This Man Is Traumatised

There have been loads of people saying that they’re not permitted to see their loved ones who are dying in hospital from terminal cancer, and then there are posts from people who are saying that they’re doing this same thing in care homes, that they’re killing off old people with morphine overdoses, but then I guess it’s more affordable than healing them!

Putting people to sleep, like they’re taking their pet to the vet at the end of their life. The only time that you don’t treat someone is when they have a DNR in place but now it seems it’s down to the doctor’s discretion and if they believe the treatment will cause the patient more harm than good, like suffering, then they won’t.

This is insane because life is a life, however old that person is and no doctor or human being has the right to take another human beings life and euthanasia in the United Kingdom for human beings is not legal.

And it’s a good job this man and his family were there because it’s becoming obvious now why the government won’t allow the family to visit.

Admittedly, this video was from a few years ago, but it explains how hospitals work. My mother was also put on morphine to end her life, but I was extremely fortunate, I’d had numerous discussions with my mother before she even got ill and I knew it was her wish not to suffer or be left in a vegetative state, but it never made me feel any better once she had passed.

Euthanasia should be the voice of the patient, not the doctor treating the patient, that’s why people have DNR’s in place.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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