The Government Must Face Inquiry


The last few months have been a solitary and challenging time for numerous households, with grandparents being isolated from their grandchildren and couples in different homes have not been able to see each other.

Therefore, the gradual easing of lockdown in England to allow some people to meet in social bubbles has been a welcomed move but it comes amid warnings the risk of infection continues to be high and the pandemic is far from over and we must assume that our Government has got it right following so many previous mishaps.

And scientists are beginning to recognise what Boris Johnson declines to believe, that errors were made at the inception of the outbreak and the Government’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty revealed that more should have been done to bring in extensive testing earlier.

Professor Neil Ferguson, of Imperial College, said the death rate could have been halved if the lockdown had been started a week earlier, so now, there’s an unbelievable case for a public enquiry into the Government’s administration of the emergency and if lives were needlessly lost, those guilty must be held to account.

England’s high street will reopen for trading next week after three months. This is a critical time for numerous stores and if they’re to survive, they will require support.

And chancellor Rishi Sunak joined retailers, business leaders and the shopworker’s union USDAW in backing the call for everyone to do their part to support our high streets because every penny you spend in your local shop will promote business and keep people in a job.

There needs to be a public enquiry and we know the situation is unique and the government have done their best, but it’s clear to all, regardless of political standing the government have got numerous things wrong and sometimes appear to be winging it from day to day.

What should bother us is if there is a public enquiry, there will only be one if the government ask for it and it seems that the government have much to hide over their actions, so they won’t launch an inquiry.

The problem with public enquiries is that they cost a fortune and drag on for many years, usually without even reaching a final result and politicians, if criticised will say they were simply following the science, so won’t admit responsibility for their decisions, added to the key players such as Matt Hancock who will no doubt have moved on or left politics entirely.

However, we don’t know if there have been any blunders, that’s for the inquiry to ascertain, that’s if there is ever an enquiry but whatever happens, we mustn’t have any politically motivated enquiry like the media or other lefty’s who appear to be agitating the news, and most importantly, lessons have to be learned for the future, and not political points scored.

But what else can we expect from a movement that has endeavoured to make political capital throughout this human tragedy and indeed, have been willing the death toll to increase, and there have been lots of cases where it’s been intentionally and repeatedly distorted.

But when all said and done they’re as dangerous as each other, so it’s understandable that numerous people out there aren’t politically motivated and even though it’s up to an enquiry to see if errors were made, it’s rather plain to see that the government have not managed this crisis well.

We know this is an unusual situation and the government are doing their best but that doesn’t exempt them from media and public judgment when the choices they make are wrong and there must be a fair and honest enquiry, otherwise, it will be another Tory government stitch-up.

Published by Angela Lloyd

My vision on life is pretty broad, therefore I like to address specific subjects that intrigue me. Therefore I really appreciate the world of politics, though I have no actual views on who I will vote for, that I will not tell you, so please do not ask! I am like an observation station when it comes to writing, and I simply take the news and make it my own. I have no expectations, I simply love to write, and I know this seems really odd, but I don't get paid for it, I really like what I do and since I am never under any pressure, I constantly find that I write much better, rather than being blanketed under masses of paperwork and articles that I am on a deadline to complete. The chances are, that whilst all other journalists are out there, ripping their hair out, attempting to get their articles completed, I'm simply rambling along at my convenience creating my perfect piece. I guess it must look pretty unpleasant to some of you that I work for nothing, perhaps even brutal. Perhaps I have an obvious disregard for authority, I have no idea, but I would sooner be working for myself, than under somebody else, excuse the pun! Small I maybe, but substantial I will become, eventually. My desk is the most chaotic mess, though surprisingly I know where everything is, and I think that I would be quite unsuited for a desk job. My views on matters vary and I am extremely open-minded to the stuff that I write about, but what I write about is the truth and getting it out there, because the people must be acquainted. Though I am quite entertained by what goes on in the world. My spotlight is mostly to do with politics, though I do write other material as well, but it's essentially politics that I am involved in, and I tend to concentrate my attention on that, however, information is essential. If you have information the possibilities are endless because you are only limited by your own imagination...

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