John Bercow Put £1,000 Taxi On Travel Expenses That Could Have Cost £67

John Bercow splashed out £1,000 of taxpayers money on a taxi ride that could have cost as little as £67 by train and before he resigned as Commons Speaker, John Bercow paid the eye-watering amount to take a taxi from Westminster to Nottingham to give a speech.


Aides have said that he was encouraged not to take public transport to Nottingham Trent University, where he was giving a speech to the Political Studies Association conference about how Parliament should respond to the anti-politics age, because of security concerns.

The taxi waited for him throughout his speech and dropped his colleague off in Bicester on the way back, and the cost before VAT was calculated was £836.50.

John Bercow has also enjoyed a £7,000 jaunt around the United States during the end of his tenure.

His expenses, funded by taxpayers, included a £118 a month subscription to Sky for the Speakers House, the home within the Palace of Westminster where John Bercow lived with his family.

The former Conservative MP also left the public with a £12,000 bill for leaving parties. It included an invoice of £3,168 for a retirement party for Speakers chaplain Rose Hudson-Wilkin and rather than retire, she became the Bishop of Dover.

John Bercow also spent £2,376 on a retirement party for the Commons invitations secretary and a month later another £3,187 for a formal goodbye to Clerk of the House, David Natzler.

The Speakers official account spent £3,696 on giving the principal clerk of the Table Office a send-off and the Speakers Office has financed retirement receptions for senior staff numerous times in the past.

Before he left the Commons chair, John Bercow used his official account to pay for a £234 drinks bill at a reception for the Panel of Chairs, MPs who help him oversee Parliamentary debates, and £560 on lunch for his counterparts in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Remain-voter John Bercow refereed proceedings in the Commons for nine years and he’s since been hired for media appearances since stepping down, including giving commentary for Sky News during its general election coverage last month.

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised by this because this is really a great illustration of a typical mercenary Tory politician and the man is nothing but a common criminal and the expenses were for his role as Speaker of the House of Commons, not for any of his private jaunts and he was nothing more than a champagne Socialist.

And like all the biased little fannies they’re used to travelling the gravy train at our expense but there seems little point bleating on about it like the sheep that we are and they’re all at it and they seem to get away with it, no questions asked while the people of this country have no funds for education or medical, but that appears to be someone else’s problem as another Tory climbs into yet another taxi.

All non-essential work-related expenses should have a listing of recommended hotels and travel plans to guarantee that bookings can only be made for those recommended lists, then all second homes should be eliminated, and all food and drinks. If they want to wine and dine, they can pay for that out of their wages and then we will see the MPs that do the job for the right reasons and not because they can make thousands from the taxpayer.

John Bercow is a deeply dislikable person with a frankly cruel aura and what a greedy wicked man he is and it’s no wonder these MPs don’t want to reveal their expenses because they all know they’re an utter disgrace and we should be fed up with the whole process and constant hands in the till set up, while austerity and big wiggling backsides are feeding themselves at the pig trough and Boris Johnson has rewarded the hardest working people with a 51 pence an hour wage rise, just shows what he thinks of the public and to think, some people actually voted for this little piggy!

And a parasite of a human being comes to mind!












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