Anti-Mask Man Throws Tantrum In Grocery Store

A new viral video shows a man so hostile about a grocery store’s mask policy that he had to be picked up and carried out of the store by his son, with the man repeatedly screaming that the virus is fake and called employees and spectators an offence, ableist word for wearing masks.

The episode occurred in a store in Tucson, Arizona. The guy was accompanied by three young men, at least one of whom was believed to be his son.

The man repeatedly asserts the pandemic isn’t real and seems mystified and infuriated that people won’t learn the truth, and mocks everyone, saying that they were a bunch of fools wearing masks and telling them that the pandemic wasn’t real.

And as the man became more upset, his condemnation became more and more profound and profane. Look at you fools, he said. You’ve got a fcking doily on your face. You retard, you look like you fcking got it off your mom’s countertop.

Someone in the background could be overheard asking the man if he felt better now, as his son attempted to move him toward the door, so he could get him to leave, but at this point a tall man in a mask approached the assembly, telling the man that he needed to stop shouting at people.

The man then starts threatening the tall masked man as his son then begins pushing him toward the door as he called the tall man a dork, saying that he looked like some kind of giant f*ck dork and offered him to come outside to see how tough he was, and then said that he would beat the mask off his face.

It was at that point that his son picked him up like a giant toddler and carried him out of the store, but the man never ceased yelling insults. Calling them fcking pssies, and that they were all a bunch of p*ssies wearing masks.

On Twitter, people couldn’t help but chuckle at how ridiculous the situation had become, and that they couldn’t imagine saying something unfavourable while you’re being carried outside by your own son, but then that’s the perks of having a large son, you can carry your own father like a little baby, and it’s horrifying to see a toddler using such language.

But not everyone found it funny, with someone saying that they didn’t regret their decision to stay home because people are getting wild out there, and it now appears that these masks are just pushing people over the edge.

This guy is a real class act, and I don’t remember the last time I heard someone use such bad language that was older than a school child – what a dad, I do feel bad for his son.

The man has not been named, and it’s not known if the police were called.

I hope his son gave him Time Out on the naughty step because if you act like a two-year-old, then you deserve to be treated like one, and however incredible this was, in some ways, it wasn’t because this is the manner of conversation that’s going on all over the world.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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