Bonking Boris


It’s been announced that the UK Prime Minister is to become a father for the sixth time, and will be the first Prime Minister in almost 200 years to marry while in office.


Boris Johnson and PR executive Carrie Symonds, 31, his live-in lover, broke the news of their happy double, and this is what she’s always wanted, a condition of their relationship, almost and he was delighted to assist.

And the Prime Minister and Miss Symonds were extremely happy to announce their engagement and that they were expecting a baby in the early summer, and it’s understood that Carrie Symonds is six months pregnant.

The couple has now been together for about two years and got engaged at the end of last year but kept it a secret from all but their most intimate friends until now, but an excited Carrie Symonds who’s the first unmarried partner of a sitting Prime Minister happily posted an Instagram image of Boris Johnson kissing her on the cheek.

She said that she wouldn’t have normally have posted this kind of stuff on Instagram but that she wanted her friends to find out from her, even though many already knew but some of her friends didn’t, and that they got engaged at the end of last year and that they’ve got a baby hatching early in the summer and that they feel especially fortunate.

The shock news came just 11 days after Boris Johnson, 55, settled with his estranged wife Marina Wheeler, with whom he has four children, aged 20 to 26, but their divorce is yet to be settled, so pausing the date of his and Carrie Symonds marriage, but of course, they’ll want to wed quickly to avoid having an unwed mum at No 10.

And this partly illustrates why Boris Johnson has been laying low of late.

Carrie Symonds is excited but she will continue to work on her environmental projects. Boris Johnson further has a fifth child, who was born in 2009 after an entanglement with art consultant Helen Macintyre.


Former Chancellor Sajid Javid was amongst the first to congratulate Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds, tweeting that it was wonderful news. The former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson also sent the smiling couple her best wishes.


They will become the third pair in recent history to have a baby while living in Downing Street, following in the footsteps of Tony and Cherie Blair and David and Samantha Cameron.


The latest Prime Minister’s baby could have been conceived at the Queen’s Balmoral estate last autumn when Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds spent a night at the castle but returned to London the following day due to the gathering Brexit impasse.


It was later reported that the Queen was not comfortable with them staying overnight given royal etiquette normally forbids unwed couples from doing so.


Cherie Blair had also previously revealed that her and Tony’s fourth child, son Leo, was conceived at Balmoral in 1999 during the Prime Minister’s yearly appointment with the Queen.

Cherie Blair said that out of pure confusion, she’d left her contraception at home.


Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds became close when his second marriage to Marina Wheeler hit the rocks about two years ago when he was Foreign Secretary, and Carrie accompanied him to everything from private dinner dates to high-powered political gatherings, and their close association flowered into romance as they discussed their shared interests and Westminster gossip.

Friends first caught wind that he fancied Carrie Symonds, then Tory director of communications, in 2018 when they attended the party’s Black and White fundraising ball.

They barely took their eyes off each other and six days later Carrie Symonds tweeted enthusiastically about a speech Boris Johnson had made about Brexit. That evening they were spotted tucking into a Valentine’s supper in London’s Covent Garden.

The pair went to remarkable lengths to meet during and after work and Boris Johnson sent a car to pick up Carrie Symonds from a wedding held near Chevening, his country retreat in Kent.

She has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since he took over from Theresa May as Prime Minister in July, and Carrie Symonds was barely seen at Boris’s side on the General Election campaign trail late last year, although she was pictured waving with him outside No 10 following the Torie’s thumping victory.

The duo chose to live at the more spacious four-bedroom flat at No 11 Downing Street rather than the two-bedroom official residence at No 10, and where they share Jack Russell-cross rescue pup Dilyn.

Carrie Symonds had not been seen recently, giving rise to Westminster rumours that she was hiding a secret, and last week she was missing from his arm at the Black and White ball but she was with him at Chevening last weekend.

And she’s hired a personal adviser on a six-figure salary, paid for by the Conservative Party.

Sarah Vaughan-Brown, 45, former director of communications for ITN, will serve as adviser and gatekeeper to the new first lady of Downing Street.


Boris Johnson met his first wife, Allegra Mostyn-Owen, while they were students at Oxford. They married in 1987 but the union was annulled in 1993. That year he married Marina Wheeler.


The last Prime Minister to wed in office was Lord Liverpool who married Mary Chester in 1822. His first wife Louisa died aged 54 the previous year.

Boris Johnson is further thought to be the first Prime Minister to divorce in office since Augustus Fitzroy, the 3rd Duke of Grafton. An act of parliament enabled him to leave his first wife Anne in 1769. He promptly married Elizabeth Wrottesley and the pair went on to have 13 children.

