Boris Johnson To Face Fresh Legal Challenge


Boris Johnson will face a new legal test even if he manages to bring a deal back from Brussels and lawyer Jolyon Maugham stated reports of what Boris Johnson’s deal would look like would violate domestic tax law.


Jolyon Maugham, whose been involved in successful, high profile cases that question the government over proposals to exit the European Union, said he plans to lodge a petition to stop the government putting the Withdrawal Agreement before parliament.

And on Wednesday Britain and the EU seemed on the brink of a last-minute Brexit deal but the Prime Minister still had work to do at home to ensure his government and unruly parliament support the plan.

Britain has suggested that tariffs would apply on goods crossing from mainland Britain to Northern Ireland if they were thought to be headed further to Ireland and the bloc’s single market, in a proposal to solve the complex Irish border problem but Maugham said he believed that such a deal would violate the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Act 2018.

The act states that it’s illegal for the government to enter into arrangements under which Northern Ireland forms part of a separate customs territory to Great Britain and Maugham was questioned whether any mooted Brexit deal would fall foul of the law, he stated that it was the belief and Maugham said that he expected to lodge a petition on Thursday and for it to be heard on Friday.

Maugham has challenged the government successfully on its decision to suspend parliament and on whether Britain could unilaterally change its mind about leaving the EU. He’s additionally involved in a case which attempts to force Boris Johnson to comply with a law to delay Brexit past October 31 if he fails to agree to a transition deal with the EU.

To be fair, it’s like a child’s playground and if a referendum does happen, it’s not going to ask Leave or Remain, it’s going to ask people if they support the Tories deal or not and it seems that Leavers are so fearful of a Referendum because deep down they’re frightened that those that did vote to Leave will vote to Remain the next time.

But Boris Johnson will push anything through now to save face and he needs to be stopped. He doesn’t care, he has lots of money, this is all about his bleeding ego and it appears that we’ve allowed propaganda to panic us into a frenzy.

We shouldn’t take Boris Johnson or anyone else at their word, people should be doing their own research and it additionally appears that Boris Johnson has no regard for the law.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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