Extinction Rebellion Protester Climbs Big Ben



An Extinction Rebellion demonstrator clothed as Boris Johnson soared the scaffolding on the Elizabeth Tower after Westminster Bridge was blocked off following an unconnected suspicious package fear.

The man, identified by the movement as Ben Atkinson, wore a wig and green trousers as he escalated up the outside of the iconic tower, usually referred to by the name of its huge bell, Big Ben.

He unfolded a banner which read ‘no pride on a dear planet’ in LGBT rainbow and waved at the crowds beneath and a second banner read ‘Citizens Assembly’, one of the group’s three principal demands.


The man was resting on a safety net outside the tower as police and contractors discussed if the mesh could hold his weight.

Specialist police climbers started their climb up the tower at approximately 4.15 pm and a spokesperson for the group said the climber was a 43-year-old tree surgeon and as he stood tens of metres above the street, he posted on Facebook: “Gone and done it… Extinction Rebellion. Here to stay.

“We got the declaration of climate emergency last time. Now perhaps, please Boris, you’re struggling to navigate Brexit let alone work your way out of the sixth mass extinction event.


“Please. Pretty please…. let’s get on with the citizen’s assembly. Thank’s Boris.

“I know somewhere in there you have compassionate feelings towards something other than your career. You’ve got Premiership.

“Now you’ve got a chance to do something that could last for centuries. A legacy of being the man that turned it all around. Dare you.


“Oh, and thanks, Greta. I heard you calling.”

Another Extinction Rebellion demonstrator said he had no idea that another activist was going to ascend Big Ben and Harry who didn’t want to give his last name said: “We all come from different circles but are all part of Extinction Rebellion.”

“We don’t want to bring down the system, we want to shake them enough to get some action.”


The police started removing people from the road underneath the tower shortly before 4 pm and at about 4 pm police had cut through the netting around the scaffolding that separated them from the outer safety net where the man was.

They proceeded to put ropes around him to make sure he was secure between pacing around the red safety net which hung heavily under his weight, the man lay down with his blond wig trailing over the side.

Two ambulances and two police vans appeared a few minutes after 4 pm at the bottom of the tower inside Parliament, as emergency services prepared their attempt to apprehend the climber and at approximately 4.30 pm the climber had moved from the net to a large metal girder, where he sat looking out at the metropolis and eventually at about 7 pm Mr Atkinson was removed from the tower.


Police officers used a lift connected to a scaffolding to bring the protester to the ground and at least six people were seen accompanying him to his descent and as the lift reached the floor, a gathering of supporters applauded from behind a fence encircling the Palace of Westminster.

But there is one simple question to all of this, are we the taxpayers supposed to pay for the damage caused, the special hoist, two ambulances and the countless cops?

These rebels need to learn that climate change is a natural phenomenon according to a shock report which launched a spanner in the works of those who maintain that global warming is a consequence of man-made activity.

Because apparently, global temperatures would have still increased without the industrial revolution, basically dismissing the claim that man is responsible for climate change.

Most scientists will state that climate change is caused by an increase of CO2 being ploughed into the environment thanks to the industrial revolution but Dr Marohasy along with fellow scientist Dr John Abbot state this hypothesis was based on a model which was decided almost 120 years ago.

That model, mustered up by Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius who was deemed to be one of the godfathers of physical chemistry, claimed carbon dioxide absorbs infrared radiation.

And while the fact that carbon dioxide absorbs infrared radiation is not disputed, there is an argument that it’s not correlated correctly to a heating globe and limited work has been done in the following century to update this model.

But to accurately examine the impact of CO2 in the environment data was obtained which offered ways to measure temperatures over the last 2,000 years such as tree rings and coral cores.

Dr Marohasy and Dr Abbot issued a paper in the journal GeoResJ describing their study of climate change using neural network technology and they fed this information into a machine learning neural network which gave prediction models of temperatures for the last two millennia if there was not extra CO2.

The computer predicted temperatures which almost exactly matched what global temperatures have been, even if there wasn’t an industrial revolution. They further discovered the world was warmer throughout Medieval times.

Dr Marohasy recorded in her blog there would have further been a spike in temperatures from 1983-2012, something which scientist have indeed observed and in reference to her study published in GeoResJ, Dr Marohasy wrote in her blog: “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates warming of approximately 1°C, but attributes this all to industrialisation.”

To be clear, while mainstream climate science is replete with published proxy temperature studies noting that temperatures have cycled up and down over the last 2,000 years, spiking throughout the Medieval Warm Period and then again recently to about 1980, the official IPCC reconstructions, which underpin the Paris Accord revoke such cycles.

And through this denial, leaders from within this much-revered community can maintain that there is something unusual about prevailing temperatures and that we have catastrophic global warming from industrialisation.

Dr Marohasy, whose long list of credentials include setting up The Climate Modelling Laboratory and director of the Australian Environment Foundation until 2008, brutally concludes that science is far from settled.

Nevertheless, Nasa, for one, has repeatedly asserted that global warming is a consequence of human activity, saying that there’s a 95 per cent likelihood that it’s caused by man.

And Nasa’s Global Climate Change Office has said: “The heat-trapping nature of carbon dioxide and other gases was demonstrated in the mid-19th century. Their ability to affect the transfer of infrared energy through the atmosphere is the scientific basis of many instruments flown by Nasa. 

“There is no question that increased levels of greenhouse gases must cause the Earth to warm in response.”

