Britain’s Poverty Crisis


Where people are just left to rot, and Britain is in a poverty crisis where people aren’t getting the basic human right to live and to be safe and secure, and there are numerous people out there that don’t feel safe and secure.

England is the fifth richest country in the world but approximately 40 million people are living in relative poverty with employment falling and hunger soaring but the government are saying that they’re working to stop the causes of the poverty but approximately two hundred miles from the angering Westminster, people in the western town of Rhyl feel like they’ve been left behind.

These are the people on the front line of the poverty crisis, and on the beach town of Rhyl is one of the most deprived towns in the country, but in the 1960s hotels in Rhyl would have been crammed with holidaymakers from across Britain, and it was a town with a bustling beach resort for more than a 100 years but now a huge deficit of social housing in the region means the hotels are being utilised as makeshift dwellings.

Living without basic facilities is difficult for families and their children, and the worse thing of all is for parents not be able to give their children what they need, and it’s the basic things, like being able to close your own front door, and being able to cook them what they want when they need it, and that’s the basic human rights for anybody, simply to be safe and secure, but these children don’t feel safe and secure and neither do their parents because parents feel like their letting their children down.

A hundred and thirty-seven households living across Denbighshire are living in temporary accommodation or emergency accommodation, but over the past year 265 households in the region have faced homelessness, but poverty is an issue for the entire country, and across Wales, about a quarter of people live in widespread poverty, and being poor usually means, worse health and dying younger.

People from deprived regions are likely to die about eight years ahead of those from more affluent areas, and poverty often means a lack of food, and Wales like the rest of the United Kingdom has witnessed an increase in the use of food banks in recent years.

The government states this could be linked to problems in rolling out the governments new welfare system (Universal Credit) which critics maintain have made life on benefits even more precarious and it’s certainly apparent that there were hurdles in the initial rollout of Universal Credit and the main problem that led to an uptick in food bank use was the fact that people had trouble obtaining their money quick enough.

And the welfare system has caused huge problems in the area of Rhyl, and there’s a really big crisis in Rhyl at the moment with people just struggling on the breadline, and with the new switch over to Universal Credit there are people that are just without food for long periods of time without money and that can be up to between 8 and twelve weeks.

They can be working families, they could be individual people on benefits, it’s literally hit everyone, and food parcels might last a week, but the situation the following week is unquestionably the same.

These people can’t afford heating and food, so they’re constantly stuck in that predicament and it’s a scary situation that they’re living in and people are just left to rot basically, and for those in poverty the food bank isn’t the only place to go for meals, and only a few metres from the beach is the “Bodfor”, a pub that’s run by a woman called Jane Dunham.

She always puts seafood on to cook on a Monday and a Wednesday for karaoke. People are struggling to try and make ends meet and they can’t get out a lot, and they feel down sometimes, so when the pub has the karaoke days they can have a bite to eat and have a pleasant day, instead of sitting, maybe worrying and getting depressed on the face of how they’re existing.

But despite the town’s struggles, the government say that unemployment is at its lowest rate since the 1970s.

Paul Walters is an ex-soldier and he lived on the streets for 18 months but now he’s got housing and a job at a local warehouse but before that, he was waking up in the morning and wishing he hadn’t woken up and going to sleep at night and hoping that he didn’t wake up, but now he’s got a job, he’s waking up and he’s happy going off to work every day.

Paul Walter’s may be working but he’s still struggling, and he’s one of the estimated 4 million people across the United Kingdom who are considered working poor, and the gap between starting work and getting his wages means Paul has to borrow money to get through the month, and he hopes that everything’s going to be great but it doesn’t work out that way.

He has bills coming in, everywhere, it’s quite staggering, and it makes him believe that it would be easier to go back on the dole, because when the Jobcentre got him the job Paul had to do four weeks as a trial period and he wasn’t being compensated for that, and once that trial period was over, he had to work another month in advance for his new company before he got paid, so that’s two months with nothing to live on.

Paul was working every day but he wasn’t eating, he couldn’t afford it and he doesn’t want to go back into that.

Paul Walter’s did everything that everyone wanted him to do, what the government wanted him to do. Get off the dole, get work, do this, do that. He’s done all of that, but he doesn’t feel like he’s getting anywhere now. He feels like he’s got up the ladder, stopped and everything’s forcing him back down now, and that’s extremely troubling to him, but what can he do?

Paul Walter’s worked for two months before getting a penny, and then the world exhibits sheer disdain for that person, and this is completely shameful, and legislation needs to deal with such a situation, and while there are people who do care, as a combined group, the government doesn’t care about the regular person, they just care about themselves and their own wants and desires while our monarchy parades its jewels, gold and furs.

And it’s shocking that a person has to graft and still be on the bones of their behind, and it’s absolutely disgraceful that employers are getting away with paying such little money, and the government are saying that they’re working to tackle and improve the situation, but it’s the government that has deliberately designed this situation.

People are working their backsides off for hardly any money for food, and most don’t make through to payday, and with unemployment high, these people feel like they’ve been neglected, and it’s tragic and we shouldn’t be looking the other way.























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