Odd Practices Princess Charlotte Must Comply To


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are extremely hands-on when it comes to parenting their children, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a bit of additional help.

Unsurprisingly, Princes George, Princess Charlotte and little Louis have one of the best nursemaids money can buy. Maria Borrallo trained at the prestigious Norland College and was chosen by Kate and Wills back in 2014 when George was eight months old.

She lives in Kensington Palace and tours with the family on visits and royal trips as a discrete presence and Maria Borrallo is thought to be quite strict with the royal children and like all Norland Nannies has a no-nonsense approach.

There are several rules nannies at the Bath college are taught to impose on the children in their care, so George, Charlotte and Louis possibly have to follow them and Norland expert Louise Heren said that there will be no messing. That’s because Maria Borrallo will be aware that as they walk off planes, holding mum’s hand, smiling and waving to the masses there can’t be any tears or terrible twos or outbursts.

There’s a strict 7 pm bedtime every night, which has to be adhered to and to discourage fussy eating, new foods and flavours are introduced every few days.

All activity must take place outdoors, regardless of the weather with lots of bike rides, playing with their dogs, possibly some gardening.

Norland is very into educating children through play and if it’s tipping down, they will still go outside with the proper attire on.

Children are taught using games and traditional fun, such as jigsaw puzzles and screen time is entirely up to the parents, and it’s something Prince William has revealed they’ve found challenging in the past.

But it seems so sad that this innocent little lady is getting trained to accept delusion and as time goes by she will regard 60 million people as secondary subjects like all the Royal family does but I wonder if this particular Nanny comes down from the sky on her floating parasol and that when she snaps her fingers all the toys and clothes put themselves away.

And as for Kate and William being very hands-on, how nice, but the rest of the time they hand them off to paid care, that’s noble of them.

Mind you, I guess they’re taught good habits, how to control their behaviour, to consider others and to speak correctly. I bet you wouldn’t see them spitting, cursing or striking their parents, unlike some children out there.

But basically, these children can’t have tantrums and behave like children who have emotions, just in case they embarrass their parents, so why have any children at all?

But the press has Princess Charlotte in their sites already so they can build a fictional divide between her and George with Charlotte being outgoing, cheeky and mischievous and George being uncooperative and dislikes his photograph being taken, that’s what the press will do and you can see evidence of it already.

The one thing they don’t teach at Norland College is how to let a child be a child and experience life and children should have some freedom and it’s understandable that they’re from royal stock, but are these children being forced to grow up too fast?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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