Cabinet Minister Robert Jenrick Breaks Lockdown Rules


The Housing Secretary has been cited of ridiculing lockdown rules again after it appeared he travelled from his London home to his second home just days after urging the country to stay at home.

Robert Jenrick, who’s the Tory MP for Newark in Nottinghamshire, has defended escaping 150 miles from London to his £1.1 million mansion in Herefordshire, where his family are staying.

Robert Jenrick should be giving a pretty good reason as to why these excursions were needed and if he can’t, then he needs to consider his position, yet Downing Street stated it was confident that Robert Jenrick followed the rules.

And a source close to Robert Jenrick stated that he’d been residing at his family home in Herefordshire and working from there and that he’d been keeping up with his Westminster and constituency work from home where he’s done media and video work by video link.

The cabinet minister said he and his wife Michal Berkner, a partner at City law firm Cooley LLP, and the children consider the country retreat their family home and he had moved back there as he was no longer required in Westminster.

Robert Jenrick additionally boasts a £2.5 million townhouse less than a mile from the Houses of Parliament while also renting a £2,000 a month property in his constituency, which he bills to the taxpayer.

His official website doesn’t mention his Grade I listed country house at all. Instead, it simply states that he’s married to Michal, and together they have three young daughters and that they live in Southwell near Newark, in London.

He was further forced to justify why he’d been seen on his elderly parent’s front lawn in Shropshire at the weekend. He declared he was delivering medication and other supplies.

But this all came as a surprise after he advised others to stay at home for all but the most basic activities, and all travel to second homes was forbidden, and referring to him moving back to Herefordshire, Robert Jenrick stated that his family were there before any constraints on travel were declared.

He stated that he’d been working in London on ministerial duties, putting in place a system to shield the group most exposed to coronavirus and organising the response at a local level, but that once he was able to work from home, it was right that he went home to do so and be with his wife and also help care for his three young children.

He continued that he would be staying at the family home until Government advice changed or he was required in Westminster.

Robert Jenrick said he respected social distancing when he drove to his parent’s home who at 69 and 79 are extremely vulnerable to the virus.

He was spotted at the Shropshire residence, 40 miles from Herefordshire by a bystander who then notified The Guardian before it was reported. However, Government guidelines which were released on March 23, state that you shouldn’t visit anyone who lives outside your home, including ageing relatives, you are permitted to leave your home to support them, for instance by leaving shopping or medication at their door.

However, people should remain in their main residence and not taking these steps puts added stress on communities and services that are already at risk.

And tweeting a response, Robert Jenrick stated that for clarity his parents asked him to deliver some essentials, including medicines. That they were both self-isolating due to their age and his father’s medical condition and that he respected social distancing rules.

Going to work is allowed – if you can’t work from home. Medicine and food shopping is allowed and caring for others is allowed. There’s nothing to see here!

But what is going on here? This guy has a £1.1 million mansion and a 2.5 million pound home in London and he rents a £2,000 pad in London courtesy of the taxpayer, and this is our Housing Minister, who owns a couple of mansions, yet does nothing for those who need it, those that are living on the streets, but he’s okay because as far as he’s concerned, as long as I’m all right Jack!

This is just like WWIII and survival is the rule. During WWII, the powers that be got additional rations for their families, whilst the rest went without, so nothing has changed.

But having said that, this man was taking food and medication for his ageing parents, most people do it for their ageing parents every week, it’s allowed and it seems like he was within the guidelines, even though I’d rather not be on his side, considering he’s got three houses and one’s paid by the taxpayer, but it does sound like he’s within what was set out in the guidelines.

There must be hundreds of thousands of people transporting food and medicine to their ageing parents and if the house he’s at is the main residence, which appears to be the only grey area here, then he’s not done anything that violates the rules.

Mind you, many of us don’t even have a second home to move to, let alone a garden – yet we’re all in this together, I don’t think so!

And I wonder how much he will be earning to work from home, plenty, you can guarantee that, whilst other people are working from home getting a pittance and some can’t work at all.

And I don’t know why British taxpayers have to pay for their supplementary homes, well, I do understand, it’s called thieving and I can detect a whiff of hypocrisy in the air.


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