In the meantime, pitches are now being made by Members of Parliament for the Prime Minister’s marriage to take place in their constituency.

Boris Johnson was questioned last year about a possible proposal and he was asked if he was going to buy Carrie a rock any time soon. The flustered Prime Minister responded that it was a pretty good question.

Now exhibiting the extent of his feelings, the Prime Minister spoke with a huge smile that he was really happy, but the first thing that crosses the mind is that when this kid is 16, he’s going to be ancient.

And it’s not so long ago since the police were summoned and he was allegedly knocking her up in a different way. Let’s hope he can handle the larger withdrawal agreement better than he handled this one.

So, there’s going to be another little Boris to add to his growing collection. Still, I guess this story has taken the attention off the Home Secretary for a bit, hasn’t it?

But how many people truly care? After all, it never seems like he cares, he’s never seen out and about with his children and the only time you might see him pushing a pram this time is if he needs some good PR.

And a sceptical person might say that the time of the release of this news was simply intended to take the heat off bully Priti Patel and vacant Boris Johnson hiding when the country is in crisis with flooding and the Coronavirus and that some media are simply doing the governments bidding by putting this in the headlines instead of something that matters to the country, well, that’s what a cynical person might say.

I wonder how much this baby and the wedding will cost the taxpayer? Or will his Russian compatriots offer to put in a bit?

Another baby on the horizon, more of Boris’s offspring plotted around the United Kingdom. Hopefully, this union works out and if not, then I hope that Boris is going to support his child because there’s nothing to be proud of getting several women pregnant and then disappearing, and he seems to have a history of that.

Carrie Symonds has done the easiest part with Boris Johnson, but the most difficult part will be hanging onto him.

And there’s been a shocking scandal on the news about single mother’s with children and how they’re now seen as the scourge of society and now we have Carrie Symonds, unmarried and pregnant! One rule for them and another for the bastardised.

Should we feel happy for Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds? Probably not! Should we be happy for the baby, well the jury is still out on that one, although we can’t condemn the child that is developing in her belly, for it has no concept into what it’s going to be born into.

No one in the real world can truly afford to have a child, but most people want a child, it’s called procreation and it’s what makes this world what it is. And whether married or not, no one truly knows if they have a rock-solid relationship or marriage or the means to raise a child because anyone can end up being out of work at any time, it’s not an exact science.

Boris Johnson has always lived a privileged life and most certainly always will and he can afford to have as many kids as he wants, whether he’s around long enough to see this one grow up is another story.

And then there’s the child that Boris Johnson seems to want to hide and who never seems to have their father around, and this is all great news for Boris Johnson, now it means he can take another mistress.

Maybe he was told to make a baby for public relation purposes, it’s been done before many times and what a fine picture it would make, the girlfriend, the baby, the dog and Boris Johnson. I bet the cat at No 10 is feeling a tad sidelined, just like his other children.

And why should the people of this country be interested when there are far more important things going on in this country? And there have been much more interesting couples at No 10, yet Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds appear to the most phoney couple going, just so that they can hide the dirt under the carpet while letting the honeymoon with the voters last a tad longer.

They say that you should lead by example and this is the example that Boris is showing the youths of today and the right way to start a family, but of course, he won’t impute himself! But look, folks, this is the modern way to start a family. Yes, impregnate as many women as you can and have loads of babies!

Two wives, one mistress, and one young lady and 6 kids. He doesn’t need to ponce off the state, he can ponce off the taxpayers. We might pay for his wages, but we don’t want to be paying for his children as well. If he wanted children, he should have been paying for them himself.

Some people might say that she’s finally trapped him but I’m sure he’ll find a way to untrap her later on. After all, he’s not a one-woman man, when he seems to spread it about like Lurpak.

At least we’ll know where all our taxes are going. Probably paying for the nanny who will undoubtedly raise the child and particularly when Carrie Symonds stated she was hatching a baby. Maybe an alien life form, reptiles, fowl or Platypuses…

And there are people out there that whine about fathers having loads of children they don’t bother about and fathering with many mothers, so why is this okay now that Boris Johnson is doing it? And are Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds going to have a private wedding or are we all going to have to pay for the security on it?

Let’s face it, he’s shafted everything he’s touched, why quit now? After all, he was still married to Marina Wheeler when he knocked up Carrie Symonds – well, here’s a man of character and integrity… Not!

And when Boris said that he was pulling out of the EU, maybe he should have used a condom – he might have got a better settlement.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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One thought on “Bonking Boris

  1. Congratulations on Carrie for making such a great catch as Boris — the Hermann Goering of the UK (soon to be England). The black and white photo above, I’ve seen before with the caption ‘Stoned — out of his mind’. Some things never change.


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