DWP Blasted By Amy Winehouse’s Mum As She Demands Urgent Benefit Changes


Amy Winehouse’s mother argued Boris Johnson to stop the sickening treatment of disabled welfare claimants as Janis Winehouse presented a 21,000 signature petition to Downing Street, with campaigners demanding a response from the Prime Minister.


They’re asking for Boris Johnson to fix the process for claiming Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

The benefit, which succeeded Disability Living Allowance, was intended to help with the additional expense of a long term health condition or disability, however, there are concerns about the assessment method and the complexity of the forms.

Janis Winehouse, who has secondary progressive multiple sclerosis wants to help people living with multiple sclerosis whose voices are still not being heard, and the late singer’s mother announced that some of her closest friends have been through the exhausting and demoralising process of claiming PIP and that it can’t go on any longer.


Multiple sclerosis is painful and crippling, and right now PIP is costing countless people their independence rather than giving it to them, and after handing over the petition on her 65th birthday, she blasted how sickening it is, that claimants are examined by people with no understanding of the condition.

While she’d not individually experienced difficulties with PIP, her friends have seen undeniable horrors and Janis Winehouse urged the Prime Minister to support those people and for him to listen and understand what these people are saying.

The UK’s welfare system is a disaster and it’s leaving thousands of disabled people suffering as a result, even though it was a process that was created to protect society’s most vulnerable, it’s now too often doing the reverse.

More than 100,000 live with Multiple Sclerosis in the United Kingdom and there need to be common-sense changes to PIP so that people can get the necessary help they need. This doesn’t need a lengthy consultation or elusive Green Paper, it simply requires decisions backed up by evidence, and assessments carried out by experts with a good awareness of the condition.

And it’s hoped that the Prime Minister will read the letter attentively, and understand the impact these profoundly flawed assessments have on people, and it’s about time that we had a benefits process people can trust.

These injustices need addressing quickly because what sort of government turns a deaf ear to the pain and suffering?

This is now a government that believes that the sick and disabled are worthless and must be got rid of and if we’re not mindful there will again be workhouses on the horizon.

There have been thousands that have died, so how serious does it have to get before we do something about it, and it seems that it’s time to fight back because anyone can end up disabled, even the elite of the elite.

Sorry to say people voted for more of this cruel Tory government and it doesn’t look like anyone will prevent the death of the disabled because this Tory government certainly doesn’t care about them.

These assessments that they do are flawed and more often than not it’s making people take their own lives over the situation and as long as the Tories are in it will never change, and the voters that voted the Tories in, they don’t care either, all they’re concerned about is getting Brexit through and then turn a blind eye to their own people that are being killed by government policies, and the Tories and their voters are the ones that are a stain on humanity, not the starving and poverty-stricken, talk about passing the buck!


People are being assessed that have the most appalling infirmities such as epilepsy, osteoporosis and many other conditions such as seizures, and that are constantly in pain, pain that is intolerable.

The assessor writes the report to the DWP and then the claimant gets a copy with numerous claimants finding that the assessors have told so many lies, which is nothing short of criminal, and people are being told that their health is manageable and they’re passed fit for work.

And one could agree that these assessments are cruel, with people doing the assessments that aren’t qualified enough and some can’t even spell the person’s health issues, and yet, the Tories just laugh and look down on the suffering and the poor, and it’s designed folks because the UK’s social safety net has been intentionally eliminated and replaced with a rigid and uncaring ethos, and no one should be made sicker due to the DWP process!

















Published by Angela Lloyd

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