HOTEL HORROR Nine Boys And Two Men Arrested Over Gang-Rape Of A 16-Year-Old Girl By 30 Males At Red Sea Hotel

Two men aged 27 were detained following an alleged rape last week, which eyewitnesses said involved 30 males, the 17-year-olds were arrested over the weekend.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has branded the attack as a crime against humanity and it’s sparked nationwide outrage as well as demonstrators.

The criminals are alleged to have filmed the rape with one even reportedly threatening to send the footage to the victim.

The police said the victim is thought to have been inebriated and was raped after going to use the toilet at the Red Sea Hotel.

The hotel manager has been arrested as police have charged her with hindering their inquiries and failing to thwart a crime.

A 19-year-old woman was also interviewed by police and released after supposedly encouraging people to share the video of the attack through Whatsapp.

She was alleged to have written in a Whatsapp group asking if anyone had footage of the rape and said, not to be stingy and to share.

The victim is said to be traumatised by the event but is interacting with police and has said she’s prepared to face her alleged assailants in court.

The teenager has been placed under police protection after her personal information started circulating online, amid concerns she could be threatened by the men she’s accusing.

She’s believed not to have been a guest at the hotel, but to have been socialising there was a group of friends and a fellow guest at the hotel said people were drinking and smoking everywhere in the hotel, and in violation of the rules.

And that people were smoking and drinking in the pool, including throwing their cigarette butts into the water, despite signs banning smoking in the area but management were uninterested in stopping them.

There were a great number of young people assembled in the corridor outside the guest’s room and there were crazy levels of music and alcohol.

A lifeguard brought out a food container, packed it with ice so that the youngsters had somewhere to put their alcohol bottles and they just opened the bar at the pool.

The guest approached the hotel manager to tell her that it was over the top and her reply was that if they had a problem, they could complain to the municipal inspectors because she doesn’t monitor what people are doing.

But what is going on with society? It’s sickening, but it appears that boys and men can get away with what they like and don’t get punished for long enough.

The unfortunate lady must have been terrified and it didn’t seem to happen as much years ago – you were never frightened to stroll home on your own and there should be longer sentences for those people who get caught and it looks like all respect has gone out of the window.

And they will just get away with it because in these modern times this is how men believe they can treat women.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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