Experts Slap Down Jacob Rees-Mogg


Experts have cast doubt on Jacob Rees-Mogg’s claim he is saving the planet by driving a gas-guzzling 1936 Bentley.

The Commons Leader claimed he was enormously environmentally friendly by driving the 83-year-old, 3.5-litre engine artefact instead of getting a new motor.

The Tory toff owns two Bentleys, a 1936 model he drives around 1,000 miles a year, and a 1968 Bentley T1 he claims can run on the motorway and he stated that his oldest car is 1936 so all that carbon was done a long, long time ago and that running them is less than the carbon inputs to create them, so he’s enormously environmentally friendly by driving old Bentleys.

But emissions expert stated that while Mr Rees-Mogg makes a valid argument about keeping old cars, the 1936 Bentley can expect to emit one tonne of CO2 per year, so in the long run, the least harmful option is to upgrade it.

Nick Molden of Emissions Analytics said Mr Rees- Mogg’s claims further disregard damaging pollutants like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and total hydrocarbons that contribute to killer air.

The problem with both Bentleys is they will not have emissions control systems and consequently, the emissions may be orders of magnitude higher than newer vehicles. Hence, replacing the Bentleys with a new vehicle would be more suitable for air quality.

And from a carbon perspective, keeping an older car in use isn’t a terrible idea, particularly if you only drive 1,000 miles a year but it’s really bad for air quality because old cars have no emissions control equipment.

The most useful thing Mr Rees-Mogg could do if he’s intent on being green would be to change his 1936 Bentley to an electric vehicle, in the same way, that Prince Harry converted his classic Jaguar E type.

For people who aren’t able to afford the expense of a Bentley but need a vehicle, changing to an electric vehicle is the greenest option, and because electric vehicles are so much more efficient and it’s more affordable over the life of the vehicle too.

Buckinghamshire-based Emissions Analytics claims to be a leading independent firm test ‘real world’ vehicle emissions and founder and chief executive Mr Molden said trading up to a new luxury car would release approximately 10 tonnes of CO2 in the production line and he claimed this would be wiped out by lower C02 emissions once it’s on the road.

Mr Molden estimated the 1936 Bentleys emissions based on Mr Rees-Mogg’s assertion that he drives it 1,000 miles a year, and an assumption it achieves about 10-13 mpg. By those calculations, he said, the old car could expect to emit about 1kg of CO2 per mile compared to 0.4kg per mile for a new vehicle.

Taking the Bentley off the road would, therefore, save approximately 600kg of C02 per year, meaning over a 25 year period it would be more desirable for the environment.

The Tory minister purchased his 1968 Bentley at the age of 23 and has confirmed it broke down all the time, including a brake failure on the M4 and he said in 2016 it was on first name terms with the AA relay.

The only proper description of Rees-Mogg is a dumbbell because he has no idea at all of what the 21 century is about and is intellectually ensnared in a time warp and he would love nothing better than to be able to Lord it over everyone else.

And to think, this noodle is in the cabinet, mind you, he now has a great partner in crime in Boris Johnson, the arch fool, another throwback to another world and this guy clearly has issues and his car is far more modern than what he is, having said that, so is Tutankhamen’s chariot.

This guy belongs in the turn of the 19th century when people still used monocles and spouted ‘rule Britannia’ because he’s simply a deluded toff, with the rich man at his table and the poor man at the gate.

Rees-Mogg chats so much defecation and if he truly wants to go green, perhaps he should walk everywhere? But then perhaps we should lay off the moggy because the man does have a touch of style and old world class, hey, I just found a suit like his in a charity shop and I got it altered and started wearing it in town and it’s become a bit of a talking point, I honestly can’t afford the motor though.

But just remember this guy is a kind of Dickensian monstrosity and he’d have your children back up his chimneys and your grandmother in a workhouse if he could when actually he belongs in a museum display cabinet.


Published by Angela Lloyd

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