Basildon Hospital Neglect


A one-day-old baby who died in Basildon Hospital was neglected. Ennis Pecaku died in the hospital at 2 am on September 28 last year, having been born at 7.39pm the previous day.

He had been born in the breech position, meaning his legs came out first, and the cause of death was confirmed to be asphyxiation during a vaginal breech birth, and the inquest, held at Essex Coroner’s Court in Chelmsford, learned that Ennis Pecaku had also sustained asphyxiation for at least 25 minutes before his delivery.

Beasley-Murray (4).jpg

Senior coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray entered a narrative conclusion to Ennis Pecaku’s death.

In the later stages of pregnancy, baby Ennis was in the breech position, and on September 17 an attempted external cephalic version to move him was unsuccessful.

On September 26 baby Ennis’ mother attended Basildon Hospital for a caesarean section, but this was postponed until October 2, and his mother was sent home.

On September 27, Ennis’s mother attended the hospital following a spontaneous rupture of membranes.

Baby Ennis was delivered by breech delivery at 7.39pm but he died at 2 am the following morning.

There were grave shortcomings in the care given to baby Ennis and his mother by Basildon Hospital, and a more timely intervention would seemingly have ended in a more favourable outcome.

Baby Ennis would have seemingly have survived had he been born before 7.16pm, and his death was contributed to by negligence by Basildon Hospital.

The case is really bad, but a hospital spokesperson said that measures had been taken to improve their care in the future, but it’s a tad too late for Baby Ennis because care should have been given, it’s no good saying you’re sorry after the barn door is shut and the horse has bolted!


But in a statement issued following the conclusion, the parents of Ennis, Edmir Pecaku and Emma-Louise Davies, from Grays, welcomed the verdict, and they said they were satisfied over the conclusion that the coroner gave, and the list of shortcomings identified of administering basic medical care to Louise and baby Ennis amounted to neglect.

But even though the hospital may have made adjustments, nothing will ever alter the outcome for this family, and the overwhelming loss of their son Ennis.

Yet, even though Basildon Hospital, Essex were guilty of negligence, it’s no wonder… it’s the those governing the country that is truly at fault by not tapping enough money into the NHS, instead, they pump into their own pockets.

Of course, mistakes happen all the time, because people are only human and not perfect, and countless people slip through the system, and not only that, doctors and nurses are in short supply, with agency nurses being brought in to cover.

Doctors and nurses aren’t dumb, they will go abroad where there are fewer hours and more money, and over the years we’ve lost many skilled doctors and nurses because of this, but that doesn’t mean we should privatise our NHS, positively not!

And I’m sure the parents of baby Ennis don’t feel comforted that some manager at the hospital said “That lessons have been learnt”, this unfortunate family have to live with this for the rest of their lives, and it’s an outright disgrace.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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