Two Households May Be Permitted To Meet Indoors


Members of two households could soon be allowed to meet indoors, but they won’t be allowed to hug which Boris Johnson is expected to unveil, and he’s expected to announce the changes as well as confirming museums, art galleries and cinemas will open from July 4, along with pubs, restaurants and hairdressers.

That would mean more family gatherings and even the return of dinner parties if approved by the Cabinet, and the results of the review the Prime Minister held on whether to cut the two-metre rule to a metre or a metre plus rule was presented to the Cabinet.

The rule changes could entail letting some people socialise indoors, but with substantial constraints, and No 10 sources confirmed that guests will also be allowed to stay overnight. But the Prime Minister will stop short of expanding bubbles so that two households can connect, meaning numerous grandparents will have to wait longer to embrace their grandchildren.

The Government’s scientific advisors are thought to be extremely wary about allowing closer contact between people which could lead to a second coronavirus spike, and it’s thought the plan will enable members of two households to gather inside, but only as long as they maintain social distancing.

The household plan, unlike bubbles which exist for single parents and those who live alone, means that families will not have to choose between other households, and there’s not supposed to be any limit on numbers that can meet indoors, as long as they’re just two households and they maintain social distancing.

It’s anticipated that the changes will come in from July 4 when the 2-metre rule is expected to be cut and pubs, cinemas and restaurants start to open. Nevertheless, numerous families will continue to be concerned that they can resume some indoor activities, and to some degree, their social life, yet millions of children are still not back at school.

The report claims people could soon be able to mix indoors, but physical touch such as hugging would still not be allowed but there was speculation that the Prime Minister would examine the two-metre rule.

The hospitality trade has requested to reduce the two-metre distancing rule, warning pubs, restaurants and cafes will strive to survive.

They’ve been contemplating opening by July 4 for weeks, with some businesses including hairdressers and barbers forced to shut their doors in lockdown now taking bookings.

Currently, people in England are only permitted to meet people from other households outside in gatherings of up to six but must maintain social distancing, with people allowed to meet for exercise, or in parks and gardens.

In recent weeks the guidelines were eased somewhat to enable people socialising in gardens to go inside only to use the household loo, as long as they practised meticulous cleanliness, but meeting indoors so far has only been allowed for households in bubbles.

The bubble rule change enabled people in a single person household to choose one other household where they could stay the night and mix indoors.

Single-parent families were further permitted to merge with one household.

The rules were eased to stop isolation in lockdown and allow some families to visit grandparents after months apart. Nevertheless, two grandparents households missed out under the rule.

It was further broadly interpreted as the end of the sex ban for couples living alone, but only for some, because only couples where at least one lived in a single person household are currently allowed to form a bubble together.

But this has been happening for weeks and these politicians need to go out into the physical world and take a peek and realise that lockdown is well and truly over for the preponderance of this country.

And what is Boris Johnson going to do about the protestors who are breaching social distancing rules?

Lockdown, what lockdown? Does the government even have a clue about what’s going on out there with people having BBQs and hugging each other?

Most people have been doing what they like for weeks while the coronavirus has been going on in the news, but it seems that some people are just not that troubled by it, and while this has all been going on, where has Boris Johnson been?

People have attempted to abide by the rules but now I think that the only people who still believe there is lockdown are those in Westminster and most of them can’t seem to abide by the rules either.

Does Boris Johnson really believe that people are adhering to any of the rules now and didn’t this end ages ago when Dominic Cummings went for a drive? What Boris Johnson needs to be focusing on now is the divide and disorder that’s occurring in this country, and the overwhelming amount of crime that’s about to take place once kick down is officially over.

But Boris Johnson won’t do anything about the protestors for fear of being called a racist.

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