Boris Johnson Confirmed As New Prime Minister


Boris Johnson has been announced as the leader of the Conservative party and the next Prime Minister of Britain, with many believing he will do a lousy job and some believing he will do a great job, he might startle us yet!

He might not be liked very much, but if you consider who was against him, then he might not be so bad after all, so long as he does the right thing on Brexit, and by popular demand, Great Britain will now be known as Great Boris.

Boris Johnson has been elected to be the 77th Prime Minister of the UK after defeating opponents to be crowned the victor of the Conservative leadership contest.

Boris Johnson gained a sweeping victory in a ballot of Tory members against the opponent, current foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, after gaining more than 90,000 votes, and he was backed by 66.4 per cent of the vote, almost double the percentage obtained by rival Jeremy Hunt.

Boris Johnson took to the platform in the presence of cheering MPs and members and thanked both rival Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May.

He stated that he knew there would be some who questioned the wisdom of what the party has done in choosing him as a leader but that it was an extraordinary honour and privilege to have been chosen.

The contest to find the next party leader started on 10 June, with 10 Tory MPs joining the race to take over from outgoing prime minister Theresa May.
Six weeks later, the two surviving candidates, Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson sat in the front of the audience to hear the results as the deciding votes were read out by returning officers Dame Cheryl Gillan and Charles Walker.

Boris Johnson’s mandate of a “do or die” Brexit on the 31 October, regardless of whether the United Kingdom has a deal or not was enough to win him the support of his party, with a winning margin of approximately 45,000 votes, and he addressed the party for the first time as leader on Tuesday afternoon, before officially taking office on Wednesday.


Theresa May congratulated her replacement only minutes after the decision was announced, tweeting: “We now need to work together to deliver a Brexit that works for the whole UK and to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of government. You will have my full support from the backbenches.”


She will take to the House of Commons despatch box in her last assembly of Prime Minister’s Questions before visiting the Queen to hand in her official resignation, and Boris Johnson will visit the palace shortly after, before travelling to Downing Street, and entering Number 10 for the first time as Prime Minister.

But before Tuesday’s decision Boris Johnson was hold up with close advisers putting the last touches to his new cabinet and the team who will guide him on the Brexit strategy throughout his premiership.

Despite being a frequently divisive personality who polarises public opinion of himself, he is expected to appeal for his party to unite behind him as a leader, and he is expected to spend the next few weeks of his premiership, while parliament is in recess, travelling overseas visiting allies in Washington, Paris and Berlin.

Of course, some joker had already pointed out that “Deliver, Unite and Defeat” was not the perfect acronym for an election campaign since unfortunately, it spells DUD, but Boris Johnson said that they forgot the “E”, “E” for energise, and to all the sceptics, “DUDE”, that the Tories are now going to energise the country, and that they’re going to get Brexit done on October 31st.

Boris Johnson is the new Prime Minister, this is a guy that’s spent the whole leadership election carelessly talking up a no-deal Brexit, no matter the cost. If he takes us through a no-deal Brexit, like he said he would, it could be a catastrophe for our jobs and the NHS.

He stated that we’re going to take advantage of all the opportunities and that it will bring a no spirit of ‘can do’ and that they’re once again going to believe in themselves and what they can deliver, and like the slumbering monster, they’re going to rise and ping-off the guy ropes of self-doubt and negativity with greater education, better infrastructure, more police, and fantastic full-fibre broadband sprouting in every home.

He said that he’s going to unite this marvellous nation and that they’re going to take it forward, and that he’s going to work flat out from now on with his team, and that he will build to repay our faith in the Tory party.

There, of course, will be people around who will challenge the stability of the Tory parties decision, and there may even be some people in government who still question what they’ve done, but of course, nobody, no one party, no one person has a monopoly of wisdom.

He said that no one understands more fully than he did about the advantages of migration to the country, but that he’s clear that the immigration system in this country must change, and that for years politicians have promised the people an Australian style points-based system, and that he will actually promise to surrender on those promises.

migration_advisory_comittee.jpgAnd that he will ask the Migration Advisory Committee to conduct a review of that policy as the first step to a thorough rewriting of our immigration policy, and that he’s convinced that the Tories can design a policy that the British people can have faith in.

Over the past few years, too many people in this country feel they have been told frequently and relentlessly what we cannot do, and that since he was a boy, he can remember respectable authorities saying that our time as a nation has passed and that we should be satisfied with mediocrity and manage decline.

And time and again, these are the sceptics and doubters. Time and again by their powers to innovate and to adapt, the British people have shown doubters wrong, but Jeremy Corbyn stated that Boris Johnson has hurriedly tossed together a hard right cabinet, and that given his first assignment as the first Home Secretary for a generation to support the death penalty, can the Prime Minister assure the house now that his government has no intentions to seek and bring back capital punishment to this country?

And before electing the new Education Secretary was the Prime Minister given sight of the Huawei leak inquiry by the Cabinet Secretary?

The challenge to end austerity, tackle inequality, fix Brexit and tackle the climate emergency is what will define the new Prime Minister, but instead, we have a hard-right cabinet staking everything on tax cuts for the few and wild race to the bottom Brexit.

Boris Johnson says he has courage, spirit and passion, but our country doesn’t need arm-waving bluster, but there’s nothing wrong with a points system like Australia’s, and I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with it.

And it’s not because he’s prejudiced, in fact, he should be the least likely person to be discriminatory, concerning his heritage, and an Australian Points Based System or a comparable beast is the way forward, but whatever he does, he’s taking a huge risk, and if it doesn’t pay off, he will weaken the Conservatives and effectively end the political careers of himself and his selected cabinet.

Can we believe what he says? He’s believed greatly in a number of things before and then changed his mind.

Sadly, I don’t believe Boris will be any different to any other Tory Prime Minister that has been, because at the end of the day Boris doesn’t give a poop about the British people, their jobs or their children.


Published by Angela Lloyd

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