Tories Will Stand Against Biased Commons Speaker John Bercow


Enraged Tories will crush convention and stand a candidate against Commons Speaker John Bercow at the next general election, Andrea Leadsom has announced, as the business Secretary unveiled the move, as she stepped up her dispute with John Bercow, accusing him of infringing the rules of Parliament by enabling MPs to take charge of Commons business.


And in a stinging assault, Andrea Leadsom said John Bercow had failed in his position and had allowed a flagrant abuse of the parliamentary rules, and before becoming Speaker ten years ago, John Bercow was the Tory MP for Buckingham with a majority of more than 18,000, so the move is almost guaranteed to lead to him losing his seat and the Election of a new Speaker and sources close to John Bercow have indicated that he could stand down at the next election rather than risk a Tory challenger.

Andrea Leadsom said the Conservative Party would field a candidate in John Bercow’s constituency of Buckingham at the next election as a result, but of course, the Speaker of the Commons is an MP who stands in general elections but is normally unhampered by the major political parties, but Andrea Leadsom wants an unbiased preacher, and her comments came days after MPs upheld a proposal to take charge of the Commons timetable to pass law to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Andrea Leadsom said the Speaker’s role was supposed to be politically impartial, and that John Bercow was supposed to be an independent arbiter of the proceedings, who was in place to protect the constitution and manage the performance of the House, but sadly she thought that the current speaker had failed them.

Andrea Leadsom said that by allowing MPs to use Standing Order Number 24 which is a method used to trigger emergency debates as a means of taking over Parliament’s timetable, John Bercow had not only bent the rules, he had actually broken them, and that it was a blatant violation of the process, and that the standing order No 24 that the Opposition proposed wasn’t appropriate for a Motion, and that it was designed to ram through legislation for purely political reasons.

And she said that the use of the standing order in such a way would lead to the creation of bad laws and a total disregard to the will of the people, but then Andrea Leadsom has clashed with John Bercow in the past, and in May of last year the Speaker was alleged to have labelled Andrea Leadsom as a stupid woman, as well as calling her useless, and evidently there was a profanity included in that.

But in March, John Bercow scolded Andrea Leadsom for using her mobile phone during Commons business. Well, John, if you don’t want her to use her phone, ban all mobile phones when entering… really, a bit of respect all round you guys, children are better behaved!

But it’s way more fun watching the parties destroying themselves.

At the end of the day, John Bercow has one job to do, enforce the rules of the House and stay unbiased while he’s doing it, how difficult can it be? But then I do have to give him some credit… he treats MPs like children, but only because they behave like them.

Ooorrrddddeeeeerr, ordeeeeerrrrrr! I bet that makes him feel like a real grown-up!

But then parliament comes across as house clowns, with John Bercow being the biggest of them all, and these people are a disgrace to every hard-working person in the country, and it makes me question how anyone can have any reverence for them.

But like all Utopian insurgents they’ll end up attacking each other, and they’re doomed by history to fail, and it’s not a matter of if, only of when, and I actually would like to have a ringside seat.

Sadly, our government will do anything to turn this country into a hard right one-party state because they’re the most nefarious collection of slimeballs to have run this country in the past 200 years going all the way back to Lord Liverpool and the Tory Repression years, when we had the Peterloo Massacre, and it’s easy to see how Hitler stiffened his grip on power in Nazi Germany during 1933 to 1934, and we’re seeing a comparable attempt at such a power grab in this radical right-wing coup that’s unfolding here.

Of course, people aren’t bothered, just so long as they can go down the pub and have a few brews, then, of course, everything is okay, yet the Tories have spent 10 years picking on the most disadvantaged in society, even those near to death, and in some instances, actually dead, but as soon as it’s the governments own, or indeed 21 of their own, they throw in the victim card, stamp their feet and yell, “It’s not fair”.



Published by Angela Lloyd

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