WE’RE DOING FINE Sweden Is Beating Coronavirus Because Of Widespread Immunity After Refusing To Lock Down

Sweden, which controversially never went into lockdown and has rejected the use of masks, currently has a 14-day case rate of 36.6 per 100,000, according to data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

In France, that rate is 59.8 per 100,000 despite implementing a stringent lockdown and stringent mask measures.

Spain’s 14-day case rate is 152.7 and the United Kingdom is 22.3.

Arne Elofsson, a professor in biometrics at Stockholm University, said that Sweden was doing fine and that stringent rules don’t work as people seem to break them.

The Scandinavian country recorded 399 new cases on Friday and 258 on Saturday but Stefan Lofven, the Prime Minister, insisted on Friday their response to the pandemic was right.

He told a newspaper the strategy that they’ve chosen, he believes is right, so that they can protect people and limit the spread of the virus and that what had been discussed most and what they did differently in Sweden, was that, they didn’t close schools and there are now quite a few people who believe they were right.

From the start of the global outbreak, Sweden began voluntary social distancing rules, home working and recommendations for people to circumvent public transportation.

The mandatory rules there were brought in introduced an embargo on groups of more than 50 people, constraints on visiting care homes, and table only service in bars and restaurants.

However, the decision to not lockdown has come with consequences.

A sum of 5,810 Swedes have perished of COVID 19, significantly higher than its neighbours in Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Anders Tegnell, the top epidemiologist leading the response to Sweden’s pandemic, maintained the infection rates of Spain, Belgium and France have increased after mask mandates in public spaces came in.

And he said the belief that masks can solve their problem is very dangerous and when looking at the total number of people contaminated since the pandemic started, Sweden has one of the highest figures in Europe with 843 cases per 100,000.

That’s more than double of France, registering 349 cases per 100,000. However, Anders Tegnell claims the higher level of cases indicates a kind of resistance among the people by people carrying antibodies for COVID 19.

Anders Tegnell told the ‘Unherd’ website that they’re now seeing in Sweden a speedy decline in the number of cases, and of course, some kind of immunity must be responsible for that, since nothing else has changed.

Well done Sweden, it’s a pity Britain bottled it. It would have saved thousands of lives from Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks and suicides, that’s all before the recession started to destroy us as well.

Sweden, which controversially never went into lockdown and rejected the use of face masks, currently has a 14-day case rate of 36.6 per 100,000 but then Sweden has huge advantages.

A population density that’s a fraction of ours, 12 times less, in fact, and a population that’s responsible and takes its civic responsibility seriously.

Almost half of them live on their own, homes of 1 and their Government did inflict some constraints. Yet they have twice our infection rate – they have 575 deaths per million, we have 610, so they haven’t done all that well.

And why does the media keep reporting these figures as though it’s a competition? And how can Sweden, with a population of 10,099,265 people compare with a country such as the United Kingdom?

We have almost that amount of people living in London and UK communities are much more densely crowded than in Sweden, although Stockholm is pretty congested, particularly in the suburbs where there’s a lot of immigrants living and it seems as if the comparisons are worthless except if people are interested in the more obscure truths.

However, the Swedish government has been remarkably clever and it’s the elderly that have passed away, thus the Swedish government has saved millions on nursing homes and services for the elderly in need, which seems to be a financial gain of format.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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