Ofsted Says Golders Green School Content Doesn’t Show Respect For Women


Ofsted inspectors stated that material discovered at an Orthodox school in Golders Green does not teach respect for women and said that texts discovered in the Lubavitch Senior Boy’s School main room carried messages about gender roles.

The material, which was found amongst religious textbooks during an inspection, included suggestions on how to handle women and references to their functions as guards protecting their families well-being, rather than as workers but the school’s leaders told Ofsted that they were not knowledgeable of these texts being in the school and that they didn’t represent their beliefs.

During the inspection that was carried out without warning, the school was ranked as inadequate because it was found that their curriculum was narrow and condensed and that the pupil’s accomplishments were considered inadequate in English, mathematics and science and inspectors discovered age-appropriate textbooks to be censored through teacher selection of content studied.


The school educates 22 boys aged from 11 to 13 and they moved from Stamford Hill to share premises as the Lubavitch Yeshiva Katana where students couldn’t present proof of written work for English and Ofsted recorded that the school’s permanent head was missing and it was unclear if he would return.

And in a separate report, it was announced by Ofsted that an inadequate Chasidic boys infant school in Stamford Hill had 100 more children than its official maximum.


Talmud Torah D’Chasidei Gur, which has 242 boys from three to seven, was deemed unsatisfactory in all categories following the inspection service and Ofsted reprimanded the inadequate model of secular education and noted that students struggled to read because teachers lacked the awareness of how to teach boys pronunciation and as a result, boys got confused between Yiddish and English.

Subject plans were too narrow and concentrated largely on the experiences of the Jewish people with nothing about how Britain has influenced or been affected by the wider world and that students did not learn about the role of women.

The basic function of the Lubavitch is to gather Jewish children (children in the plain sense of the word), as well as children in terms of knowledge of G-d, his Torah and Mitzvot, in order to reveal their inner soul and true essence, that they should recognise that they are the children of G-d, their G-d and should continue to forge the golden chain of their ancestral tradition to the point of veritable self-sacrifice for the preservation of the Jewish way of life, the way of the Torah and Mitzvot.

And that’s excellent as long as they’re learning the ways of the world outside of their culture as well and are being taught an all-inclusive curriculum.











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