Boris Johnson wants £ 500,000 to Bong Big Ben on Brexit Night


Boris Johnson has called on Brits to crowdfund up to £5000,000 so Big Ben can bong at the moment of Brexit.

The Prime Minister announced he’s drawing up plans to bung a bob for Parliament’s famous bell to ring out at 11pm on January 31 and scores of Tory MPs have been asking for the bell to toll to rejoice the moment Britain legally becomes the first country to leave the EU.


But so far no plan has been announced because Elizabeth Tower, which holds the Great Bell known as Big Ben is presently being renovated and the matter was presented at a meeting of the House of Commons Commission but the cost was calculated at £500,000, so the idea was jettisoned.


Commons Speaker Lindsey Hoyle advised care over any proposal to ring the bell, saying that you’re talking about £50,000 a bong. Yet in an interview, Boris Johnson announced the Government was working up a proposal to finance the costs.

The bongs cost £500,000 but evidently, the government are working up a plan so that people can bung a bob for a Big Ben bong because there are some people who want to.

However, Big Ben is being refurbished and they seem to have taken the clapper away, so the clapper needs to be restored in order to bong Big Ben on Brexit night and that’s expensive, so now they’re now looking at whether the public can fund it. The proposals provoked immediate ridicule from opposing MPs with SNP MP Stewart McDonald stating, a global Britain, that has to run a crowdfunder to ring the bells of its most renowned clock tower, we really are through the looking glass.

The fascination with Big Ben ringing for Brexit actually does highlight the shallowness of the Vote Leave campaign.

The 315ft, Grade I listed Elizabeth Tower that contains the bell and clock face is currently undergoing a £61 million renovation in which costs have more than doubled.

It has previously chimed for Remembrance Sunday and New Year’s Eve but the special chiming requires two days of rehearsal and testing each time, and even more time in preparation.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons and chairman of the Commission said that the Commission thinks it’s necessary to weigh up the costs this would involve if Big Ben is to sound on 31 January, you’re talking about £50,000 a bong.

We further need to bear in mind that the only people who will hear it will be those who live near and are visiting Westminster, not the entire nation and even if it was reconnected, only the haunting low E dong of 13.7 tonnes, 1859 Great Bell would ring out, not the musical quarter bells which make up the clock’s famous chime.

The bell was detached in 2017 to protect the hearing of the craftsmen renovating the tower, yet Tory Brexiteer Mark Francois insisted he and fellow Brexit ultra Bill Cash could go up the column with a hammer and bong the bell themselves and that if all else fails, the BBC must have a recording of Big Ben clanging they could play at 11pm at no cost whatsoever to taxpayers.

Commons authorities stated for the Bell to ring on 31 January, the temporary striking device used for Remembrance Sunday and New Year’s Eve would need to be reattached and tested to guarantee the timing is right.

A tempory floor of the tower would also need to be established as comprehensive work is currently taking place in this region. The cumulative costs of this would be £120,000 but this would, in turn, push back the work by two to four weeks, with delays costing £100,000 a week, the whole cost would come to between £320,000 and £500,000.

It looks like Brexit’s going to be a huge clanger, but then we knew that anyhow and Boris Johnson who wants to bring our country together is now proposing national celebrations on the day that we leave, which is absolutely outrageous, divisive and wicked.

People aren’t worried whether Big Ben is chiming in London on Brexit night, why not just have all the churches around the United Kingdom sounding their bells in recognition instead? That way the entirety of the United Kingdom can hear the chimes live for once and not just for those who live in London.

This is pretty much a vanity thing and instead of wasting taxpayers cash, he’s now expecting them to crowdfund it from whatever they have left out of their earnings.

Meanwhile, in the real world people are dying on trolleys in A&E, the 75s can’t have free TV licences anymore and people are relying on food banks and then this joker comes up with this ludicrous scheme and it appears that Boris Johnson has gone bonkers and we’d be better of striking Boris on the head with a lump hammer, that should have a nice hollow ring to it.

And hearing Big Ben strike on the night is a tad over the top for blundering Boris Johnson. Why doesn’t he instead donate that money to our struggling NHS, rather than spending it on some lavish and expensive escapade? This is a typical Tory stunt from a bungling clown.

Of course, people should be allowed to rejoice as they want, perhaps with some fireworks going off rather than the ringing of Big Ben and costing so much money that could be used elsewhere, after all, how are people going to benefit from Big Ben ringing?

And why has this even been considered? We should go quietly and with pride and it appears that the United Kingdom is swiftly becoming a theme park being run by a Mickey Mouse government and Boris Johnson is just rubbing it in how much he’s relishing the power he’s been gifted by the Tories.

And we’re not out of Brexit yet. Boris Johnson is going on about Big Ben chiming on the night, yet it all could change between now and then and we could still not come out, he keeps stating that we will, and even if we do, we have no concept of what the future holds for us and yet all we see is fellow voters ridiculing Remainers, it’s just all playground stuff and we all need to grow up!

And if Boris Johnson wants it to bong, he should pay for it himself, that’s if Brexit really happens because the only plan Boris Johnson has ever had was to get into No 10, and he did and said whatever it took to get there.

Now his plan is to stay there and his default method is again to do and say whatever it takes to stay there and he doesn’t care about anyone apart from Boris, and to believe that he cares about the poor, sick, and ageing who need assistance with the most fundamental of human needs, is delusional.

After all, why should he care? He’s a millionaire and his family are millionaires and they can pay for their social and health care needs and the sad thing about this is that thousands and thousands of elderly people are going to live and die in terrible need and there will be people like Boris that won’t give a damn.

We have become a nation of “If I’m alright Jack” and we should be ashamed of what we’ve become.




























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