GMB’s Dr Hilary Jones Warns The United Kingdom Is On The Verge Of A National Lockdown

There are rising concerns that a second national lockdown will have to be set, due to the exponential rise in coronavirus cases and reports suggest that England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty was urging Boris Johnson to implement another UK wide lockdown.

Doctor Hilary Jones told ITV’s GMB that the situation in the country was getting out of hand and he said that the numbers were rising quite rapidly and that in the northeast, in Wales and in Manchester they were seeing restrictions and that there’s a lot of areas on the watchlist.

He continued that cases are rising exponentially and the R rate was well above 1.2 and that we were going to see more cases and that will translate into more people being hospitalised and in intensive care.

He further said that while we don’t want a national lockdown, we might see regional curfews, say from 10 pm and we might see restrictions on how much people can travel and that we absolutely have no room for complacency.

He said that we need to keep this under control because if things get out of hand we’ll undoubtedly be needing another national lockdown.

On Wednesday, there were 3,991 new confirmed cases of coronavirus and Health Minister Edward Argar told Sky News that the Prime Minister doesn’t want to see another national lockdown and he dismissed reports that Boris Johnson was being urged to take action due to a peak in coronavirus infections.

And here it is, bang on time for flu season and running out of shoddy testing kits and the country could be locked down and yet our Government couldn’t care less about the thousands of casualties due to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and suicides et cetera.

GP’s are not seeing their patients and now the Government are threatening us into submission, terrifying people but they’re bringing in thousands of illegal immigrants.

Is this to supersede the population for our older generation?

And if you read the ingredient list of your average flu vaccine, you might notice words like formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 and thimerosal and many flu vaccines are made by growing the viruses inside fertilized chicken eggs, which means they contain a tiny amount of egg protein.

Vaccine manufacturers add the preservative thimerosal to multidose vaccine vials. The thimerosal helps contain and destroy harmful bacteria and fungi in the vial.

However, thimerosal contains mercury, which can be poisonous in large doses, although there isn’t enough proof to show the small amount contained in the flu vaccine is dangerous. If you’re concerned, there are thimerasol free versions of the flu vaccine available.

Sucrose, sorbitol and monosodium glutamate (MSG) are used to keep vaccines stable and they stop vaccines from losing potency, even when exposed to heat and light.

Sucrose is the same table sugar you spoon into your coffee and sorbitol is a synthetic sweetener that’s also found in chewing gum. MSG is a flavour enhancer, generally thought of as an additive in Chinese food, but it’s used in numerous processed foods and even though certain people are sensitive to MSG, the amount found in the flu vaccine is very small.

Neomycin, gentamicin and other antibiotics are added to vaccines in very small amounts, they prevent bacteria from contaminating the vaccine. Then you have polysorbate 80, this emulsifier prevents sauces and salad dressing from separating and in vaccines, polysorbate 80 keeps all the ingredients evenly distributed.

Formaldehyde is a natural compound that is found in household products from glues to other adhesives to pressed wood furniture. It’s a gas that’s soluble in water and it’s also used in the flu vaccine to inactivate the influenza virus.

Frequent exposure to large doses of formaldehyde is linked to eye and throat irritation, breathing trouble and a higher chance for specific cancers. However, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most formaldehyde used in producing a vaccine undergoes removal from the vaccine solution before being packaged and sent to doctors and pharmacies.

Most side effects from the flu vaccine are mild but they can cause an allergic reaction in specific people which require hospital treatment.

And there have been many that have died during lockdown due to them not being given treatments to help prolong their life, and some of these poor souls had young children who have now been left without a parent.

Doctor Hilary needs to be taken off the TV because he’s not an authority on the matter and he’s just scaremongering the people. We may have another national lockdown, but in the meantime, we need to take care of ourselves and take on the responsibility ourselves because clearly, this Government don’t have a clue.

And if there is a second lockdown, it won’t be because of COVID but because they need to cause more hysteria and suffering so that the masses will accept the vaccine and at what cost to the economy? Especially at this time of the year too.

Doctor Hilary is good old doctor doom and he’s not helping anyone, only his bank balance. Next, they’ll have brought Mystic Meg back from the dead, prophesizing all kinds of poppycock.

Beware of the flu vaccine as I read it contains 25mg of mercury which breaks down the immune system, damages lungs and other organs, google it, goodness knows what the unlicensed covid vaccine will contain. Very sinister things going on now, the world has never been locked down before.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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