Angry Mum Confronts Top Tory


An exasperated mum braved Dominic Raab about Tory claims of putting £500 into the pocket of everybody.

The Foreign Secretary was questioned about Conservative proposals to increase the threshold for paying National Insurance when an unnamed mum said she was a food bank user and questioned him about the suggestion it would put £500 in the pocket of everybody, asking him how far that money would go.

Dominic Raab responded that it was an incremental improvement and it was more than any other party was offering to the lowest paid in our society and that he would raise it even further.

However, when questioned how the plans would be financed, he stated that he’d done this for two hours before finally walking away.

The furious mother told him that she simply wanted to understand and that she was a food bank user and she didn’t believe that he’d stepped in one and that she didn’t think that he’d spoken to the people there.

And that when he’s talking about the £500 that she believed he was insulting to the people who need to use the food bank, particularly when you’re talking about three weeks of your shopping per year.

The encounter took place at St Andrew’s Church in Cobham. At the same event, Dominic Raab was booed and shouted at by a room of constituents as he explained his party’s Brexit proposals.


He was taking questions from his constituents alongside Monica Harding, the Liberal Democrat hopeful and as Dominic Raab attempted to give his closing address, there was continued taunting from the masses.

Both moments were captured on camera as Dominic Raab stated that he’d been doing this for two hours but this lady wanted to discuss the Tory pledge with him but he promptly left the church after stating that she was entitled to her opinion at the end of the video.

Frankly, it was disappointing that he seemed to give her relatively short shrift and as her MP, there for a public speaking event, you would have expected him to give some time to one of his more vulnerable constituents.

And it should be acknowledged that the nature of her question was slightly vague and that he may have found it challenging to give a suitable reply but how he reacted to her was unworthy of someone in his position and what an ignorant unschooled remark from Dominic Raab, poverty is prevalent everywhere.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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