Priti Patel Left Officials Trembling


Merciless Priti Patel left officials trembling with her demanding behaviour as a Minister, and the Home Secretary has been accused of attempting to expel a senior civil servant, as her department was plunged into a tumultuous bullying row.


The Home Secretary reportedly demanded the removal of her permanent secretary Sir Philip Rutnam, who’s said to have raised concerns about her behaviour.

Priti Patel has supposedly earned herself a reputation for being cold and difficult, and if she took against an official, she would let it be known and she would demand people to be dismissed from their jobs.

And it seems she’s pretty robust, highly demanding and wants impossible stuff done immediately, and won’t take no for an answer and people have trembled in meetings with her.

A source said that Priti Patel’s ruthless behaviour has been amplified since Boris Johnson’s aide Dominic Cummings arrived at No 10, and that she inherently hates civil servants and that she thinks they’re risk-averse.

She thinks they’re trying to stop what she wants to accomplish. She’s brutal and with Dominic Cummings on board, it’s been magnified, and the dispute between Sir Philip and Priti Patel reportedly followed orders from the Home Secretary, some of which officials said were illegal.

The pair had major arguments about the rule of law, but any ally of Priti Patel said they didn’t recognise these claims, and a source said they firmly refuted allegations of bullying or belittling and had never seen any proof of this, instead, describing her as difficult, so she fits in well with the rest of the government.

They’re all a pack of well-heeled elitists, many of who are owners of conglomerates and employ managers to cover their incompetence.

All you have to do is look at those at No 10, who I wouldn’t trust to make a cup of tea and they look as stupid as they act, like old Etonian schoolboys out for a bit of fun. Fun for them, but trouble for the rest of us, and who’s going to pick up the pieces after they’re gone?

And they’ve marginalised or removed able politicians who disagree with their leader, and this has the effect of diminishing the accessible supply of expertise and thus creating an echo chamber come self-appreciation society that suffers from groupthink.

The top people, positive in their ability but mindful that they have blind spots, always select teams with differing views and experiences. Top leaders don’t want yes men and women, but Boris Johnson and his buddies do!

And it seems that MPs are terrified of her being victorious because if she does a great job over the next decade then she will become leadership material.

However, if she boots them all out, other than the ones that will leave in their droves, who will do all the work to make all the departments and systems function? Because no one will come and work for a bully.

I’m all for reform, but not at the cost of someone’s mental health or if it involves bullying tactics, and there has to be a line between the well-being of workers and being able to call out complacencies and ineptitude within departments, and with how the civil service work, this is the childish attitude that we should be expecting, a lot of shouting and a lot of whining.

Plus they get paid a bomb for doing essentially nothing, and after a lifetime of easy work, they get called out and told they have to start earning their money, so a few tears of improper treatment and bullying is the least we can expect.


And then we have Boris Johnson, who’s been quite the absentee since the election, although the fool does rear his messy head on occasion, and the large preponderance of civil servants are pompous, lethargic and grossly overcompensated pencil pushers.

Perhaps it’s time we had a Home Secretary with a pair, to sort it all out, and people who get all upset when asked to do their work, which is pretty well paid, are out of their depth and they wouldn’t last a week in private industry.

Men are afraid of robust women that won’t be pushed around, and Priti Patel seems like she is one of those people who won’t stand for freeloading MPs, but she still comes across as a mean prejudiced bully, and that has nothing to do with gender.

Priti Patel supported the death penalty, but then denied she ever supported wanting it to be reintroduced, and she used her first interview as Home Secretary to say that she wanted offenders to truly feel terror, although she didn’t say what offenders, was that all of them, or just some of them?

The fervent Brexiteer was appointed to the Home Office by Boris Johnson after two years as a backbencher, provoking debate over her past support for capital punishment. However, Priti Patel then insisted that her previous claims didn’t mean she was an ardent supporter of the death penalty.

She further said that her comments on the matter were constantly taken out of context and alleged that footage of her supporting the death penalty, may have been clipped.


