Shoppers Baffled After Tesco Put Security Cases On £1.10 Milkybar and Aero Chocolate Bars To Stop Thieves


Amusing footage of one bewildered customer as Tesco displays rows of treats, including Milkybars and Aeros secured in perspex cases at one store in Bristol.

The footage captures the moment the man, goes in for his midday treat only to discover all his favourite chocolate locked away.


He went into Tesco on Park Street, Bristol and all of the big chocolate bars were being housed in perspex security cases and it seemed odd because nearly everything else around them was of greater value but had no security.

He asked the person at the till but he didn’t know why they were crated either but it’s not the first time Tesco has had to put everyday items in security cases.


Last year customers were stunned to spot Fruit ‘n Fibre on sale in multiple stores across the country for a staggering £7, so pricey, some boxes even had security tags on them.

Oli Headly, 32, was in his local Tesco on Whitecross Road in Hereford last year when he spotted the locked up cereal.

Oli Headly who runs his own business said that a friend of his works in the store and he was stood there gazing at it in disbelief.

It was run through the till and it came up as £7 and this seems rather odd and other people have seen the same thing so it appeared to be somewhat nationwide, even though Tesco did state that they don’t have it on their system that they sell the 500g box which is a tad peculiar.

Although we shouldn’t be shocked, some branches have put security tags on their shopping baskets and Tesco does need to watch themselves because if they carry on they’ll end up being taken over by places like Aldi and Lidl, well at least their sales will.

But this isn’t only happening in one store, it’s occurring in most stores across England and things like coffee, the racks are empty and large jars are being kept behind the till and blocks of cheese are also being kept in perspex cases and large chocolate bars due to the volume that is being robbed every day. There must be a lot of caffeine and cheese addicts!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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