Children As Young As Six Are To Be Given Compulsory Self-touching Lessons


Children as young as six are being educated about touching or stimulating their own genitals as part of classes that will become mandatory in hundreds of primary schools and some parents think the lessons which are part of a questionable new sex and relationships teaching programme called “All About Me” is sexualising their young children.

One couple said that they were so upset they removed their sons from lessons at the school where the programme is already being taught but “All About Me” is being rolled out across 241 primaries by Warwickshire County Council and could be utilised by other local authorities next year as part of the Government’s overhaul of Relationship and Sex Education (RSE).

And family campaigners and religious groups warned that obscure guidelines announced by the Department for Education meant schools could shortly be providing sexual material to young children that countless parents would deem unsuitable.


And even politicians who’d supported the RSE legislation expressed concern and countless parents will be enraged at completely improper sexual matters being taught to children as young as six and these classes go way past the guidance the Government is presenting and it would be effectively sexualising particularly young children.

Documents obtained details how “All About Me” classes involve students aged between six and ten being told by teachers that there are rules about touching yourself and an explanation of rules about self-stimulation appears in the scheme’s Year Two lesson plan for sex and seven-year-olds.

Under a section called Touching Myself, teachers are encouraged to tell children that many people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice. They’re further instructed to tell youngsters that this may include their private parts, and while some people may say this behaviour is dirty, it’s in fact, quite normal.


However, the youngsters are warned that it’s not polite to touch themselves in public and that it’s an activity they should do when alone in the bath, shower or in bed. In the same lesson, children are given scenarios which they must judge to be Okay or not Okay.

In one, students are told that when a girl called Autumn has a bath and is alone she likes to touch herself between her legs. It feels nice and at this point, teachers are encouraged to tell the students of the rules about self-stimulation.

The guidance on touching is repeated in lesson plans for Years Four and Five, involving students aged eight to ten and as part of the Government’s RSE reforms, all primary schools will be expected to teach compulsory relationships education from next September.

It encompasses topics about families, friendships, online relationships, privacy and being safe. Sex education tailored to the requirements of their pupils is also recommended, but not compulsory.

Warwickshire has begun relationship lessons in some primaries ahead of the national launch, including sessions discussing self-stimulation but from next September, parents will not be able to remove children from these lessons. 

And parents at Coten End Primary School in Warwick met with sex education consultant Jonny Hunt, one of the originators of the “All About Me” project, and raised concerns about some of its content and when asked why self-stimulation appeared in the Year Five lesson plans and why it was not in the non-compulsory sex education element of the programme, Jonny Hunt stated that self-stimulation or self-soothing was throughout the programme in earlier years as well and they were not teaching sex education but actually giving information around safe and appropriate touching.

And that however difficult adults might find it, children of all ages will self stimulate from time to time and that they may do this when anxious or just because it feels nice but Naomi and Matthew Seymour, whose two sons attend Coten End, strongly disagree with that assessment, concerned that their sons will be exposed to issues they were not ready to learn and they removed them from school for a week through which the programme was taught.

Mr Seymour’s wife cried the first time she read what was going to be in the lessons and said that this sexualisation of their children is just entirely improper and the school are calling it self touching and they won’t use the word masturbation, but when you read it, that’s precisely what they’re chatting about.

The Seymour’s don’t want to start a picket line or wave banners, they’re just an ordinary family and I’m sure numerous families who’ve seen these lesson plans will feel the same as they did.

Lynette Smith, a teacher who operates a company which provides RSE programmes for schools, stated that she sympathised with those concerned by the self-stimulation section of the Year Two curriculum and she stated that they never use the word self-stimulation, not in primary school because for them it was not appropriate.

Piers Shepherd, of the Family Education Trust, said RSE guidance was too obscure and he added that it was even more concerning that parents may be refused the chance to remove their children from these lessons if the school labels them as relationship education classes rather than as Sex Education.

Simon Calvert, of the Christian Institute, said that it looks like Warwickshire has paid more thought to a questionable sex education consultancy than to what parents understand to be in the best interests of their children.

But Warwickshire County Council said the lessons were tailored to the age and development level of the children, adding that while some of the matter may be sensitive for some, they believe it’s essential for children to get clear and consistent information about this important, but usually neglected topic.

The sex education consultant behind the “All About Me” programme is further expected to raise some eyebrows with his beliefs on marriage when last July, Jonny Hunt, 37, criticised draft Government guidelines for relationships and sex education for highlighting the significance of marriage.

Ironically, he married his partner Gemma the next month and the guidelines said that by the completion of primary school, students should know that marriage signifies a legal and lawfully recognised promise of two people to each other which is expected to be lifelong.

But railing against the continued importance of marriage, Mr Hunt wrote that there still appears to be the view that marriage presents a more regulated environment for children or for sex but this was not the case.

