Coronavirus Has Left Boris Johnson Haunted


Boris Johnson has been left looking troubled by the rapidly worsening outbreak of coronavirus across the United Kingdom as he realises the choices he makes now will determine his time in office.

The Prime Minister has been criticised for advocating a less vigorous approach to closing outlets and banning large scale events than countries in Europe, with the number of deaths in the United Kingdom that have soared to 35, up 14 in a day, while the number of cases has risen to 1,391.

The Prime Minister has reportedly stressed to his inner circle the need to be seen to be taking action, following last week’s onslaughts of complacency, and one co-worker of the Prime Minister said that they’re not liking this much and that they look haunted because they know the Prime Ministers entire premiership will be determined by the choices they make.

Last week, Boris Johnson gave an astonishingly sobering message to the people, stating he had to level with people that many more loved ones will die as a consequence of the coronavirus.

They reportedly fear a second influx of infections this winter could lead to even more deaths, so are keen to be taking action as public opinion necessitates more action is taken amid fears of an Italy style fallout.

This involves banning crowd gatherings, secretly regarded by decision-makers as a peripheral move.

The Premier League and EFL postponed all football until April last week, while other top sporting events were axed, but this went against the official government advice, which was to let them continue in the face of comparable measures being taken on the continent.

Some people appear to be under the misapprehension that we can prevent it but that boat has sailed globally and what we need to do is moderate and safeguard as many people as possible.

An unnamed Tory MP said the Prime Minister fears the possible backlash in the United Kingdom will claim more lives than elsewhere, and Health Secretary Matt Hancock stated people aged over 70 will be asked in the coming weeks to self-isolate for up to four months, to protect themselves from the virus.

Questioned if that time frame was in the Government’s plan, he stated that was the action plan and that they would be setting it out with more force when it was the right time to do so.

The steps that they’re taking, and the measures that they’re looking at taking will be pretty important and they will disrupt the lives of virtually everyone in the country to tackle the virus.

It has also been confirmed that ministers will be seeking to give police powers to detain and coercively quarantine people who are infected with the virus but are not self-isolating.

And if schools close, what about those children who will be taking their GCSE’s, what will happen to them? And has this been thought out enough or has the government taken into consideration the consequences of cancelling exams and the knock-on effect that will have on them?

Of course, Boris Johnson is doing the right thing. The trouble is, the closing of schools will mean that parents will have to stop work to look after their children.

The thing is, this country should have been closed a long time ago, but our government left the front door wide open for people to fly in and out at will from every country without them being properly monitored, and even now countries are locking down but not the United Kingdom.

Air travel has been our biggest problem because people can come and go as they please without any quarantine, and from now on everyone that comes in and out of a country should be checked.

All it would take at airports would be a temperature check, and if they have a temperature, they should be sent back from where they came from or quarantined, and it would also tell officials from where the infection came from so that it could be nipped in the bud straight away.

The problem is, the only thing that Boris Johnson cares about, is how he will look after all this, and at the moment he’s playing Russian Roulette with people’s lives and he should be shutting everything down like other countries.


And it appears that Boris Johnson believed this would be his Winston Churchill moment but instead it’s turning out to be his Winnie the Pooh moment.

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