Jeremy Hunt Vows To Trigger No Deal Brexit


Jeremy Hunt on Monday promised to trigger a No Deal Brexit on September 30 if the EU does not budge on talks.


He exchanged taunts with leadership opponent Boris Johnson after stepping up his bid to win over Tory members, and that a cliff edge departure would be one we would regret for generations.

And, in a cruel taunt at Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt stated that it wasn’t enough to rely on slogans, belief and positive thinking to get Brexit done, and on Monday night he won the backing of former Tory leader William Hague.


On Monday night he gained the support of former Tory leader William Hague, and he stated that Jeremy Hunt was one of the most talented ministers with whom he had shared a Cabinet table, and unveiling a ten-point plan in London, Jeremy Hunt said that as a Prime Minister he would begin talks in August about changes to Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

But that if by the end of September, it seemed there was a stalemate, negotiations would end and the country would be given final preparations for a No Deal on October 31, and that there would be £6 billion of relief for fishermen and farmers, and corporation tax would drop £13 billion to 12.5 per cent.

And in another thinly veiled dig, he added that people running their own company didn’t want a showman, they wanted a Prime Minister who would lead them out of a crisis, and that all holiday for civil servants would be cancelled in August except if Whitehall mandarins said their departments were ready.

The Prospect Union branded it a fundamental lack of appreciation and understanding of how arduously civil servants had been working, but Jeremy Hunt said that they had implemented the referendum, and it was the duty of a Prime Minister to do so in a way that would decrease the impact and maximise opportunities.


Later the Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that Germany’s Angela Merkel had already told him that they would look at any recommendations made by the new UK Prime Minister because she wanted to resolve the problem, providing they were reasonable.

Boris Johnson and his team were caught on the back foot, but in a counterattack, he maintained that Jeremy Hunt was not earnest about delivering a No Deal as he had repeatedly declined to commit to leaving by October 31.

Jeremy Hunt can’t keep saying that they’re going to have a deadline of October 31 and then say it’s really not actually a deadline at all. Nevertheless, some supporters fear Boris Johnson is being outmanoeuvred, and a senior MP said: “Jeremy’s only a born-again Brexiteer and what he’s saying won’t wash with members. But we should be coming out with detail like this.”

Jeremy Hunt can do and say whatever he likes at the moment because at the moment it’s not been determined who will succeed and become Prime Minister, but I’m sure there are many of you out there that don’t believe there’s a chance Jeremy Hunt will beat Boris Johnson, and that there never was.

But then they all tell us what we want to hear to get the job, and then they shaft us when they’re in power, and they’re both promising that they will trigger a No Deal Brexit but will parliament let them do it?

And Jeremy Hunt calling Boris Johnson a coward shouldn’t surprise anyone, and it reminds me of when the Theresa May’s party was named the “nasty party”, and Boris Johnson has clean hands as regards the mess that Theresa May and her colleagues created, whereas Jeremy Hunt was with her all the way.

We need a competent Prime Minister, not a comedian or someone who only wants to speak to the foolish masses, who tells them what they want to hear, and each day that goes by it’s looking more like Boris Johnson will be Prime Minister, and some people want him to be Prime Minister, so the sooner Jeremy Hunt gets used to the idea the better. Boris might even get a little job for you, Jeremy, if you’re lucky… and we certainly don’t want a male version of Theresa May.

We want someone with character, charm and leadership skills, not Continuity May, and I bet even Jeremy Hunt doesn’t believe his own chatter, but then again, he’s only acting and saying what his masters want, just like traitorous Theresa May did, so perhaps it doesn’t matter to him, and even if he doesn’t become Prime Minister he’ll still get himself onto a few nice boards.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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