and that was the bit that actually bothered him, and that was for all of us to try and help correct and make sure we can put that in the past and not come back to that kind of stuff.

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This is a tremendous moment for LGBT people around the globe, and for a member of the British Royal Family to give such a support to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, and their struggle for equality, is a huge deal, particularly in a time when the visibility of the LGBT people is being constantly challenged.

Nevertheless, with the Duke of Cambridge being a figurehead for the Royal Family as well as the Commonwealth, it’s also worth remembering that homosexual activity is still a criminal offence in 35 of the 53 Commonwealth nations and it is only permitted in 18.

And many will now be questioning whether Prince William’s words could have a decisive influence on these places, where people are still struggling for their lives because of who they love.


Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have three children, five-year-old Prince George, Princess Charlotte, four, and one-year-old Prince Louis, and the duke said this wasn’t the first time he’d been asked his hypothetical question about his children.

The Queen’s cousin, Lord Ivar Mountbatten, and his partner James Coyle were the first royal same-sex couple to get married last year, and the duke said parents frequently questioned his views on the matter and that because of this, he and the Duchess of Cambridge have been doing a lot of talking to make sure their children are prepared.


He further displayed his shock at a recent attack on Melania Geymonat and her partner Chris on a London bus, saying that he was really appalled, and the duke’s comments will make a huge difference and conveyed a message of support that the LGBT people need.

And the idea that the future monarch is saying they would support their children if they came out as LGBT is a message to the entirety of society, a message of support that empowers the LGBT people because it truly is a real pressure to live under.

And if you look into the issues around suicide and the figures in the LGBT community we need fewer barriers and less stigma and more acceptance, and numerous people have praised the prince for his comments, especially when he said it would be absolutely fine by him if any of his three children came out as gay, and when a royal comes out (pardon the pun) and says things like this, it truly makes me feel proud to be British, and believe me, that doesn’t happen often.

He was so charming and victorious at the same time, so much like his late mother Princess Diana, she would have been so proud of him, and he actually does deserve to be the next King of England.

His mother was one of the first public figures to fully and openly embrace AIDS patients during the height of the epidemic and homophobia.


She was friends with gay figures such as Elton John and George Michael, and she was an LGBTQ ally before that was a mainstream thing, so it isn’t surprising that her son picked up the same sensitivities, but hopefully by the time his children are old enough to be speaking publicly about their sexual orientation, that the world is passed that sort of hate, but at the moment we are far from that, and in a progressing society we need to be more accepting of everyone.

Prince William is a great human being simply by setting an example, after all, you can be disappointed with the choices your children make, but why would you be disappointed with who they are? Let’s face it, everyone is beautiful in their own way.

But I worry about the fate of our children, not because of their sexual orientation but because life is difficult enough as it is, but as for sexual orientation, I wouldn’t worry if my children were left-handed, it might have more challenges that other children might not, but no matter what, all children favour challenges, so why would we do our utmost to change them? After all, good parents and good people accept, and support their children and bestow them, unconditional love.

And I’m happy that Prince William could come out openly because ordinarily the royal family isn’t allowed to make any comment that might be seen as partisan, and this is a really decisive move as far as society goes because some humans are shallow, and it’s good that we can gradually purvey to the masses, and we could say that he’s simply honouring his mother, but actually he seems like a really decent human being.

And wow, I’m not a huge enthusiast of the Royal Family but this is a huge deal for them, so it should fill people with delight!

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