Clive Lewis Calls For Referendum On Royal Family


Clive Lewis has called for a poll on the fate of the Monarchy as part of his pitch to be the leader of the Labour Party. He further declared that one of the reasons why he has so far struggled to get on the ballot paper is because he’s a black man.


He told an audience in Brixton that the decision by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to step back from public life could be a model for the fate of the Royal Family and he stated that he admired the couple’s decision following press interference they’ve encountered and the prejudice that Megan has encountered in the British media.


So, why not have a vote in this country on the future of the Royal family? The people should be allowed to decide on what the fate of the monarchy is, and for the Royal Family being sized down and I’m sure that a bunch of people would like to see the monarchy scaled-down and there’s been a lot of talks because the monarchy is quite extensive and there are a lot of people in the Royal Family being funded by the public purse.

We’re a democracy and the people of this nation need to be seen as citizens rather than subjects in the 21st Century and we should be speaking about what a modern state looks like and what the function of the Royal Family would look like.

Let the British people determine what the fate of the monarchy is and what shape it should take. After all, we’re not subjects, we’re citizens of this country and I would imagine the vast preponderance of the people in this country would consider themselves citizens.


Yet this could not end well for Clive Lewis because Jeremy Corbyn also wanted to get rid of the Royal Family, and that didn’t end well for him either and he’s picking the wrong fight because he needs to win power before making such sweeping moves and he further stated that the reason no one voted for him as leader is because he’s a person of colour but now he’s another person that believes he’s Jeremy Corbyn, an expert protestor who complains about anything that the competition is working on.

And after the last debacle, it’s questionable we’ll ever see another referendum anytime soon and in recent polls, it suggested that 64 per cent of the people still support the monarchy. There are truly more important problems in our country and it’s doubtful his thinking would be embraced.

But there are people out there that would like to get rid of the ruling elite family, after all, they’re no better than us and they freeload money from us and treat us with discourtesy and disdain, and they’re malicious users of all good and decent people and numerous people might say that we should have a vote because the Royal Family get more money than anyone on Universal Credit.


And as a regimental band moves towards Windsor Castle, rounded a corner by a sculpture of Queen Victoria and entered the 11th-century fortress through the Henry VIII gate for thrice-weekly changing of the guard, pipers and drummers clad in kilts and bearskins lead the way, followed by the New Guard carrying bayonets over their left shoulder.

It’s a quintessential British display, cheered by sightseers lining their route but a few metres from the castle walls at least 10 rough sleepers huddle in doorways and bus shelters, covered in wet blankets and sleeping bags and one man in his 40s who lives on the streets, was rolling his first cigarette of the day.

He’s one of the increasing number of people living on the streets in the royal town of Windsor where police have been called to circulate enforcement orders against the scourge of rough sleepers and homelessness before the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle because it was thought that it was presenting a beautiful town in a sadly bad light.

But for this man who lost his private tenancy, lives in a makeshift shelter of cardboard and blankets by a bus stop opposite the castle, these enforcement orders were a stark difference to the charity and kindness countless people in the town have shown him and other rough sleepers.

And if they want to clean up the royal borough, at least give these people a place to stay but of course, they don’t want vermin like this man on the street when the entire world is watching but at the end of the day, they’re human beings as well and just want to get back on their feet.

Only the Labour party can suggest ideas that make them unelectable with divided offensive strategies, more involved in doctrines than winning elections and at this rate they’ll never become a powerful opponent or win an election and it’s not about the colour of his skin that’s holding Clive Lewis back, it’s his hypocritical foolishness.

And Clive Lewis needs to understand that we’re citizens of this country, not serfs and if he’s fighting to get on the ballot paper because of the colour of his skin then he’s acknowledging the Labour Party is institutionally racist and why would he want to remain in, nevermind want to lead such a party?

He’s just looking for a pity vote, how pathetic, and I’m surprised they haven’t begun calling for a Queen of colour in the name of diversity.


The monarchy and the House of Lords are really antiquated and they all need to be modernised because we live in the 21st Century and we live in a modern age where things are shifting quite quickly.

The Royals are not what makes up this country, the people who live in it are but instead, we just get treated like peasants and commoners but then its been like this for a pretty long time where social institutions comparable to serfdom occurred in the ancient world.

Serfdom was a system that provided most of the agricultural labour throughout the Middle Ages and slavery continued right through to the Middle Ages but it did diminish, mostly confined to the use of household slaves but actually, it’s always been there and still is.























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