Priti Patel was fired as International Development Secretary by Theresa May in 2017 after holding undeclared meetings with the Israeli government but made a remarkable return to government, under Boris Johnson.

And in an interview, she claimed she’d previously been questioned about deterrents in crime and said that there needed to be more restraints. She further stated that she believed that we had a criminal justice system that continuously fails the country and that we’ve seen murderers, rapists and people who’ve perpetrated the most disgusting atrocities in society, go into prison and then are discharged from prison to go out into the community to then re-offend and do the types of crime they have committed again and again.

She said that it was shocking and that on that reason alone she would support the reintroduction of capital punishment to serve as a restraint because there should be enough deterrents in this country for offenders.

And that if you had the ultimate penalty for the murder of policemen and other horrendous crimes, she was certain it would serve as a deterrent and that we should be conveying a clear signal to people that crime doesn’t pay. That the punishment must fit the crime and that she did support capital punishment.

She continued that her focus was to restating commitment to law and order and restating commitment to the people on the front line, the police. See, she didn’t mention the people of this country! And she said that the important thing was that they needed to empower them to end criminality – she made it sound like everyone in the United Kingdom is a criminal.

And according to Priti Patel, the Conservative Party is the party of law and order, full stop! But Priti Patel’s idea that making people terrified of the police will cut crime shows just how out of touch she is with what’s driving some young people into crime in the first place.

Frequently young people say they carry knives because they’re scared of other young people in gangs and we need more police so these young people can feel less fearful and for the police to be there for them and not because the police add to their anxieties, and Priti Patel is just ranting like an uneducated thug, and give a Tory an inch, they’ll take a mile.

At the end of the day, Priti Patel just wants some sort of reaction, which is pathetic really and it’s about time these Tories realised that they’re nothing more than public servants and not above the law either.

And Priti Patel might seem like she’s got a backbone, but there’s a difference between having a backbone and bullying, and now apparently MPs are trembling – well, we’re damned if these are the kind of wimps that are running and destroying our country.

Bullies are detestable and they can make your entire life a misery and there’s a fine line between good, strong leadership, which is required, and bullying, and a fair leader will achieve more from their staff than any bully would.

The Tories are just heartless people and have ruined everything in the United Kingdom, and now they continue without mercy and still can’t see anything wrong with their actions, and not so long ago, Priti Patel had 10 meetings, attempting to give money to finance a foreign power army on the Golan Heights, which was certainly a sackable offence and she quickly was.

She was supplying a foreign power and perhaps also breaking UK law. Most people would have got prison time for that! And it’s worse than that. She wanted to funnel away UK foreign aid to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), and it was Israel controlled Syrian Golan Heights, a place that the United Kingdom doesn’t even acknowledge, and she visited IDF field hospitals nursing injured ISIS fighters, that’s the ISIS we were at war with.

Of course, there are different kinds of bullying, but those people who are needy and bully their staff with sackings and demotions if they don’t give 200 per cent of their time or are unable to work the weekend to get something done for their boss is a huge problem and disappointing, particularly when she thought she was suitable for the position, and would she happily fire someone and for them to lose their home and family over the most insignificant perceived lack of what she would call support?

But on saying that, Civil Servants do need a good shakeup from their comfy little numbers, but she’s totally out of her depth, with her shouty delivery and lashing out is her pitiful endeavour to look like she’s in charge, and she always has that grin on her face, perhaps the power has gone to her head?

I guess we should get used to that grin because I believe we’re going to be seeing a lot of it in the future.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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2 thoughts on “Priti Patel Left Officials Trembling

  1. The first time I was told Patel was politically off the wall was roughly 15 years ago by another leading female Asian Conservative Party member.
    I’ve always said Patel is the UK’s version of John Bolton. Hard to believe that such an incendiary and comprised individual has oversight of national security. No surprise that MI5 are not willing to share detailed intell with her. Vetting procedures would support their reasons.


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