ITV’s Des Hit By Ofcom Complaints After Horrified Viewers Left Unable To Sleep

ITV are dealing with yet more Ofcom complaints from people as views of Des were left unable to sleep after the series aired unsettling scenes.

The three-part show documented the life of serial killer Dennis Nilsen, who brutally murdered at least 12 young men and boys and during three of the episodes, there were open dialogues of boiled heads, dismembered bodies and Dennis’ engagement in sexual activity with dead bodies.

And it was reported that the frequent chain-smoking that was aired also produced seven views to complain to the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom and a representative for Ofcom told a media outlet that they’ve had seven complaints against Des.

Viewers complained that they were left unable to sleep after watching the brutal scenes and taking to Twitter, one person wrote that it was an amazingly, chilling and unsettling series and that those last five minutes were terrifying.

A second added: “Finishing off the Des ITV drama series with The Real Des now with my dinner. What with having securely locked all windows, front and back doors and drawn curtains closed, yes the dead Dennis Nilsen has me scared.”

“Catching up on Des and I’m fairly sure I’ll never sleep again. Watched the documentary about Nilsen last night and Tennant’s portrayal of him is spine-chilling. Excellent bit of TV from ITV,” said a third.

While a fourth remarked: “Catching up with the ITV documentary The Real Des: The Dennis Nilsen Story, I may not sleep tonight.”

Doctor Who celebrity David Tennant took on the role of Dennis Nilsen who was imprisoned following his bloodthirsty rampage between the 1970s and 1980s but his horrendous crimes were only uncovered following reports of human flesh and bones blocking up the drains of his north London home.

More human remains were found at his flat before he subsequently admitted to his killing spree, but admitted he couldn’t remember the names of his victims.

Brian Masters, Dennis Nilsen’s biographer, questioned the monster about his sexual relations with his victims, but he insisted it wasn’t about sex.

Everyone that watched the series knew that it was going to be about a serial killer, so knew that it was going to be gruesome. It was, however, well-acted out and if they didn’t like what they were watching they could have changed over the channel, and perhaps those that did watch it but found it abhorrent should order a new TV with an off button.

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