Tory Candidate Suggests People Using Food Banks Can’t Manage Their Budget Properly


A Tory hopeful has aroused outrage by insinuating that people who use food banks struggle with maintaining their budget.

Darren Henry was branded entirely clueless and lacking any empathy after making the comments at hustings in the Broxtowe constituency where he brought cries of hysteria and indignity from audience members.


The increase of food banks, which were rare before the 2008 financial crash, has expanded hugely under the Conservative government, with numerous experts and campaigners criticising austerity and policies such as Universal Credit for prompting the swell in need as a need for food banks approached a record high in 2019.

More than 820,000 emergency food parcels were given out between April and September, 26 per cent higher than the number distributed throughout the same period in 2018 and more than a third of those parcels went to children.

And one recent study discovered food bank users have an average of £7.10 per day (£50 a week) to live on after housing costs, a figure well below the official relative poverty threshold of £262 per week.

Yet Mr Henry suggested food bank users needed help understanding money and budgeting like they were thick. Well, if our government put more money into our education system, then maybe we wouldn’t have some people that have trouble reading and writing, but then that was the plan all along!

If the government put less money into the education system, then our society as a whole would be easier to repress and take charge of and so that those poverty-stricken people can be deemed defective, including the homeless, offenders, street children, the elderly, sex workers and sexual minorities.

With the government now taking control so that they can educate our children that the lower classes are a drain on the resources of society and in many countries, income disparities have led to social pressures and an environment of mutual mistrust, including the United Kingdom.

The rich and powerful being seen as having achieved their money through evil arts, while the economically disadvantaged are accused of responsibility for the troubles of society.

Mr Henry said that a thing that could benefit these people when these people don’t have any money is that they could get a payday loan or something like that. I’m not sure what globe this guy lives in but it’s not this one, maybe Alice in Wonderland, perhaps he’s the white rabbit.

He further stated that what we need to do is to support these people and help them understand budgets because money is a very useful thing, of course, it’s a useful thing if you’ve got it, it seems Mr Henry has!

Of course, Mr Henry’s speech was going to provoke outrage because it seemed that the candidate was supporting payday loans but what this man is, is repugnant and a disgrace and he should be burying his head up his behind.

This guy is entirely clueless and lacks the understanding and compassion to be an MP and Universal Credit should be there to anchor any of us against the tides of poverty but the five-week wait fatally weakens this principle, forcing people into debt, homelessness and poverty.

And the Conservatives have no solutions to the hardship they’ve created in our society and it just proves how out of touch the Tories are, and payday loans come with exorbitant interest rates which will further force people into a descending spiral.


And now it appears that there are more food banks than McDonald’s, so this is another key reason why everybody should vote on Thursday because people are not able to eat and so many of them are in work but with zero-hours contracts and so many other poverty traps are pushing them to rely on charities to feed themselves and their children and this is a national disgrace.

The Tories are clueless and how these people get elected is a disgrace because they don’t represent local people, they only represent their party first and foremost and to stand to become an MP, one should have to spend a full week on each of the following:

Live on the streets for a week on welfare money, rely on food from a food bank and live on a run-down council estate within the area that they want to represent because anyone wanting to stand for any party should encounter real life even just for a week.

But instead, they want to own the poor and the Tories and their followers are vile people who have no thoughts for the less well off and only want what’s in it for themselves.

And what Darren Henry was saying was that people weren’t hungry because they haven’t got any money but that they were hungry because they’re too dense to manage the money they’ve got. But yeah, let’s blame the poor for their predicament, it’s what the Tories have always done.

We now have 2,030 food banks in the United Kingdom and that’s a statistic I would like our Conservative voting friends to justify and how the constant increase of people relying on them is sustainable and what’s the policy in the Conservative manifesto that’s going to deal with this problem?

Over 20 per cent of people going to food banks have no income at all, so how can budgeting help? And some people are having to wait up to 5 weeks or more for Universal Credit payments and some despairing people have loan payments higher than their total income because swindlers have given them more than they can manage.

Of course, there is a minority where budgeting could help them but the majority will have issues that have restricted their benefits but if the Conservative candidate was smart he would know this but of course, his salary probably earns him significant money plus savings a year, so he lives in a different world.

But then we have become a country where a huge portion of the population are selfish, narrow-minded, insensitive, inconsiderate people, it’s the Tory way or no way and the Tory ethos is self-centred, narcissistic and sociopathic.

Although we shouldn’t stigmatise every Tory voter, and some people go on whether they like the leader or they’re swayed by the media or simply follow family and friends and you’d be shocked at just how many don’t have a clue on the parties manifestos and what they’re voting for.

I’m not going to label anyone who votes Tory at this election as self-centred, offensive or vile but surely you can see what damage they’ve done over the past 10 years, record homelessness, record poverty, record food bank usage, inequality between rich and poor, austerity proven to be political, selling every asset we have, record levels of debt, NHS cuts, record crime levels, the prison service on its rear end and dodgy deals left, right and centre.

And if you look at that and believe that it’s a good idea to vote in this womanising bigot then that’s up to you but you won’t be laughing and smiling 5 years from now when your job is gone and you’re getting no relief from the state because it’s all been cut, then you’ll be the first to complain about what’s occurring in this country.

And it’s impossible to imagine how desperate these people must be who are using food banks and the fact that they’re so widespread and the government seems to see them as a solution to the problem is sickening and some food banks simply don’t have the resources to continue to give out food, especially when they’re relying on public donations.

In theory, the benefits system was intended to give enough funds to stop this happening so it should only be short term relief that’s needed, sadly, with a five-week wait for benefit payments and people being sanctioned for next to nothing this isn’t usually the case, but again in one of the wealthiest countries on earth, no one should be relying on public donations just to eat.



Published by Angela Lloyd

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