Prince Andrew Under Pressure

Prince Andrew has come under heightened pressure to speak to the FBI about Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged child sex trafficking crimes after demonstrations exploded outside Buckingham Palace.

Footage of furious demonstrators chanting ‘paedophile’ outside the Palace gates has been seen by millions of people online.

Numerous people held placards that called for an end to child trafficking, during the Freedom For The Children Global Walk London, amid reports child trafficking has actually increased throughout the coronavirus crisis.

And the extraordinary video broadcasting online clearly reveals how the issue of the Duke of York’s association with the late Jeffrey Epstein is not going away.

The Duke of York has further been accused of having sex with Virginia Roberts Guiffre, who claims to be a trafficking victim of Jeffrey Epstein, on three occasions when she was only 17 years old.

However, the Duke of York vehemently rejects this accusation and Buckingham Palace said in a statement that it absolutely denies that the Duke of York had any kind of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts Guiffre and that any claim to the contrary is untrue and without foundation.

Ms Giuffre recently spoke out again ahead of a new documentary, saying that she’s running out of hope because Prince Andrew has still not spoken to the FBI and US prosecutors have claimed the Duke of York is not helping with their investigation, whilst Prince Andrew’s team claim he’s attempted to help three times this year.

In the meantime, Prince Andrew’s long time friend Ghislaine Maxwell who was the one who introduced him to Jefferey Epstein has been arrested and is awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, as well as perjury charges. However, Ghislaine Maxwell refutes any wrongdoing.

Royal commentators have argued that the image of protestors outside Buckingham Palace is an incredibly bad look for the Royal Family.

Pod Save the Queen is hosted by Ann Gripper and features Daily Mirror royal editor Russel Myers, who said the people at the Palace that he’s spoken to have confirmed that this did, in fact, take place, but there hasn’t been any comment from them.

However, could these people not have protested when they were pulling down statues, where were they then? Although this is something totally different, this is paedophilia and this is about protecting our children and children come before anything or anyone else.

And if Prince Andrew has nothing to hide, why is he dragging it on because at the end of the day it will only look worse for him.

All he needs to do is go to America and get this stopped, otherwise it will go on and on and then people will believe he’s guilty and what makes me really laugh about this is, if he was innocent, he would come out with confident body language, but instead he came out with this negative quivering sweating body language and he needs to be ordered to go back to the United States to answer interrogatories.

This is what happens when you mess with young girls and the only head you were listening to was the one in your pants and he will never admit to any wrongdoing because he believes he’s above the rest of us, and he would never confess to something that would actually put him to shame and covering up paedophilia and sex trafficking is the problem and it won’t go away until all the offenders and anyone defending them are all locked up.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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