They will never acknowledge that it’s a natural phenomenon and they deliberately use data from tree rings, known to be incorrect in modern times to justify their ideological agenda.

And you must have heard the expression, ‘genius is next to madness’, and even worse, the topic of climate change is now so polarised, some see it as a form of religion and we have become climate priests.

And we have soaked up all the stories and misinformation spat out by these so-called green lobbyists and we should forget about global warming and simply be thankful that the next ice age hasn’t begun yet because governments always want you to fear something and this is it.

And if someone can demonstrate to me how the last ice age ended and the planet began warming up again, I might consider global warming because it couldn’t have been caused by humans, we weren’t here yet. Yet every country in the world has taken millions of pounds in taxes to prevent something which is merely a natural phenomenon, so will they compensate us, I suspect not.

So, this is a natural phenomenon, who knew it, well, well. So, now all the taxes can be lifted and the yearly IPCC yearly bunfest, which was only for those who believed anyway, a little like a Vatican conference.

The BBC will have to update its propaganda programming, and what will these school teachers teach these children now, it’s going to be difficult to find a suitable replacement.

And it seems that man-made global warming and climate change is a huge deception put out there by governments and entrepreneurs so that they can obtain more cash from the people.

Of course, some of the problems in global warming are due to humans but researchers wouldn’t admit that most are due to a natural phenomenon because that would mean that researchers into global warming would lose their funding and support and would be doubted.

But of course, global warming is profitable and climate change is big business particularly when hit by severe weather and the United Kingdom is now one of the global leaders in this industry and this market for climate adaption and as the world’s climate fluctuates, Britain appears to have more expertise in such fields with weather forecasting, flood modelling, infrastructure and insurance which has now come to the forefront to prepare us for these kinds of events.

And our agriculture proceeds to innovate, using advanced breeding techniques to produce new crops that can flourish even when the weather appears to be against us with genetic engineering which has the potential to make further crop improvements.

With instances of floods that have destroyed Thailand and this has been a high-value business opportunity which is extensively promoted but this global warming is a business opportunity and now governments are encouraging companies on how to turn a profit from something most people view as a serious peril to our collective well being and too many companies are making huge amounts of money at the expense of the poorest people on the planet.

Climate change is a natural phenomenon but typically, the government has to put a tax on it and this is particularly profitable in the wrong hands.

Five hundred million years ago carbon dioxide concentration was 20 times greater than today, reducing to 4-5 times throughout the Jurassic era and then gradually decreasing with a particularly speedy decline occurring 49 million years ago.

But carbon dioxide diffuses in the ocean to form carbonic acid (H2CO3), bicarbonate (HCO3) and carbonate (CO32 and there’s about fifty times as much carbon dissolved in the oceans as exists in the atmosphere and the ocean serves as an enormous carbon sink which has taken up about a third of CO2 emitted by human activity.

Most people already know that global warming is a natural phenomenon but it’s the elite that is continually striving to intimidate us and maintain its existence.

Global warming is something which has been occurring frequently, in a cyclical time scale, since our Earth developed its atmosphere but what’s troubling is what comes next.

Climate change is one of the biggest globalist con tricks to ever be played out on the people, not only is it extremely profitable for the elites but it’s one of the main tools to bring in Agenda 21.

The light finally dawns on the scientific community. The climate has changed, sometimes suddenly and sometimes more gradually ever since there has been a climate. Whatever next? Boris Johnson making sense possibly, unlikely, but you never know.

But there are too many fingers in the £1.5 trillion estimated Green industry to make this con go away and for every climate report that says it’s all-natural these swindlers have ten fully paid up shill scientists saying it’s man-made.

To think all those highly paid people have not only wasted years of time and money they’ve told lies around the world so that we could be taxed to the bone but if you frighten people enough you can charge them unimaginable amounts of money.

The Economistalists will tell you that they can show scientifically that the more CO2 there is the warmer it gets, you can further claim that scientifically the more ice cream people eat leads to more shark attacks and that figures confirm this scientifically. 

Of course, this is simply a coincidence of figures and one doesn’t mean that one is the cause of the other just like CO2. It merely suggests that when the weather is hotter more people eat ice cream and that when it’s warmer more people swim in the sea, leaving them more inclined to be attacked by a shark.

You will further notice that they never tell you the amount of CO2 there is in our atmosphere and is that because it’s so preposterously small to bring about the Armageddon they predict.

This is not going to please the global warmists because it tends to make them look ridiculous. It’s not going to please the climate scientists because their distorted reports are how they make their living.

It’s not going to please governments because they need some excuse for all their green tax and carbon tax and any other tax that they claim is saving our planet. So, on the whole, they will continue to dismiss anything other than it’s man-made.

Of course, this is of no surprise, the world is chock-full of fluffy people who are seriously seeking to save the planet. The dilemma is they’ve only been on the planet for a nanosecond and their studies extend for a few nanoseconds and we’re here dealing with something on a galactic scale and nanosecond science is of little value.

But the government would never admit to us that they’re fleecing us from every angle as long as it makes them money and puts more laws and sanctions on what we can and can’t do, they will carry on with this lie.

Of course, these foolish antics will not reap much support but no matter what we think of these rebellion tactics, we also don’t want the police to have powers to shoot harmless nonviolent demonstrators.

But what people should be protesting against is austerity because austerity kills people because this government doesn’t care about the people.





Published by Angela Lloyd

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