I’m certain there will be loads of people wanting to start a petition against this and it’s a nice thought but sadly, no one will pay any attention to these petitions but what we actually need is a nonviolent but yet determined physical presence in front of these freaks because we must not allow them to shut us up.

And now the Government appears to be fixated with our children’s sexuality which is somewhat lewd wouldn’t you say? And all of this paraphernalia should come under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 section 8 – Causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

However, I think that we’ve missed the complete sad side of this and maybe they should contemplate and think more about how this could affect vulnerable children. Maybe if a child is taught just how important their “special parts” are, it might then help them learn when they are actually being sexually abused.

At the end of the day, this shouldn’t be happening at all, a child of six years old is just a child and should be left to be a child because all of this will make children grow up too fast, although in the world that we now live in perhaps Sex Education should be taught a little earlier, but clearly not before 11 years old but what they want to teach is not Sex Education, it’s merely perversion and degradation.

Whoever’s behind all of this, where’s the focus on reading, writing and maths and since when did schools start to intervene in domains like this? This doesn’t appear to be the intervention of schools but the intervention of health professionals and it’s about time we started to home school our children instead of sending them to government-run schools.

And it seems that the debauchery of young children has gone up a level and they should quit pushing these unwanted things onto our children and just let them be children.

It’s highly unacceptable that any child should be taught that it’s okay to touch yourself, or even watch others, this is not ethical or acceptable in our society. Instead we should be teaching them to cook, sew or at least something practical, instead of these ridiculous suggestions, especially when children have no concept at the age of 6 years old, that their bodies have these senses and even if they do, these children have no idea why and it’s only when they start to ask why that it might be even a little appropriate for a parent to explain. A PARENT, not a TEACHER!

What the government are actually doing, but nobody can see it, is that they’re stealing a generation of children because when all said and done our children do not belong to us any longer, they belong to the state.

And seriously, do they honestly expect caring parents to put their child into this manner of teaching environment? And if this is the standard of education these days, then it seriously needs to be examined.

This is a revolting sexualisation of children and parents need to actively get involved and we should be seriously concerned about the limits to which some teachers will go to in order to illustrate the effectiveness of touching oneself and I can see that this policy will result in numerous unintended and probably criminal outcomes.

Plus we should be telling our children to watch most carefully about what is being taught to their children because people are usually too nice to make a complaint and the authorities need to be called out on this.

First, it was gender issues and same-sex relationships in primary school and now this! And there is no need for this to be mentioned until they’re at least in secondary school, all children really need to know is how to respect other people and most importantly themselves.

By teaching them how to value themselves they would then see that their body is their own and nobody else’s to defile and you only have to look at this man Jonny Hunt to be extremely concerned and to further understand this is an entirely absurd programme.

This man is such a fraud, talking down marriage only weeks before committing to it himself, he’s clearly a confused, untrustworthy person who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near schools or children.

No wonder we’re seeing more and more sexual associated criminality in young children because sex is being imposed upon them when they should still be experiencing the old-style simplicity of childhood and this is simply another instance of such people as Hunt benefiting from unacceptable practices while shallow politicians get more and more immersed in our children’s education which is quickly failing and maybe some of these people supporting this should maybe have random hard drive inspections.

This is immoral, the state securing the parental right to be the first teacher of your children in anything and this should be questioned in court at once. The state should not be teaching your children, religion, sexuality, or apparently, common sense since they have no jurisdiction or ability whatsoever in these fields and it should make us a little sceptical about the ethics and intentions of certain Warwickshire councillors.

But as usual, us Brits will simply sit back and do nothing, no objections, nothing.

I would say that most 6-year-olds wouldn’t have a clue about sex because they’re too occupied playing with their toys, skipping, and playing hopscotch because children should be allowed to be children without the interference of a nanny state.

Thank goodness I’m not a child anymore, but I do worry about my grandchildren but then the government can do anything they want when everyone sits back and does nothing and if an adult other than a teacher was to do this, they would be in prison faster than a Remainer vote in the Commons, it’s sickening!

But then we’re all flushing morality down the toilet and it’s not going to end well and you have to ask yourselves, who benefits if children are sexualised so young?

Well, in 2010, it was published “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe”, a structure of policymakers, education and health professionals and experts and a whole nine years ago that publication spoke about “The Sexuality Education Matrix” with a chapter called “Why should Sexuality Education start before the age of four”.

So, folks, we all need to wake up and not get steamrolled over by whoever is accelerating this agenda because our children, grandchildren and future generations of society need us to stand up and be counted now.

This is seriously some disturbing poop because now adults are now urging our children to touch themselves and this should be something that the authorities should be going to jail for and if spanking your child comes under the heading of abuse then these adults that are promoting this act must have some serious sinister intentions.

And it’s not surprising that there’s no time in school now for actually teaching education subjects, it’s all about being politically correct and Sex Education. Thank goodness that the older members of our society grew up in an era where being at school was actually about expanding your knowledge to prepare you for a place in the world.






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